I know that you don't provide any datfiles for Wii games yet but I wanted to try and get the Wii games I do have somewhat organized to your standards so that there will be less work for me later when one does come out.

Right now I just want to try and compress my Wii ISOs to help save me some room on my computer.  Converting them to wbfs helps shrink them down a lot but I would assume that would go against your standards as it is removing data and the crcs wouldn't match up anyways.  Unless there is a way to add this data back to games later anf still match up with your datfile. 

So I tried compressing them with 7Zip since that is what all the rest of my sets use and it saves quite a bit of space.  However, when I use 7Zip on my Wii ISOs there seems to be very little if any space savings.  My 7Zip files come out almost the same size as the original ISOs.  So I don't know if I am doing something wrong with my settings in 7Zip or if 7Zip just isn't the best compression program for Wii games.  Any advice?  Thanks.

You tried converting them back from WBFS to ISO? Do the hashes still match? See here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-conv … so.350235/

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I've tried Wii Backup Manager and ISO Compressor to convert the disc images to WBFS and back and compress them to C(I)SO and back.

I tested uDraw for these programs, and integrity results for them are different from whence I ripped the game using the Wii homebrew app, CleanRip.

If you want to maintain CleanRip qualities, I'm afraid compressing or converting your games with these tools is a no-go.

DRD-8120B (+594), LTR-48246S (+6/-6), GE20LU10 (+667/0), GS23N (+667/0), UH12NS30 (+6/?)

You can use WIA format for compress later in 7z, rar or arc. But WIA used only for compress, not compatible with any software (emulator) or console. Also conversion wia to iso = redump or original iso.
Info here and here

Sorry for the late reply back.  Things suddenly got very crazy for me at home so I haven't had a chance to check the forums lately.  I appreciate everyone's responses so far.  But anyway, what I am trying to do is to compress the iso to 7zip.  Every other set that I have compresses very well to 7zip and helps save me a lot of space.  But when I use 7zip on my Wii isos it barely saves me anything.  Like all the 7zip files are still over 4 gig.  I like 7zip because not only does it usually save me a lot of space but clrmamepro can still read the files and compare them to the redump sets.  Plus all my emulators can still use 7zip to play my games.  I'll go ahead and read through the topics that you all linked to above and see if any of that information helps me.  But worst case I guess I will just keep my games as full isos.

Wii ISOs have a lot of random junk data on the disc, making them difficult to compress. There's no way to reversibly remove this data either. Unfortunately if you want to keep the original Redump-quality ISOs you'll just need to deal with the large files.