Somebody should try to contact with owner, he should know some tricks and possible issues in PCE-CD dumping.

themabus wrote:

unopened cds from 20 years back tongue how can thihs be? unless they dig up time capsules

You can find lots of unopened retro-games in Japanese stores - just look at FDS dumping on No-Intro's forum, and most of the items in this shop are located in Japan. … idZ2QQtZkm - if someone is interested in buying some cheap PCE CDs smile

Same for PC-FX and PC-FXGA CDs, btw.


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ps2gamer2k7 wrote:

Completley irrelvent but what the hell if you hex edited a 3do dump it says "i am a duck" for no reason i thought i would say that

3DO has a custom file system, which uses this phrase for padding.


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3DO is the only system that toseciso guys are able to dump correctly smile They've dumped most of the CDs already and, IIRC, missing only a few dozens.