I was member of defconsoft.co.uk, was the first to acquire a complete PS1 PAL collection plus many country variants and would like to help out a bit. Have quite some games of your missing list.
Thanks, AtariBuff

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defconsoft.co.uk was a known fullset collecting site and so is the username AtariBuff. I'm afraid your response is little more than paranoia http://playstationcollecting.com/forum/ … did=163548

This user posted a very thorough spreadsheet to our discord, he is legit. Please add him, thanks.

AtariBuff we're honored to have you with us.

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iRobot, we were actually talking with him in the Discord and he told us lot of things about what he's doing and the stuff he owns from the Missing list. I can confirm Dizzy's words. This guy seems pretty legal.

What went wrong?

Not going to give access to forums even if there is nothing to download in here for someone who works for an encashment bureau. I have warned you.

This is obviously a prank, don't fall for it.

I could have given their homepage to you but i don't want you to visit them and give your ip away.

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iRobot man, what are you doing dude? This is a known collector who has a mountain of the rarest games. Someone I've tried to reach out to in the past.

@iR0b0t dont discredit someone because of the e-mail address that they are using!

The ip is Austrian. AtariBuff is known to be Austrian.

I am not referring to an ip, i would not care.

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But the guy proved his origins on Discord, he hasnt sent us to any weird website, is the email really the problem or what? Theres something we can do to show proof?

>I am not referring to an ip, i would not care.

WE care, we've been working for 2 years on the PAL PSX fullset, and this is the guy who can finish it. TWO YEARS hunting these games. He is a known collector.

Your initial reaction was probably a good one based on the evidence at the time, but more evidence has presented itself. The logical thing to do is update your decision based on facts.

What facts?

He is an employee on *** which is an encashment bureau, do you think i am going to trust a lawyer?

Visit that site on your own risk if using unmasked ip.

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It's extremely irresponsible to dox a person. Doing so is a disgrace to your title as an Admin of redump.

iR0b0t wrote:

> Paranoia

A reminder that redump has never, and will never, breach any copyright laws, and any such activities are conducted by individuals and not this site as a whole. If he is a lawyer, it means nothing, because this site is not infringing on any rights or breaking any laws.

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iRobot, please do some research before you make baseless accusations on a respected member of the preservation community.

Think what you want, honestly. I am the one who has to take care of this site and what happens on here, and i will be the first person who will get those lawyers on my neck.

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iR0b0t wrote:

Think what you want, honestly. I am the one who has to take care of this site and what happens on here, and i will be the first person who will get those lawyers on my neck.

So if the guy just comes using another email, that would solve the problem? I just cant understanding this, one thing is you not trusting, and another is we bring proof that the guy is legal and you still will block him.

What is needed to change your mind if something failed here about your thoughts?

Please read this all members of Redump, iRobot is doxing preservationists, this is disgusting.

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WTF! I shouldn't even say anything because getting involved with this matters should be out of my business.

But exactly, ir0b0t, what's wrong with you? We're probably got someone who can get us to a complete set of games (shall I remind you that PS1 is full of hard-to-find regionals?) and you are concerned about his email? Tell you what! I can't stand this kind of treatment. I want that FUCKING PAL SET TO BE FINISHED! So either change your mind or face the consequences of being known as a really grouchy admin with an absolutely bad attitude.

Not going to post anything more after I shared my thoughs. Auf Wiedersehen!

Salviamo la cultura videoludica italiana.

We will need some friendly lawyers sooner or later, so there's no need to ban an every lawyer.

I'm a lawyer. If lawyers are not allowed here, ban me now.

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I still dont understand why you need to be so closed, we are even trying to bring evidence. What else do you need?

The guy even pointed out the model of Plextor he's going to use to start dumping. He said he was about to test DICUI in order to check he can deal with the dumping process.

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irobot: so simply because the word "inkasso" is in CitizenKain's email address you think they are a lawyer coming to do something to redump?
This is ridiculous for multiple reasons:
1. This is a huge leap in logic
2. There is nothing illegal about redump and I don't see why any copyright holder or lawyer would be concerned about some game metadata
3. How would giving them an account make a difference. What are they going to do? Send a cease and desist disguised as a dump submission?

I'd just like to say that I'm disappointed by your behavior, iR0b0t.

While I do think a modicum of paranoia is appropriate for someone in your position, I'm fairly certain that your paranoia is misdirected in this case.

Please just give this guy a shot, there's nothing to lose. There is no copyrighted material on this site. He is a known collector. The stars are aligning in our favor to finish this set.

Delete all the replies and send this guy a registration email or ask for a gmail from him. I know there has been paranoia lately, but there is no risk of legal issues just because some people mistakenly ask for roms on the Registration page.

If this is about people mistakenly coming here for ROMs, there's nothing illegal about that and the posts are deleted soon after so what's the problem?

I would like him to make a new account request and to use a neutral email provider.

(This topic will be preserved)

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