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Alternatively, if there must be a new disc category, I'd choose a more generic name, based on the info I provided above (maybe "PlayStation Enhancement CD (Audio)" (as some of these discs contained not only upgrades but more cheat codes and maybe some other goodie).

I agree with this.

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Differently as in not with DIC? I have that Karat disc so let me know. khn will be dumping a dozen or so soon so now is a good time to fill in any missing details.

As far as I understand, all our 'PSX-CDDA' dumps belong to the same family and the first track should start with "G.THORNTON". So far:

GameShark - The BigWave Enhancement CD (USA)        +629
GameShark - The BigWave 2 Enhancement CD (USA)    +41
GameShark - The BigWave 3 Enhancement CD (USA)    +677
GameShark - The BigWave 4 Enhancement CD (USA)    +658
GameShark Enhancement CD Version 2.2 (USA) (Unl)    +629
Karat PS-you Action Replay Higi Code CD Vol. 4 (Japan)    +1034

Meh, PlayStation has a GameBoy emulator attachable to the console, let's add all the GB roms into the PSX dat, because they can be played on PSX with some external device.

If PSX itself (even modded) doesn't recognize the discs, they aren't for PSX.

pool7 wrote:

Thanks for clarifying.
I'd keep those in the main Sony PlayStation CD

As I've alredy said in another topic, I'm not sure these are even handled by the PSX itself, probably, the programs are for the cheat devices themselves, therefore, it's not correct to put those into the PSX section.

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-Upgrade discs for the cheat cartridges? (which were audio only in format, but contained data within the audio



There's a read error, fix it with CDMage or psxtoolz (if fixable, but it is only in ECC and EDC areas, should be fixable), then check the hashes again.

iR0b0t wrote:

I would prefer to get some more data (dumps) before adding new systems.

Agree, worth to examine the dumps first. Also, all those Audio-CD format tools needs to be dumped with a proper offset, which is detected differently, compared to the normal data CDs.

For the speed, the fastest you read something, the more you may have error, like jitter correction on audio track is more active, and as the speed increase, the algorithm can't think out the box, so it forces interpolations to keep a constant bitrate.

Erm, no, you're misunderstanding the reading process. Interpolation only appears on hardware CD-players (when you're listening to the music), not when you read the data digitally, sector by sector. It is either copied properly (0 C2 errors) or not (>0 C2 errors).


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maxoojc wrote:

Master SID: .MASTERED. BY NIMBUS   CDD5048 T 60185-50 :. 1 : 1

1:1 is a toolstamp (tool-engraved symbols, sometimes can be laser-engraved), also, there are no spaces around ":", it's just a wide interval.

There's a difference between the regular dot (.) and the middle dot (·). Therefore, "CDD5048 T 60185-50 :·[TAB]·MASTERED BY NIMBUS·". Sometimes, you can see the 3 (⋮), 4 or 5 vertical dots, those are all different symbols.

Also, Mould SID is the one that is pressed on the inner transparent part. Keio should have "ifpi 2305". The ones on the ringcode that start with L are Mastering IFPIs.

Could you recheck the rings and update this and the Magazine Demos topic? Alternatively, you can try to photo or to scan the ringcodes, so I could add the ringcode text according to the scans.

Btw do you think that if I remove the brushes, there would be little holes, something will change or the holes would make the same ? (I assusme that hole = read error too)

Less errorneous sectors maybe, but I'm not sure. Also, it's still not clear, why the 24x dump has all the errors fixed.

One of our members has the "Cleaning Kit for Sega Saturn", I hope he will try to dump it, so we could compare the 'brush area' results.

M-20001  AG308A   FD827K

M-20001  AG308A[TAB]FD827K -- correct?

Sarami, could you take a look at this? freshcleaner24x reports all the c2 errors fixed, but is it possible? Logically, some errors should stay 'unfixable' there. Could it be a misread of the nearby sectors due to c2 offset or something else again?
On another hand, this disc clearly doesn't feature any protection, so it should be safe to assume there's no data in the 'brush area'.

maxoojc: what's about the ringcode? And, btw, why do you use the "/nl" switch with DIC? I think it is only needed for Libcrypt-protected PAL PSX titles smile Better not to use for dumping the Mega CD discs.

No, I think it's a European release sold in Russia.

maxoojc wrote:

I'm trying to understand evrything and see what's is the .sub purpose.

The .sub is exactly where all the gaps are marked as gaps.

maxoojc wrote:

It seems like the brushes area is in the 2nd track pregap. The data at the end of the first track is full of 0 and there where no errors reading.

That is interesting, because IsoBuster doesn't detect gaps and if you've extracted the 1st track as track (not as some sector range), it should include the entire 2nd track's pregap.

I try to dump it but it appears too many errors with DIC.

I'm afraid there's no way other than to wait for all those DIC rereadings. The only thing you can possibly do is to disable the rereading of the bad sectors (but you will probably need to dump it twice to be sure the data is constant).

Have you tried to read it with isobuster again? Did the checksums match? Also, what variant was chosen for the non-readable sectors? Or the whole data track is readable and the 'brushes area' entirely belongs to the 2nd track's pregap?

The gap is 00:28:53.22, and I'm not sure if we have to take in account the miliseconds.

You need to dump the subchannels somehow, either to wait DIC dumping process to finish or try subdump (won't be faster, though) - http://forum.redump.org/topic/14725/subdump/. You can also try to experiment with the CloneCD (enable the subchannels reading in the profile and "play" with the skip sectors value to possibly speed up the process) or, maybe, with the ranges to read with subdump.

user7 wrote:

Any chance this is the Russian version on the miss list?

It is. Softclub release w/translated manual.

benclaff wrote:

Master SID: _MASTERED_ BY NIMBUS   CDD6959 MK-4441P-00318 : 1 : 3

I think I need some photo to understand, how does it look like smile -MASTERED BU NIMBUS-, most likely "CDD6959" should be "CDD6956" and 1:3 is a toolstamp, as I understand, but want to be sure.

benclaff wrote:

Master SID: T14014P-00246-R1M  V  IPFI L233  21  (the "21" characters are engraved)

Exactly "T14014P"? No hyphen?


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sarami wrote:

Confirmed. And the last 149 sector of the last track is also padded with 0xff.

Yes, that is correct.

ECMA-130 wrote:

The p-channel of the last Information Track in the User Data area shall end with a Flag of 2 s to 3 s (i.e. 150 to
225 Sections). Its end shall indicate the beginning of the Lead-out Track. In this track the bits of the p-channel are
set to ZERO during 2 s to 3 s."


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sarami wrote:

And is 'NiGHTS into Dreams... (Japan)' irregular? Some sectors of the former pregap are also padded with 0xff in the all track.

Probably. According to the books, "During master disc encoding, the P code is generated automatically from the Q code", so, any P-channel vs Q-channel mismatchings should be some kind of mastering error.
And, as I've already said, according to the Redbook, "The encoding of channel P is delayed by one subcoding block with respect to the encoding of channel Q" (hence the 1-sector shift).

sarami wrote:
F1ReB4LL wrote:

Various Saturn titles come to mind.

e.g. Puyo Puyo Sun? That is, "The first sector of the 2nd track's pregap is a scrambled data sector."?

Many different ones. The ones with the scrambled sector, the ones with xx:01:74 gaps (Q-channel gaps are 149 sectors, P-channel gaps are often 186 sectors on those), the ones with 'serpentine' pregaps (http://redump.org/disc/1874/ is the example, if I remember correctly) and others.


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sarami wrote:
F1ReB4LL wrote:

If they differ

Do you know the disc which they actually differ? Or is such the disc typical?

Well, they aren't rare. Various Saturn titles come to mind.


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Nope, got the same results as before.


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Oh. Then it's interesting. What's the exact version of DIC you've used, so I could try it as well?

Yep, Calpis Water Version there, also Taikenban.

wiggy2k wrote:

How do I check the version of the game? the current two in the DB are 1.0 and 1.2

Similar to PSX: 1.0 is the earliest known one, the next is 1.1, etc.
NGCD-069E MT B03 was dumped by TOSECISO years ago, so I knew there's a missing version, so, named the dumped ones as 1.0 and 1.2. Of course, there can be more undumped ones.

wiggy2k wrote:

I guess these sit nicely in the middle of there then. Rev B v1.1? and v1.2 becomes Rev C?

Rev 0 = v1.0 (initial revision), Rev A = v1.1, Rev B = v1.2, Rev C = v1.3


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AV Tanjou has different ringcodes - http://pcengine.co.uk/HiRes/AV_Tanjo_cd.jpg - PB5010C (another undumped one), so it's OK for such a difference (audio is shifted at 1 sample compared to the one in db).

Any covers? The word "version" is rarely used, maybe -ban?