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It has recently come to my attention that some visual novels were released in the UMD-Video format rather than on the standard PSP-game format. Games like these are called "UMD-PG" (which stands for "Players Game"

An example of this would be Aki No Urara No Akaneiro Shoutengai
http://datomatic.no-intro.org/index.php … amp;n=0351

With this in mind, I think we should add the UMD-Video category.

Besides, we're datting CD-i VIdeo discs, so we might as well dat standard UMD-Video discs as well.

Once the system gets set up, I'd be willing to moderate the platform.

EDIT: This seems to be a rather complete list of UMD-PG games: https://vndb.org/r?q=umd-pg;fil=;s=released;o=d;p=1

Many thanks to rockleevk for bringing this format to my attention