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Topic: ConvertToRedumpOrgFormat

I created image convertion tool.
[from img(clonecd) or bin(isobuster etc) to multiple bin(redump.org)]
This tool modifies a gap of each drive.

You need to download the dat file from downloads page in redumporg.


        <datfile> <filename> <parsefilename> <write offset(sample)> <drive offse
                <filename>:"game name" tagname written in datfile
                <parsefilename>:img(clonecd) or bin(isobuster)
                <write offset(sample)>:see redump.org.
                <drive offset(sample)>:offset of drive that is created img or bi
n. If not understand, input -1164

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Why not to add the merging functions? RedumpOrgToCloneCD (or to BinCue).

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Sorry for the necromancy, but I would also like to request the RedumpOrgToCloneCD function. Virtual Clone Drive doesn't accept cue files, but it does accept ccd files.
This function would make it very convenient to play games with multiple tracks.

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I'll try to code it. (But I have no time for a while...)

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No rush sarami. I'm glad you consider it, thanks.

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Hi sarami, any updates on the redump -> CCD option?

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Why not use the free edition of alcohol 52%? http://trial.alcohol-soft.com/en/downloadtrial.php (choose the free edition and not trial versions)

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IIRC both Daemon Tools and Alcohol needed SPTD to work. SPTD had issues with my burners, that why I moved to Virtual Clone Drive.

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Ah, using alcohol 52%, everybody can make converted image easily.
Start 52% -> Mount cue file -> Start image making wizard -> Select virtual drive -> change the image format from mdf to ccd -> Push the start button -> Done

I found RedumpOrgToCloneCD function doesn't need.

SPTD had issues with my burners

After used alcohol 52%, uninstall this. Is this no good?

Or you can use IsoBuster if you accept a whole iso, bin format.
Start exe -> Mount cue file -> extract CD <image> -> Select RAW (*.bin *.iso) -> Done