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Here my work in progress in dumping PSX games.
I tried dump my games with audio tracks and "scratched" games. And here result.

1. I dump scratched game - Lego Racers (E) [SLES-01207] using CDMage. I don't know if this method is correct.

I dump first one copy of game. Scan this with CDMage. Found errors. Then I dump another copy of game. Using CDMage I import sectors founded in error log first copy of game from second copy of game. Then scan first copy again. If error still remaining, I dump another copy of game and import sectors again in first copy. At end this process I got copy without errors.
     Question 1: Is this method correct and dump is good?

2. I have games with audio tracks and offset -617, 32. My drive NEC ND-4570A has read offset +18(+48) and don't read lead-in/lead-out.

    2.1 Using this drive I dump game that is in database and has write offset +2 (+32)  V-Rally - 97 Championship Edition (E) (v1.1). All tracks match. Last track is empty therefore no errors in end of track.

    2.2  I dump another game which have only one empty audio-track. Again no errors in end.
[MediEvil II (U) [SCUS-94564], offset -617 (I found offset using another, not my drive)]

    2.3  And finally I dump game with many audio-tracks and no empty last one. And I got sync error in end because my drive not read lead-out. [Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition (E) [SLES-00278], offset +2 (+32)]
      Question 2: Is dumps in 2.1 and 2.2 correct? And if I try using another drive with negative offset, I dump last track correctly? I think buy TEAC CD-540 with offset -496. I don't have money for Plextor smile

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

1 I think it not absolutely. But possible it's true dump.
2.1  is correct
2.2 Under doubt. If audio a track really empty it's true. You copied audio on NEC 4570 or on another drive?
TEAC CD-540 with offset -496 it's best way to dumping end of last track.

Thanks for answers. I got some help in IRC and in your old posts about drives.

My drive NEC 4570 gives "no errors" in EAC log sometime. And I think it's bad for dump audio-tracks. But my second old drive Toshiba XM-6402B informs about errors. That is why I use it for verification.
In 1 CDmage need use only for verification with database. It's not absolutely, correct. I get no errors in same images after importing sectors, but checksums different.