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Speaking about the missing list... I pretty much doubt there is a german version of teletubbies. The linked reference is no proof for its existence, since it lists a non-german cover.
I've monitored german ebay for several years now and no german copy ever appeared. Bought a copy or tow and the've always been english.

What someone has to do to save the PSX legacy... I actually bought Noddy - A Magical Adventure spanish edition from the BBC, my friends are like LOOOOL but its worth the laughts. XD

Hi everyone from Spain.

As some of you know im trying to reach some PAL spanish PSX games not dumped from the Missing's list (still looking on second hand market to buy more). My first objetive was Men In Black because, as I saw in the PSX Database, it was edited on Spain with its own translation. Game was received on his day like a big piece of crap, but "Resident Evil scheme" gameplay made me felt in love and this game wasnt uploaded anywhere on any piracy website... Like ever. [First clue]

So, i found some spanish copies on eBay and i asked about the SLES... 01047. The European SLES. At the same time, i found someone near of me selling the game really cheap, so went to see him. The game had its manual on spanish, and the backcover descriptions were in spanish, portuguese and dutch. But... Same 01047 European SLES [Second clue].

Finally, ive talked with the PSX Database responsable (spanish guy too). It seems he referenced the game for two reasons.

1. The misterious spanish translated version of the game had SLES-01202 asigned. Dont know if he refers to a official Sony index or whatever.

2. He mention that some game screenshots showed at some spanish gaming magazines from those times contained translated in-game texts.

But... No other real sign of the game receiving a spanish treatment exist for the moment out there. IMHO, the translation probably was in development but got cancelled (bad reception on USA release, not enough funds to finish it).

Im not saying there may be a spanish copy (even Beta or Alpha) out there but, i dont really think the game is reachable for normal users and people should know about this to not spend his money for nothing (in fact, i think the PSX Database responsable should point at it too on the game's profile but he wont do it, i disagree but i respect he's work so much that i wont say anything else).

Thats the reason why i would like this statements to be resume and pointed out on the game "Other comments" box on the Missing's list.

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Tell us if he replies, we're missing him smile

Im trying, it would be really helpful if he still has a Plextor, but for the moment, he wont answer me on Twitter. sad