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For those who trying to fix shitty images from interweb


here is a frontend for great findcrcs

net. framework needed


option to include md5 hash in the file name


feature: you can now specify the size of the Audio pregap between Data and Audio tracks


fix: "Browser" now works;
feature: extracted files saved to the image folder;
feature: shows offset of founded match

few words about how it should work to get better results:

1) browse for the image or drag&drop it;
2) open the game's page on redump and copy the size in bytes of data track to the field under "Split" button;
3) choose options (Null EDC, etc..);
4) push Split, and you will get 2 raw files, datatrack and audiotrack;
if there is no more deeper problems with datatrack, it should match, for audio:
drag&drop audiotrack.raw to the prog;
5) return to the game's page and copy all the info about tracks, like on the picture above (actually, you can copypaste the page itself);
6) paste the info to the prog, where it asks;
7) push Findcrcs;

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Another would be to modify a program for comparison and exchange of elements in the two different images from themabus'a (reCombine -> link)). Useful program sometimes, but works with a single thread CPU and allows to rearrange only blocks of bytes. Although the use of small, and the time eats a lot, but sometimes it helps to combine two pieces in one. Or someone would come up with something like that, there is unlikely source except the author

Еще бы модифицировать прогу для сравнения и перестановки элементов в двух различных образах от themabus'а (reCombine -> link). Полезная прога иногда, но работает с одним потоком процессора и не дает возможность переставлять мелкие элементы, только блоки байтов, если изменений очень много. Хотя польза и небольшая, да и времени жрет немерено, но иногда помогает собрать из двух кусков нужный файл. Или кто придумал бы что-то подобное, да и врядли исходник есть, кроме как у автора.

I really like this program but I have a major gripe about it, and that's the way it outputs the files for the separate tracks using the MD5 hash as the filename.  Any track that has the exact same hash value as a previous track just gets written over the top of the other one, for example with this disc http://redump.org/disc/32549/  So it is kind of self-defeating.

You should change the way the files are named.  Instead of naming them according to a hash value, name them Track 01, Track 02, Track 03, etc etc.  Besides, how is a person going to know which file is which track using this hash value naming method anyway, unless you throw them all at clrmamepro?

debug 4 saves files as Track XX, with option to include md5 hash in the name

Very handy tool, thanks smile