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psx-collector wrote:
sarami wrote:

Without /c2, it reads until the end.

Yes but I meant an option to continue dumping later...

1. The disc has many C2 errors and it needs 10000 or more retries to dump the sector. Imagine that we have many of these sectors. It's not the best way to leave the drive work several days. Also, cold drive reads better! More chances with cold drive!

2. This option would be also great... If no amount of retries was set. The disc was dumped but we need to re-read C2 sectors. Maybe it's possible to code an option to allow the DIC to go to the next sector if all 4000 attempts weren't successful? 4000 with next sector etc. And to go back to these previous sectors to try 4000 attempts again and again.

With the second option we can get as many sectors as possible to go back to really hard sectors.

The best way is to combine both options to allow to read hard sectors after the drive became cold again.

Something similar does IsoBuster. Program creates IBP/IBQ files with zero sectors (bad sectors), then with different drives or after cleaning disc you can fills zero(bad) sectors.

WH16NS40 supports D8 reading mode? Also in review WH16NS40 doesn't read in Lead-Out. You can use your drive for dumping DATA CD only without Audio.


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My HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS40 support C2, but DIC don't use it.

                  CDText: Yes
             C2ErrorData: Yes
        DigitalAudioPlay: No

Maybe reason

This drive doesn't support [command: 0xbe, subch: 0x1]

And if it's possible add force to use C2 manually with option.


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Hm. Accidentally found drive which can read in scrambled mode and works with DIC - ASUS DVD-E616A. But drive doesn't read in lead-out.

And question about C2 pointers. Why on some drives DIC doesn't use C2 although example Perfectrip and EAC report about C2 support and errors.

Cleaning kills me. I can't get kiwi polish in my country and buy wrong with wax. I'll try to find neutral next time. I want compound which can clean deep scratches, polish plastic surface maybe manually and don't add more scratches. Drill + 125 mm polishing circle http://i.imgur.com/KPB1wIt.jpg
sometimes add more scrathes or heats and maybe damage surface. I use toothpaste.


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sarami, thanks. Lite-On iHAS124-F works fine with C2 support.
TOSHIBA XM-6402B also works, no C2 by drive itself.
And yes, HL-DT-ST GCR-8525B - Drive cannot read Subchannel Data directly (from Nero DiscSpeed DAE test and CloneCD report)

Also I can't run 2 copy DIC at the same time, it's normal? And DIC blocks access to ASPI or drives in OS (Win10) for yourself because EAC can't see drives, while DIC works.

In TOSHIBA log sometimes appears, but all works.

LBA[000000, 0000000], [F:ReadBufferCapacity][L:536] OperationCode: 0x5c
        ScsiStatus: 0x02 = CHECK_CONDITION
Checking SubQ adr (Track)  1/ 1
Checking SubRtoW (Track)  1/ 1
Reading DirectoryRecord    1/   1

tossEAC, how you clean deep scratches? I tried Novus 2 + drill + 125 mm polishing circle, but it don't help clean them. Metal polish like brasso? Don't have it in my country, but I think to try something similar and liquid.


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I did some tests with "data command" and different drives. Some drives doesn't work with DIC.
Here my test result, if possible fix error. Drives can be used to verify discs with data command.

TOSHIBA XM-6402B, DIC error.
HL-DT-ST GCR-8525B, DIC error.
Lite-On iHAS124-F my new drive,  DIC error.
HL-DT-ST GH22NS40, works, no C2, drive support it.
SONY CRX230ED, works, C2 support, good reader.
TEAC CD-W552G works, C2 support.
NEC NR-9500A, works, no C2 support by drive.

If it's possible fix errors with drives.


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Maybe it's possible to add support for any drive like perfectrip do in future, unofficially? Manually add offset for data+audio cd or at least dump cd with data track only. I try to dump via data command (DiscImageCreator.exe data i parasite 0 0 254478 /c2 /s 2) CD with data track only and on any errors c2 doesn't work, only report error sector. I used perfectrip, but it doesn't have error correction or retried small times, only for clean or like new discs. With some different drives it's possible to verify dump without plextor drives. I have old plextor cd-rw but doesn't want to kill him for dumping my pirated translated collection PSX and DreamCast games. At least add support dump data track discs with cd command, not data command and c2 support for error corections.

CD/DVD Repair Machine smile

You can use WIA format for compress later in 7z, rar or arc. But WIA used only for compress, not compatible with any software (emulator) or console. Also conversion wia to iso = redump or original iso.
Info here and here


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Another would be to modify a program for comparison and exchange of elements in the two different images from themabus'a (reCombine -> link)). Useful program sometimes, but works with a single thread CPU and allows to rearrange only blocks of bytes. Although the use of small, and the time eats a lot, but sometimes it helps to combine two pieces in one. Or someone would come up with something like that, there is unlikely source except the author

Еще бы модифицировать прогу для сравнения и перестановки элементов в двух различных образах от themabus'а (reCombine -> link). Полезная прога иногда, но работает с одним потоком процессора и не дает возможность переставлять мелкие элементы, только блоки байтов, если изменений очень много. Хотя польза и небольшая, да и времени жрет немерено, но иногда помогает собрать из двух кусков нужный файл. Или кто придумал бы что-то подобное, да и врядли исходник есть, кроме как у автора.


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sarami wrote:

Fixed PathTableRecord, DirectoryRecord for MODE2 disc.

Thanks, works fine.


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Thanks for help me. Tested. Program not crashed, but do something in background forever or stuck on some process. Here test log.

F1ReB4LL, I think for me really to find plextor in my region than one of these smile And if I understand they SCSI and needed some adapter for modern system. Also one from Teac and Yamaha drives has support 0xD8.


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Here sendspace - Logs

I know what there are others drives with support D8 and overreads. Why I am ask about support non-plextor drives, just want dump my translated (pirated) ps1 and dc games in "all-in-one program" for myself and not use my "hardearned" plextor drive for such things smile. Perfectrip good for it, but hangs on dc discs and has a small number of retries and error correction. Will work on the old-fashioned way - isobuster + eac smile


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Hi. I tried to dump pirated SegaDC disc with such structure. I know it not redump stuff, but maybe it will be fixed.

                          Disc Status: Finalized Disc
                  Last Session Status: Complete Session
                             Erasable: No
                   First Track Number: 1
                   Number of Sessions: 2
             Last Session First Track: 2
              Last Session Last Track: 2
             Background Format Status: The disc is neither CD-RW nor DVD+RW
                            Dirty Bit: No
                Unrestricted Use Disc: No
                  Disc Bar Code Valid: No
                        Disc ID Valid: No
                            Disc Type: CD-ROM XA Disc
      Last Session Lead-in Start Time: 00:ff:ff:ff
    Last Possible Lead-out Start Time: 00:ff:ff:ff
                 Number of OPC Tables: 0
     Audio Track  1, LBA        0-   11699, Length    11700
      Data Track  2, LBA    11700-  355479, Length   343780
                                            Total    355480
    FirstCompleteSession: 1
     LastCompleteSession: 2
    Session 1, FirstTrack  1, Format: CD-DA or CD-ROM
    Session 1,  LastTrack  1
    Session 1,      Leadout, MSF 00:06:00 (LBA    450)
    Session 1,     Track  1, MSF 00:02:00 (LBA    150)
    Session 1,  NextSession, MSF 02:36:00 (LBA  11700)
         Outermost Lead-out, MSF 79:01:55 (LBA 355630)
    The number of different Mode-5 pointers present 02
    Session 1,  ATIP values, MSF 00:00:00
              First Lead-in, MSF 95:00:00 (LBA 427500)
    Session 2, FirstTrack  2, Format: CD-ROM-XA
    Session 2,  LastTrack  2
    Session 2,      Leadout, MSF 79:01:55 (LBA 355630)
    Session 2,     Track  2, MSF 02:38:00 (LBA  11850)

DiscImageCreator_20141206 crashed.
DiscImageCreator_20141017 crashed.
DiscImageCreator_20140110 ok with some minor fixes (size<ImgBurn example. All ok if do dump from DIC image).

Here logs:

Also any chances to add support for not plextor drives, at least as perfectrip.

psxt001z a bit outdated and slow, uses one core and step 4 bytes.

themabus' fff.exe  much better and uses multiple cores and step of 1 byte

+ he has interesting tool recombine -> one bad image + another version same bad image = good image or tracks.

I use -Xms flag, -Xmx don't work for me.

And a little more tests:

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII (EN+US+US+DE+IT+ES+FR+JP+JP) (PSP) (14.6 GB)

FreeArc raw 9 isos = around 7-8 GB (maybe solid not work for big size)

CDGroup + packed  FreeArc = 2.19 GB

maniac version  - EU -> convert patches + packed FreeArc -> US+US+DE+IT+ES+FR+JP+JP = 2.16 GB (I made them early)

FreeArc totally lost smile

Resident Evil (USA+Europe+Japan) (GameCube) (8.15 GB)

FreeArc raw 6 isos = 3 GB

CDGroup + packed  FreeArc = 2.06 GB

There is a request if possible to make ability to extract one needed file, not unmerge all.

I tried use more number of passes and get this error


For me CDGroup gives a small gain after compression. I use raw images (or ecm for CD) + FreeArc (better solid compression than 7z). CDGroup can be used only for himself, not for share or quick access to images.

TEST: Lost Kingdoms II (USA+Europe+Japan) (1.36 + 1.36 + 1.36 GB)

Solid 7z raw isos = Lost Kingdoms II (USA+Europe+Japan).7z  -  2678068917 (2.49 GB)

CDGroup + packed 7z = Lost Kingdoms II (USA+Europe+Japan).7z - 2676988096 (2.49 GB)

FreeArc raw isos = Lost Kingdoms II (USA+Europe+Japan).arc     - 1685900893 (1.56 GB)

CDGroup + packed FreeArc = Lost Kingdoms II (USA+Europe+Japan).arc  -  1706886824 (1.58 GB)

If do patches USA->Europe->Japan will be even smaller (maniac version smile)


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Thanks for answers. I got some help in IRC and in your old posts about drives.

My drive NEC 4570 gives "no errors" in EAC log sometime. And I think it's bad for dump audio-tracks. But my second old drive Toshiba XM-6402B informs about errors. That is why I use it for verification.
In 1 CDmage need use only for verification with database. It's not absolutely, correct. I get no errors in same images after importing sectors, but checksums different.


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Here my work in progress in dumping PSX games.
I tried dump my games with audio tracks and "scratched" games. And here result.

1. I dump scratched game - Lego Racers (E) [SLES-01207] using CDMage. I don't know if this method is correct.

I dump first one copy of game. Scan this with CDMage. Found errors. Then I dump another copy of game. Using CDMage I import sectors founded in error log first copy of game from second copy of game. Then scan first copy again. If error still remaining, I dump another copy of game and import sectors again in first copy. At end this process I got copy without errors.
     Question 1: Is this method correct and dump is good?

2. I have games with audio tracks and offset -617, 32. My drive NEC ND-4570A has read offset +18(+48) and don't read lead-in/lead-out.

    2.1 Using this drive I dump game that is in database and has write offset +2 (+32)  V-Rally - 97 Championship Edition (E) (v1.1). All tracks match. Last track is empty therefore no errors in end of track.

    2.2  I dump another game which have only one empty audio-track. Again no errors in end.
[MediEvil II (U) [SCUS-94564], offset -617 (I found offset using another, not my drive)]

    2.3  And finally I dump game with many audio-tracks and no empty last one. And I got sync error in end because my drive not read lead-out. [Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition (E) [SLES-00278], offset +2 (+32)]
      Question 2: Is dumps in 2.1 and 2.2 correct? And if I try using another drive with negative offset, I dump last track correctly? I think buy TEAC CD-540 with offset -496. I don't have money for Plextor smile

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.