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Well, what I posted on Dumpers zone got erased and somehow represent a useful way to address why I'm quitting, but anyway... I don't know why it was banned but who cares.

As the new project that was in development to finally sustitute Redump is finally close to the graveyard, my main desire to keep supporting Redump is gone. The only reason I've been collaborating, helping and finding new resources for the project the last two years was my hope in that project.

With the whole thing gone... Spending more time around would be hypocritical, especially since the voices that basically compared me to an "annoying spoiled child" on the matter, will be cracking their asses soon.

So, that's all for me. As I don't have any trust or hope in this project I prefer to step out at this point, where I'm confortable about the things that we've all built together in the last years, especially after our massive win on the PS2 Japan project, that gained more than 5000$ that are still being used to buy the last remaining games.

My presence here will only be related to my promise to a few users in order to add their dumps, respecting their desire and their amazing work, such as AlMagno and Evil_Droid. As well, I will be publishing my last reports on Reddit emulation talking about the fundraiser campaign among other few things, expressing the community which other tasks will be interesting to address in the future for this platform.

At this point, I won't make any further comments related to Redump, VGIndex, the administrator, the community and the status of any of those.

I wish to express good luck to all the nice users that had helped me enjoying this journey with so much passion. They all know who they are for sure, because I've always expressed how amazing you are.

Finally, I want to express my sadness for all of those who trying to build something new and wonderful, got burn out and nearly destroyed. I hope they all can use their passion and motivation into other projects that will be a great hit for sure.

I hope the best for you!