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SoulReever wrote:

F1ReB4LL -> Not sure on compatability of my drive with with Perfectrip - my LG drive can apparently overread into leadin & leadout but would a Plexator be preferential?

Plex is preferred, but having both overreads is enough for PR, it works with my external TEAC, for example.


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I doubt the last track will be good with such drive... He should use PerfectRip - if it is really able to overread, PR should work.


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pepsidrinker wrote:

If the section is added, I am able to get some also.

Post 1 or 2 dumps in the forum and it will be added, same for any other missing system.

No ringcodes... Let's wait for a pepsidrinker's answer.

Rocket wrote:

F1ReB4LL, сразу извиняюсь за наверное глупый вопрос, но: "Как мне поменять MODE2 на MODE1/2352?".

Текстовым редактором smile На всякий случай, первые 16 байт самого дампа в HEX-виде посмотри (или выложи) - если последний равен "01" - трек в Mode1, если "02" - Mode2.

SS ones don't usually contain a file system (only links from the first mode1 track), so I don't think they can be affected. At least, I've already seen many and the dump always matches the dump from another drive.

Guess, you can try to extract all the sectors with cdtoimg_d8 and descramble them in software.

На MODE1/2352 попробуй поменять, MODE2 он всегда лепит, бага.


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Any news? smile

Use the other's forum posts as templates, like http://forum.redump.org/topic/5673/adde … tdown-usa/


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tossEAC wrote:

PC-FX Console +2 pads and 2 games.no yellowing mint £300

Philips Cdi with Video Catridge and 13 titles £140

Why not to dump those before selling?

Rocknroms wrote:
F1ReB4LL wrote:

Also, EAC is horrible at detecting the correct pregaps and, especially, postgaps.

Here there's no problem about EAC detecting bugs because everything is loaded from a .cue file so it takes whats on the .cue loeded on virtual drive. By the way I could be wrong.

I've thought he was trying to compare EAC vs. single file dumps.

Nexy wrote:

Also the single dump will have data missing from the end of the last track due to the write offset most of the time.

PerfectRip is able to do the single file dumps with offset correction, so, no problem with that.

marzsyndrome wrote:

The problem with EAC is that when creating a cuesheet based on "Current Gap Settings" it lists the tracks as if they were seperate WAV files, rather than referencing start points and pregaps within a BIN file.

Also, EAC is horrible at detecting the correct pregaps and, especially, postgaps.

FitzRoy wrote:

This is related to something I also don't understand about CD ripping. Why separate the disc data into a bunch of segments when a cue sheet can do that differentiation for you?

Different discs can have the same tracks.

FitzRoy wrote:

At least if you rip the disc to a single file, user error regarding pregaps and shit can't affect the data's integrity/hash, only the cue

Wrong. Data tracks are stored on CD in a different form (scrambled), audio tracks are stored "as is", so the gap issues _can_ affect the single file dump.

http://maws.mameworld.info/maws/ -- all the arcade ones are "beatmania" and "beatmania" is really a TM.

The guide is obsolete, No-Intro's convention has its own standard.

Rocknroms wrote:

MacGruber, you are completely RIGHT!

I don't understand what's the meaning of this discussion and it's not the first time. I know also that admin, Fireball, has some weird thoughts.

Titles can be written in any way on covers, any language doesn't use capitalization, even English, unless for names of people, countries, istitutions and so on.
What we use it's simply a convention (not only no-intro, but this convention was used by anyone) and has nothing to do with grammatic rules: everything must be capitalized unless "articles", some "conjunctions" and some "prepositions" ***

No-Intro wrote:

Some titles also have an unusual capitalization on purpose. In that case, capitalization should be left as intended.

For example, beatmania is a trademark, it can't be written in any other form and definetely not as "Beat Mania", like now.

psxt001z.exe --resize image.bin size
  Resize file to requested size.


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RiMMER wrote:

He's not drunk, he's ripping a disc which contains only audio tracks, no data track (soundtrack ?).
In that case, I believe too, that gaps should be appended to previous tracks.

Because it's not written anywhere on this site and your thoughts is a horrible mistake (I don't understand the reason you've decided this way can be correct). Pregaps are always belong to the "next" track, there are no exclusions. If any of you have dumped any CDDA disc this way for the db, better tell it right now smile


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Are you drunk or what? Gaps should never be appended to the previous track, only to the next one. Stop imagining things.


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ghost wrote:

I have 2 discs they piss me off, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Clone Campaings and Lemmings Chronicles.

The star wars disc has 1 data and 1 audio, the plextor drive reports a 0 secs track 2 pregap and the LG 2.01 secs. the first track 2 sector is 125999 and shows garabage. the pregap has data but i dont know if they are data sectros, audio sectors and how many seconds.

2.01, all audio, if any data - should be scrambled.

ghost wrote:

In the lemmings disc both drives report 3 secs pregap, but the first sec has data and the last 2 00s. I dont know if they are data sectors or audio sectors. I dont know how to read subs. The first sector of track 2 is 44675. - 150 sectors at 44525 has garbage.

so i post the subs of both and if you need more info tell me.

3.00, all data, if any data - should be descrambled.

I've thought he is Dutch smile

There are 10 categories: Games, Demos, Video, Audio, Multimedia, Applications (those tools are applications, afterall), Coverdiscs (bundled with magazines), Educational, Bonus Discs (bonus CDDA discs should have the Audio category selected, bonus DVD - Video category, the rest are Bonus Discs), Betas. Why not to check the list before asking?


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You won't be able to find a combined offset for audio cds. Use the drive's offset, but try to check, if there is non-zero data after the last byte of the last track (using the drive capable of overreading into lead-out), if yes - tweak the offset to include all the data.


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In the "new disc" menu.


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Nope, bonus ones go into the same section with the games, DVD-Video is for the standalone game-related discs only. Audio CD section was also created, btw, for various game-related CDDAs (not the bonus ones) - OSTs, promos, etc.