Recently, I got shipped a big stack of 32 French OXM discs to get repaired at my local video rental store.
19 (likely 22 once i get the remaining 3 fixed) match normal European or (Europe, Australia) OXM discs.
7 discs match nothing, so I'll be submitting them soon.
3 however, are somewhat troublesome.

They match the following dumps:

As you can tell, one of these is listed as Australian, while the other two are listed as German.

The Australian one says internally that it is "OXM Euro 24 EU". Or at least that's what UnleashX calls it when I start it.
But the French menu calls it #23.

For the  04/2004 German disc, UnleashX calls it "OXM Euro 27 OZ&EURO", while the French menu calls it #26

As for the 09/2003 German Disc, UnleashX calls it "OXM Euro 20", while the French menu calls it #19

I'm not sure what the proper names for these discs would be given this info.

The German discs are especially troublesome, given that other OXM discs exists in the DB with very similar demo lists: and

Since we don't have a France/Germany region, I think we'd be forced to make those two (Europe) region. Thus, we'd need a way to differentiate between the existing Euro dumps and these new Euro dumps.

Also, one of the new dumps has "Hors-Serie Solutions Numero 08" on the label, but UnleashX calls it "OXM FR Special 10". It has IM00119E as a DMI string. I don't know what to call this one.

Also, keep in mind that all of these were sent to me as loose discs, so I don't know for sure what issue they were released with.

The other six dumps are:


Given the two existing French OXm discs, I think these correspond to:

Le Magazine Officiel Xbox: Le DVD Numéro 20
Le Magazine Officiel Xbox: Le DVD Numéro 22 (confirmed in menu)
Le Magazine Officiel Xbox: Le DVD Numéro 40
Le Magazine Officiel Xbox: Le DVD Numéro 41
Le Magazine Officiel Xbox: Le DVD Numéro 44
Le Magazine Officiel Xbox: Le DVD Numéro 47

Please let me know what you think.


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Update: darksabre76's dump of disc 1 matches my dump.

He's working on disc 8 as we speak.

So, I just dumped a copy of Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do.

The checksum just so happens to match

So, what do I do now? The games have different titles in different regions, despite the disc being identical.


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sarami wrote:
ajshell1 wrote:

For some reason the SCM and the IMG are identical.

Latest test version supported the pregap data track. … ar.gz/file

========== TOC ==========
    Pregap Track   , LBA        0 -        0, Length        1
      Data Track  1, LBA        1 -   314439, Length   314439
========== FULL TOC ==========
    FirstCompleteSession: 1
     LastCompleteSession: 1
    Session 1, Ctl 4, Adr 1, Point 0xa0, FirstTrack  1, Format: CD-DA or CD-ROM
    Session 1, Ctl 4, Adr 1, Point 0xa1,  LastTrack  1
    Session 1, Ctl 4, Adr 1, Point 0xa2,      Lead-out, MSF 69:54:40 (LBA[314590, 0x4ccde])
    Session 1, Ctl 4, Adr 1, Point 0x01,      Track  1, MSF 00:02:01 (LBA[000151, 0x00097])

I see. So there is a sector in the pregap? Interesting. That also explains why using cdrdao to dump this disc produced a file missing that first sector. Interesting.


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I found a weird bug with my copy of SWAT 2.

For some reason the SCM and the IMG are identical.

This hasn't happened with any other disc I own.

I'm including logs except for the eccedc.txt file, which just says something like:

"LBA[000000, 0000000], MSF[01:82:00], mode 1 User data vs. ecc/edc doesn't match"

for ALL the sectors on the disc.

EDIT: Based on the sector count and ringcodes, it should match or be similiar to

EDIT2: I just found an old dump I made of the same disc, I can confirm that this disc matches the one I previously linked.


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So, I have a copy of Battlefield 1942: The Complete Collection.

Discs 2-7 match darksabre76's dumps, but discs 1 and 8 don't.

I've acquired .bin files that match his hashes, and I've done comparisons of the dumps with vbindiff, which shows that there is only one sector of difference in both images.

Disc 1

Here's what vbindiff shows me: … nknown.png

CDmage lists 600 sectors, which is what the DB reports, but one of those sectors clearly isn't a SafeDisc sector, being what CDmage calls sector 258096 (although I think their numbering is offset 150 sectors).

Given those circumstances, I'm 99% sure that darksabre76's dump of disc 1 is bad and mine is good.

Disc 8

Here's what vbindiff shows me: … nknown.png

Only one sector seems to be affected. darksabre76's dump has that sector containing only zeroes, while my dump has stuff in it.

I don't know which is right in this case, since the sector after that one only contains zeroes.

I'd love to hear what other people think about this.

I vaguely remember Trurip containing extra info in the dat files. I don't see why we can't do the same.


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ngxhackamaster: I live close to a rental store with a really nice disc resurfacer. If you send me your copy of Space Invaders XL, I'll get it fixed for you.

I'll also send you my copy of Ballistic as thanks.


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I think it would be a good idea to get in touch with somone who is involved with the Nuon.

Ask them if any of the games (other than Shin-Chan 3) were officially sold in places other than the US, Canada, and Europe.

The thing is, I personally wouldn't change them to "World" unless we can get someone from one of those other regions to dump a copy.

To demonstrate why, I'll tell you a story about Xbox and Xbox 360 regions.

Xbox and Xbox 360 discs aren't strictly segregated by region like Nintendo discs. Each disc has a string on the disc that indicates the disc's serial number, version number, and region. These are the possible regions:
Japan (can also be expanded to the rest of east Asia)
Europe (which includes Australia)
USA, Europe
USA, Japan
Japan, Europe
World (aka USA, Europe, Japan, which is what I think the "World" region should indicate).

We used to use this string when entering the region into the DB. Then we relealized that some games with a World release didn't always get released in all regions. So now we only list the country in which we were dumped.  Before we did that, we could have discouraged people from dumping a local copy of their game because they thought it was already dumped.

Something similar is probably unlikely to happen with the Nuon, but I'd like to try and keep our region methodology consistent when I can.


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I don't know what that disc cleaner could have done. All of your discs seem to be in really good condition, so if there was there a scratch on your HP disc that's big enough to cause an error, I didn't see it.

Also, having downloaded and not deleted the logs of his older HP dump, I can't find anything to indicate an error.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'd like you to dump Harry Potter for a third time just to make sure, and tell me if the hash matches your second dump.


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My thoughts on the harry potter ringcodes:

Outer Mastering Ring: 7Y 115314.1.A VB01
Inner Mastering Ring: 7Y 115314.1.B VB04
I, personally would put a space rather than a tab between those ringcode segments, but it's fine otherwise.

Outer Mastering SID Code: IFPI L907
Inner Mastering SID Code: IFPI L907
Those are fine

Data Side Mould SID Code: IFPI 2UV4
Label Side Mould SID Code: IFPI 2UV8
I can't quite say what these are for 100% certain from you pics. Don't bother taking any more pics just for the mould SIDs, it's a waste of time. I'm sure you know what numbers look like. Anyway, I could tell that the data side SID is IFPI 2UV?, where "?" is some number or letter I can't quite make out. If you say that it's "IFPI 2UV4", I'll trust you since I can't physically see your disc while you can. As for the label side mould SID, it's definitely either IFPI 2UV8 or IFPI 2UV6, although I think IFPI 2UV8 is more likely. I'm interested to hear what you think it is.

Inner Toolstamp or Mastering Code: Probably M1S4 instead of M154
Once again, we run into a toolstamp that doesn't play by the rules of the other parts of the ringcode. It's not obviously in one specific ringcode layer, but given its closeness to the center of the disc, I'd say it's an inner toolstamp.
Also, I can't quite tell if it's M154 or M1S4, but "M1S#" is a rather common toolstamp pattern on DVDs, so I personally would say it's "M1S4" based on the photos. Of course, I'd need you to confirm which it is for me.

Tender Loving Care:

Outer Mastering Ring: DVD TLC 2 LAYER 1    MPO    06 @@@@
Inner Mastering Ring: DVD TLC 2 LAYER 0    MPO    02 @@@@
I'd put a space between "0#" and "@@@@" instead of a tab, but that's good otherwise.
Outer Mastering SID Code: IFPI L036
Inner Mastering SID Code: IFPI L036
Now that you have those pictures, those mastering SID codes should be fairly easy to see.

Data Side Mould SID Code: IFPI 017F
YUCK. I can tell that there's a reflective surface on the underside of the label in the clamping area of the disc where the Mould SID Code is. That's going to make it a giant pain in the ass to read properly. The reflection of the "F" in that area is located in a place that makes you think that the "F" is actually an "E". Because of that, I can't tell for sure if the first number/letter is a "8" or if that's a "0" where the reflection is tricking me. Looking at some other MPO discs with a mastering SID of IFPI L036 makes me think that this really is "IFPI 817F". Again, I can't physically see your disc, so I suggest you break out a magnifying glass and get back to me. This is a strange disc since most DVDs have mould SID codes much closer to the center of the disc (like the other two here). Usually only CDs have a mould SID in that location. However, the PVD indicates that the master for this disc was made in 1999, which is rather early for DVDs, so oddness such as this is to be expected. I can't even see a trace of anything that might be a label-side mould SID from your label-side picture, so I doubt this disc has one. Let me know if you can find one, though.

EDIT: If you could check the languages on TLC, that would be great. It's probably just English, but I don't like adding languages without knowing for sure. Just stick it in a DVD player and check if there are any language options in a menu or something, or put it in your PC's DVD drive and open VLC to do the same thing.

EDIT2: Where do you see that "DVDI 0719" serial on Tender Loving Care? Maybe I'm going blind, but I can't see on the disc label. Is it on the box or packaging instead?


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I've only looked at Dragon's Lair III so far, but damn, those are some good photos! Everything's nice and visible! Good work!

Anyway, for your own reference, I'll write down the ringcodes for each disc based on what I can see:

Outer Mastering Ring: DRAGON'S LAIR 3    04101920N    L1
That's good. No changes needed. 
Inner Mastering Ring: DRAGON'S LAIR 3 MADE IN TAIWAIN    04101919N    L0
I suspected that the "DRAGON'S LAIR 3" bit was part of the mastering code rather than the toolstamp. This picture confirms that it and the "MADE IN TAIWAN" bit are part of the mastering code. The rest of that bit is fine. The toolstamp looks significantly different than the regular mastering code. 
Outer Mastering SID Code: IFPI LB76
Inner Mastering SID Code: IFPI LB75
Mastering SIDs are fine
Data Side Mould SID Code: IFPI 2N46
This is why I asked you to check both sides. Fortunately, I'm fairly confident that you won't make the same mistake twice.
Label Side Mould SID Code: IFPI 2N96
That's good, although you should always specify which side of the disc you found it on, as I wouldn't have known otherwise.

Data Side Toolstamp or Mastering Code: F1
Label Toolstamp or Mastering Code: F1
Normally, Toolstamps are upper or lower. However, I think I've identified toolstamps that are visible from both sides of the disc. One of them is below the "N" in the word "DRAGON" in the outer mastering code, and the other is below the "R" in the word "LAIR" in the lower mastering code. You should also notice that one of them is written backwards (1ꟻ) while the other isn't (F1) depending on which side of the disc you are looking at. If they weren't both F1, I would use this to decide which one is "data side" and which is "label side".

I'll write down my thoughts on the rest later tonight.


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I added the verifications for Blur, Fallout 4, Blazing Angels 2 : Secret Missions of WWII, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, and Tonic Trouble.

Kane & Lynch : Dead Men isn't a verification in it's current form since the hashes don't match. I asked both KailoKyra and Kludge to dump their copies a second time just to make sure that neither of them have bad dump.

Tonic Trouble's ringcodes are a mess. I don't think they should be on two lines. This is why I'm glad KailoKyra included pictures. I just wish I had looked at them before adding the ringcodes. I think Jackal is more qualified to figure this out than I am since he's the original dumper.

EDIT: Disregard this bit about Tonic Trouble. It turns out that the guys at Nimbus put ringcodes on both sides! I've never seen anything like that before, which is why I was confused.


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I have a few concerns about these disc's ringcodes, so I'd like you to get pictures of the ringcodes of these discs as well.

If you could also check both sides of each disc for mould SIDs, that would be great as well (because getting pictures of them can be rather difficult).

I also have specific concerns with each disc:

Dragon's Lair III:

Serials are usually strings of letters and/or numbers on the disc label. They don't usually appear as normal words like that. Could you take a picture of the disc label where you see "Dragon's Lair 3"?

Also, I'm concerned about how "DRAGON'S LAIR 3" is part of the mastering code in the upper layer, but part of the toolstamp in the lower layer. If that's how it actually appears on the disc, fair enough, but I'm just being paranoid currently.

Tender Loving Care:
Are you sure about the lack of Mastering SIDs? Sure, I've seen DVDs without them before, but I'd just like to make sure.

Harry Potter:
I have no concerns specific to this disc. Just check for the other mould SID and tell me which one is data-side and which is label side.


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Sorry to everyone about the mistakes I made when adding these discs. I was in a hurry to get everything up before I had to go and do something.

EDIT: And to re-iterate what I said earlier, I'd like pictures of the disc's ringcodes. Also, DVDs often have two mould SID codes: one on the shiny side of the disc with the data, and one on the side with the disc's label. Not all DVDs have both, but I'd appreciate it if you would try to find them. I suggest using a magnifying glass or something similar if you have one. I'm saying this because if your disc is similar to my Nuon disc (, you might not have included some ringcodes that are actually there. You can find a picture of that disc in the attachement to this post: … ew-system/

EDIT2: Also, searching on Ebay and on Nuon-Dome showed me that those Nuon games have ISBN numbers. I add them to the database, so I'd like you to confirm that what I entered is accurate.


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As the first person to dump a Nuon game for Redump, I'm going to make the executive decision to add Movie discs for the Nuon.

If anyone disagrees with me, I will link them to the CD-i Video section.

Regardless, thanks for dumping these.

EDIT: You forgot to include the whole barcode. Can you put down ALL the numbers you see on the barcode box area?
For example, you put down 2072928 for Buckaroo Banzai.
According to an ebay listing for it, the barcode is actually 027616862785. But we prefer to include spaces as they appear on the barcode box, so it would likely look like 0 27616 86278 5

Also, pictures of the disc ringcode area would be appreciated.

EDIT2: Buckaroo Banzai also likely contains DVD CSS/CPPM copy protection because it's also a DVD movie. If you could dump it again using DICUI's DVD-Video profile, that would be great.

EDIT3: BUckaroo Banzai is a DVD-9, and DICUI's Nuon profile didn't include the layerbreak. You WILL want to dump it again as a DVD-Video. And, on second thought, it should belong in DVD-Video anyway.


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Also, dumping a DVD results in the DAT being written to the DMI.bin … nknown.png


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I think I've found two bugs related to the Linux version of EccEdc.

Firstly, it won't work if you put parantheses in the name of the file you are dumping to (e.g. "FIFA 2003 (USA)" won't work, "FIFA 2003" will work).

Even without the parantheses, EccEdc still fails to do it's job properly. This is what happened after I removed parantheses:

Exec /home/aj/software/DIC_20190210/./EccEdc_linux.out check /home/aj/software/DIC_20190210/Atlantis - The Lost Empire - Trial by Fire.img
argc: 11
        check <InFileName>
                Validate user data of 2048 byte per sector
        fix <InOutFileName>
                Replace data of 2336 byte to '0x55' except header
        fix <InOutFileName> <startLBA> <endLBA>
                Replace data of 2336 byte to '0x55' except header from <startLBA> to <endLBA>
        write <OutFileName> <Minute> <Second> <Frame> <Mode> <CreateSectorNum>
                Create a 2352 byte per sector with sync, addr, mode, ecc, edc. (User data is all zero)
                Mode    1: mode 1, 2: mode 2 form 1, 3: mode 2 form 2

I'm currently running Antergos Linux.

EDIT: Apparently, it works fine when you don't include spaces in the filename

Jackal wrote:

Then there's also some moderators (including myself as of lately) who are mainly adding their own dumps and not bothering at all with forum submissions due to late of time. The WIP discs are also packed full. I guess tenyuhuang should be nominated as moderator also for adding all the Chinese stuff.

That also includes myself. I apologize for this. I also agree with Tenyu being added as a mod. And if you looked at the WIP queue, any sensible person would agree.

As far as Sadikyo goes, I'm not entirely sure (EDIT: At least, that was my thought when I started writing this post). I can definitely vouch for his loyalty. I'm just not sure if he has the experience to be a moderator. He only has 139 dumps, all of which are PS1,PS2,PS3,PSP,Saturn or DVD-Video. Granted, these all seem to be rather expensive or rare discs, which I'm appreciative of. However, there are going to be a lot of forum posts for systems other than these. Will he be able to handle discs from other systems without making mistakes?

As far as experience goes, having seen lots of discs DOES have tangible benefits in terms of moderation. For example, a while ago, Profes submitted this disc:

The mastering code as he submitted it was "#113361   2414874 01"
Having seen discs with a similar ringcode ( and, I asked him if there was any tiny text in the form of a date. He looked again, and it turns out that such text was there.

Likewise, when a PC disc with a standard early-2000s Sonopress ringcode pattern gets submitted with the mould SID listed as "IFPI 1OC5", I can instantly tell that it's supposed to be "IFPI 10C5".

Granted those are problems encountered by a PC dumper and moderator. If Sadikyo exclusively goes after Sony systems, he'll have little trouble with their nice and consistent Sony DADC ringcodes. Just as long as he reads up on the patterns that exist in European releases as well before adding them.

However, if Sadikyo does go after all the console dumps in the forums, that'll make my job of adding PC forum dumps easier by making them easier to find. In that regard, I support him being added as a moderator.

But if he does get added as a moderator, I want some some of the moderators to give him lessons on how to be a moderator. I was given almost no instruction on how to actually do a lot of moderator stuff upon being promoted, and I had to ask people to actually figure stuff out.

EDIT: I also recall him complaining about the sorry state of the dump forum than anyone else has in the VGPC Discord, so I get the feeling he'll have the dedication to get through this.


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iR0b0t wrote:

@ajshell1 : It's intentional. It still remains a data sector, which can be mode 0, 1 or 2. All within a data track.

I know. The point is that dumps with SecuROM are supposed to be listed with a single error. Currently, EdcEcc isn't displaying that error.


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Hey sarami. I think I found a bug with EdcEcc. Perhaps "oversight" is a better word than "bug":

My copy of Monsters, Inc: Scare Island produces this when dumped with DIC in the EdcEcc.txt file:

LBA[233309, 0x38f5d], MSF[51:52:59], mode 2 form 1, SubHeader[1](IsInterleaved[00]), [2](ChannelNum[00]), [3](SubMode[00]), Form 1, [4](CodingInfo[00])
LBA[233310, 0x38f5e], MSF[51:52:60], mode 2 form 1, SubHeader[1](IsInterleaved[00]), [2](ChannelNum[00]), [3](SubMode[00]), Form 1, [4](CodingInfo[00])
LBA[233311, 0x38f5f], MSF[51:52:61], mode 2 form 1, SubHeader[1](IsInterleaved[00]), [2](ChannelNum[00]), [3](SubMode[00]), Form 1, [4](CodingInfo[00])
LBA[233312, 0x38f60], MSF[51:52:62], mode 1
LBA[233313, 0x38f61], MSF[51:52:63], mode 2 form 1, SubHeader[1](IsInterleaved[00]), [2](ChannelNum[00]), [3](SubMode[09]), Form 1, Data, End audio, [4](CodingInfo[00])
LBA[233314, 0x38f62], MSF[51:52:64], mode 2 form 1, SubHeader[1](IsInterleaved[00]), [2](ChannelNum[00]), [3](SubMode[00]), Form 1, [4](CodingInfo[00])
LBA[233315, 0x38f63], MSF[51:52:65], mode 2 form 1, SubHeader[1](IsInterleaved[00]), [2](ChannelNum[00]), [3](SubMode[00]), Form 1, [4](CodingInfo[00])
[NO ERROR] User data vs. ecc/edc match all

By way of comparison, here is my dump of Monsters, Inc. Scream Team Training:

LBA[257659, 0x3ee7b], MSF[57:17:34], mode 2 form 1, SubHeader[1](IsInterleaved[00]), [2](ChannelNum[00]), [3](SubMode[09]), Form 1, Data, End audio, [4](CodingInfo[00])
LBA[257660, 0x3ee7c], MSF[57:17:35], mode 1
LBA[257661, 0x3ee7d], MSF[57:17:36], mode 1
LBA[257662, 0x3ee7e], MSF[57:17:37], mode 1
[ERROR] Number of sector(s) where mode is invalid: 1
    Sector: 257659, 
Total errors: 1
Total warnings: 0

Basically, it doesn't notice the Mode 1 sector since Scare Island is normally Mode 2.


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I added your verifications. I might do your submissions later.

Once you get dumper status, I'll have to go back and re-add your name.


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So, should discs like this be PC as well?


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I'm guessing that he used the supported regions as the basis for his submission. It has support for Regions 1 2 3 4 5 6 8, where 7 is an unimplemented region.

I agree that it probably shouldn't be World though. We'll need to talk to limbo43 about this.


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I'd just like to say that I'm disappointed by your behavior, iR0b0t.

While I do think a modicum of paranoia is appropriate for someone in your position, I'm fairly certain that your paranoia is misdirected in this case.