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Topic: XBOX 1 / 360 dumping instructions

Stuff needed:
- Xbox Backup Creator
- ss_sector_range_1.0e
- FreeCell 0.2-RC1
- abgx360 v1.0.6

XBOX 1 dumping instructions:

Instructions for Kreon drives:
- Dump the SS/PFI/DMI .bin files using Xbox Backup Creator.
- After you closed Xbox Backup Creator, press the eject button of the drive twice so that it will remount the Xbox partitions.
- Run 'ss_sector_range.exe SS.bin >sectors.txt' in the folder containing the SS.bin.
- Run 'FreeCell.exe Drive: sectors.txt' in the folder containing the sectors.txt.
- Now the Xbox game will be dumped to 'Track 01.iso'!

Instructions for 0800 drives (thx Starshadow):
- Grab Xbox Backup Creator
- On the Options tab, check "Build Clean ISO".
- On the Read tab, uncheck "Use Sector Mapper (Xbox One)".
- Click the Start button on the Read tab.
- A read error should occur shortly after starting the dump. This is normal. Check the box "Apply zero fill to all remaining sector errors." and click the "Zero-Fill Sector(s)" button.
- When the dump is complete, make sure that the log window reports exactly 65536 unrecoverable sectors. These are the security sectors. If the number is higher, this means there were actual read errors and your dump is likely bad.

XBOX 360 (XGD2/XGD3) dumping instructions:
- Use Xbox Backup Creator with 'Build Clean ISO' option checked. XGD3 discs can only be dumped with 0800 drives.
- If a Kreon drive is used for dumping, mark SS as SSv1 in comments.
- If a 0800v3 drive is used, mark SS for XGD3 discs as SSv2 and SS for XGD2 discs as SSv1. (see note [1] below)
- After extracting the SS, run ss_sector_range on the SS.bin file to clean it and to obtain the security sector ranges.
- Finally, open the cleaned SS.bin file with ABGX360 and copy the text that is shown after "SS CRC =".

To see all the required information when submitting your dump, just look up some existing dumps in the db.

Some additional info on ring/dmi string pointing to supported regions:
W = World
A = USA (America)
J = Japan (or Asia)
E = Europe (might be Germany only for example, or any other European country)
K = (USA, Japan) or (USA, Asia)
L = (USA, Europe)
H = (Japan, Europe)

Good luck!

[1] ss_sector_range will convert/downgrade original XGD2 SSv2 files to SSv1, so that 0800 drive SS files will match Kreon drive SS files

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Re: XBOX 1 / 360 dumping instructions

I mentioned some Kreon compatible drives in the Dreamcast thread, but I'll list all of them here for quick reference. You can search for either Samsung, Toshiba, or TSSTcorp to find these drives.

IDE drives: SD-M2012C, SH-D162C, SH-D162D, TS-H352C, TS-H352D

SATA drives: SH-D163A, SH-D163B, TS-H353A, TS-H353B

Re: XBOX 1 / 360 dumping instructions

Don't know if this is already known. You can use any 360 drive now using the USB Pro v2 http://team-xecuter.com/xecuter-x360usb … roduction/

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Re: XBOX 1 / 360 dumping instructions

MrX_Cuci wrote:

Don't know if this is already known. You can use any 360 drive now using the USB Pro v2 http://team-xecuter.com/xecuter-x360usb … roduction/

I bought one of these the other day and discovered there are many caveats and gotchas. Stock 16D2S drives don't work out of the box for example -- they dump an incorrect/incomplete SS.bin. You need to flash the drive with 0800 v3 for the drive to properly dump the security sector (not just any 0800). I also tried using a functional BenQ drive and nothing I tried could get that thing to work. Also in the product description for the X360USB they state:

Convert any stock 360 DVD into an 0800 ripping drive without modifying the firmware

But two sentences later, actually, we didn't mean any drive, tee hee:

Even works with Hitachi 0500*! (Liteon DG-16D5S 1175 Support Coming Soon)

I was also confused by this dumping guide, as it doesn't say anything about dumping SS/PFI/DMI in the 0800 section. Being a noob that threw me off, especially because I was able to dump the ISO fine but the SS.bin seemed like gibberish. I thought I was missing some steps.

Anyway, I finally got it working and I'm going to begin dumping this huge stack of games now. Hopefully my info helps someone down the road.