Im having a weird problem where Xbox Backup Creator is getting stuck for no reason at the of the dumping process.

Im using Windows 10.

When XBC reaches the end of the dumping process, the ISO is generated without any problems or errors, completely clean. However, when XBC is about to end the Logging data, it suddenly gets stuck:

Getting media info [E]
   Media Type: DVD-ROM
   Bytes Used: 49,0 MB (51.329.024 bytes)
Starting read process...
   Target Xbox version = Xbox360
Space Available on Drive C:\ 58,9 GB (63.253.417.984 bytes)
Creating SplitVid backup image [E]
   Opening image output file
   Reading Video Layer0
   Opening image output file
   Reading Video Layer1
   Adding Filler Layer0
   Unlocking Game Partition
   Checking Game Partition Availability
   Reading XDVDFS File system
   Reading Volume Descriptor
   Reading Volume Descriptor
   Sorting Section Map
   Optimizing Section Map
   Reading Game Partition
Setting read speed to 12x
Setting read speed to 5x
   Adding Fi====================================================================

The Log Windows instead, shows that the ISO is generated ok and it marks the time that it took to dump and the ISO size. But the TXT Log only shows the info above.

Any idea about what generates this situation? Again, XBC gets stuck like is processing the last pieces of info, but the ISO comes clean.