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I'm leaving Redump. Forever. After I deliver the stuff i promised from PC Engine CD, I'm done,I thought this would be temporal but I just lost faith in this project and at the end of the day i gave all I could to it. Hope someone fixes and verificate these in time. If I ever post again here, it will be to help Almagno with his Verification project.

Bye and good luck.

Anyway, the main target of my post points out an important difference between Spanish and Latin Spanish, so i hope this gets added as new Language.

Thanks all of you for supporting this one, I'm glad to see more people interested in having this added!

This is something that I should have asked long long ago, but, at least, I'm finally doing it. For years you have been indicating that Spanish is just the same for every game, but it's not.

Redump has always been a platform to make sure you could know which languages were added to the NTSC versions, so, if you wanted to use this version instead of the PAL one if the first one had spanish inside, the database could deliver the necesary info.

Latin American spanish is a variety of the original spanish, Castilian, with its own voice tone and words. The differences may not be spotted easily by non spanish speakers, but for us, is just really difficult to not be able to recognise each other.

Years ago this wasn't really a problem as most games shared the same translations, but in time this changed. Let me put an actual example of this problem:


Dark Souls trilogy was released in Europe with an ugly as f* artwork and a box card with 3 cases for each game. I wanted to buy the USA one, as it comes in the steelbook edition, that is gorgeous.

Problem: The dubbing and texts are Latinamerican spanish. The differences can be too sutle, but the differences are important enough to start making a difference.

This is probably the case of Brazilian and Portuguese, but i can't speak on that case. What I can't say is that in time, for modern platforms, lot of again have received different translations and dubbings to accomodate the Latin America spanish countries/speakers, and it's time to add the flag, and push some fixes.

Ey please! He asked me politely to receive his account, is there any mod around?

Cool! Thanks for discovering this! Ofc we''ll be happy to catch it, we didnt know about this release.

You will receive an account soon.


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Did you make any new research on this, Led?


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Lets make this clear.

1. You are not building the fastest PS2 emulator. You built an PCSX2 dynarec for ARM, which yes, is quiet impresive, for monetizing it and thats all, all new enhancements in the last updates only comes thanks to bruteforcing the new chipsets like Snapdragon 855. Everything related to DemonPS2 has already been discussed in r/Emulation and r/Emulationonandroid and every single lie the guy/s behind DamonPS2 have been completely exposed. This is no place to discuss this again.

2. Redump doesnt storage roms and giving you an account wont give you access to any hidden stuff or information from Playstation 2 data. All we have is completely public and the account will only let you add new dumps/verifications...

3. ... Which you arent interested in. Because you already said you need the roms for emulator testing. If you needed any other info, is all contained in the dats or it can be checked in the database without needing any special permission.

4. I want to remark Agent47 words. If we let this guy get an account, seeing how they have manipulated completely all the information around their situation, they will probably come telling the community that Redump is now supporting DamonPs2 and use that as proof that these devs are legit. I dont want these guys to use our name under no circunstances.

5. Redump and the Videogame Preservation Collective are different platforms. Giving donors to VGPC does not mean you are actually buying or acquiring an account on Redump.

At the end of the day, i would have no problems in letting them in as long as they contribute with stuff like the Japanese set, but thats not going to happen. I know really well what this guy is looking for. All their project has been built around lies and the manipulation, this is easily proved by checking all the Reddit discussion about the project and the insane amount of garbage they have been telling their users on their FB group (which ive been following in the last year, they have been misinforming for months about their project's updates).

I still find terrible the way you try to sink all the PCSX2 team efforts knowing you just took their work as the main base. You havent even fixed a single bug from the ones known on PCSX2 that, what a coincidence, can be found exactly the same on DamonPS2.

Im late for this! I not only consider Tony a great friend but a fucking great candidate for moderation. He has proven himself on Playstation stuff for GOOD, we all should remember the work he did with his collection.

Give him a chance!!! WE NEED HIM!!! (Psp is having some real problems on submissions)

Come on, you all know you need him and this guy has proved he works really serious, is a great guy to have moderating new additions, you all know he deliver. Give him a chance now that he has the will to clean and organise, it will help you reduce lot of work.


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Please, bump this, is confirmed, give him admission.


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Marked as Australian, BCES match the Europe release.

AlMagno has the game, i asked him to write the Ring Codes. Should be European release too.


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I still dont understand why you need to be so closed, we are even trying to bring evidence. What else do you need?

The guy even pointed out the model of Plextor he's going to use to start dumping. He said he was about to test DICUI in order to check he can deal with the dumping process.


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iR0b0t wrote:

Think what you want, honestly. I am the one who has to take care of this site and what happens on here, and i will be the first person who will get those lawyers on my neck.

So if the guy just comes using another email, that would solve the problem? I just cant understanding this, one thing is you not trusting, and another is we bring proof that the guy is legal and you still will block him.

What is needed to change your mind if something failed here about your thoughts?


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But the guy proved his origins on Discord, he hasnt sent us to any weird website, is the email really the problem or what? Theres something we can do to show proof?


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iRobot, we were actually talking with him in the Discord and he told us lot of things about what he's doing and the stuff he owns from the Missing list. I can confirm Dizzy's words. This guy seems pretty legal.

What went wrong?


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We are sorry but our forums or the database dont contain any roms or isos, we dont allow/distribute that kind of software.


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Hi Mr Slim! May i ask which game was that one you found?


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Bumping this one, the user came asking about the request on Discord. Enable him if you can guys.


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Knowing Inolen, i guess he just meant that he will implement it but he still wants to give priority to other task on his "I want to do" list. He's still working hard on the Android port and lot of people is asking about Windows CE implementation, so you can expect him to take his time about checking this.

As long as we have confirmation from devs being ok with how the structure works, they will implement it sooner or later.

Fantastic. I have zero access to any of those games  -.-

Well, i thought the situation was worse than that, guess it could be worse.

As my friend AlMagno and I have started to go after the PS3 Europe set, i wanted to ask if there's any dump submitted on our DB that is lacking any kind of info about the keys for encrypt or the disc.pic

We can take a look at some of them but we dont have any idea about which ones are lacking this.

Nevermind, i solved thanks to Billy.

AlMagno and I are trying to create the 3Dump.bin to start dumping for PS3.

We are using the method to obtain the Bin in +3.56 FW and when the moment comes, the guides explain a bit bad when it comes to create the file.

This is the NOR/NAND file that Rebug Toolbox created --> 20181219-130200-FLASH-NOR-FW4.81.NORBIN as well as the eid_root_key file.

But we dont understand how the file must be created using Hex Editor and worse, when we go to the NAND offset, is totally full of zeroes, there no other values in there.

Please, help me understand the process, i would like to update the guide to make it more understandable for casual users.

Leave it man, this is a lost battle already. Is easier to hide back the concerns and act like the project was made by rainbows and candies while the users are the one to blame... As always.