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I’m not sure if I found that one of the dump in the database is incorrect or if I’m off for my dumping tool again.

I dumped Hot Shots Golf – Open Tee (USA) and the Database wants a CRC of 141dd4a7. My dump gives me a CRC of 122c8697.

I dumped it with both ISO Tool v1.970 and PSP Filer 6.6 and I’m getting the same CRC. (again my PSP setup is a PSP 1001 with 5.50 Prome-4 CFW).

The reason I bring this up is I do not want to call foul on the current database listing of this title if in fact it is good and mine is bad. Could I maybe have a different version of it?

Here is the info:
SFO Version: 1.1
REGION: 32768
TITLE: Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee™

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gamecaptor wrote:


i am not sure, never dumped a psp disc, but this looks like a different version to me.

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Yeah, it's a different version.

Three years and still going strong.

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Um, duh, I completely missed that line there that says "version". Well good to know this is a new dump.

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From PSP Filer readme:

Though the reason is not clear now, the last 1-3 record of UMD cannot be read from filesystem. So, doing ripping operation, the iso file is 2k-6k (1record = 2kbytes) smaller than it should be. Since version 3.9, Filer try to fill those “lost tail records” by following sequence:
1. Filer rips as large as possible.
2. Filer checks expected size by peeking ISO file, and if it is larger than ripped size, create a differential size data which is filled with 0.
3. Filer searches ISO file structure, and if there are files which uses “lost tail records”, copy those data into right place of the differential data.
4. Filer appends the differential data to the ripped ISO file.

edit: looks like it's been mentioned several times before in this topic

Somehow, the last 2K-6KB is not extractable on the file system.
And, it sometimes causes problems to some games. (iso doesn't work. icon is corrupt. etc)
Until the dumper, you needed to dump the last file by iRShell or PSPFiler, and replace the last 2K-6KB to the FL iso.(BAHAMUT, pSyPSP and WRG did it.)
PSPfiler 3.9 automaticly repairs the last 2K-6KB to extract the last file like iRShell.

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Time to bump this topic for a new discussion!

I noticed about a week ago that we have a few bad dumps in the database. I found these thanks to TheHustle. He had asked me how to dump one of them, but I found out they were not standard UMDs and they could not be dumped the usual way. [UCJB-98306] [UCJB-98302] [UCJB-98303]

These are demo discs with a game + video partition and the entire video section is corrupt in the dump I tested "UCJB-98302". I do not know which dumping tools were used to make these dumps, but I'm sure the video partition must be corrupted in all three dumps.

I bought one of the demo discs to try dumping this type of UMD myself, the demo disc I have is "UCJB-98306". My dump does not match the database, which is not surprising. I found a way to dump both partitions correctly, but they have to be dumped to separate .iso files.

Here are the instructions:
Note: UMD_DATA.BIN of each ISO has the partition number, 0001 & 0002.

1) Use UMDKiller V1.2 to dump the first partition. It will be saved to ms0:/ISO/UCJB-98306.iso.
2) Connect your PSP to a PC and rename the dumped ISO as "UCJB-98306_0001.iso" and then move it onto the PC.
3) Use UMDKillerPRX V1.5 to dump the second partition. It will be saved to ms0:/ISO/UCJB-98306.iso.
4) Connect your PSP to a PC and rename the dumped ISO as "UCJB-98306_0002.iso" and then move it onto the PC.
5) Open Notepad and type the text below, make sure to modify the filenames to match your ISOs.

copy /b UCJB-98306_0001.iso + UCJB-98306_0002.iso UCJB-98306_merged.iso

6) Save the file as Merge.bat and move it to the same location as the two ISO dumps.
7) Double-click the Merge.bat to merge the ISOs into one file, "UCJB-98306_merged.iso" is created.
8) Use clrmamepro's Dir2Dat function and uncheck everything except Add MD5+SHA1, create the .dat file to save the three ISO hashes.

There is currently no dumping tool that will dump both partitions at once, and I don't know if this is able to be done either. The dumps in the database were joined together to make the dump one file. I think merging the two ISOs is okay. There are very few game UMDs with two partitions, and we can include the non-merged hashes in the comments. The only issue with merging is that the video partition is unplayable after merging, but that may change in newer PSP CFW.

As a test, I also tried to dump Video UMDs using UMDKillerPRX V1.5, but only the 0002 partition will dump. PSP Filer 6.6 and UMDKiller V1.2 cannot be used on Video UMDs, so these UMDs will have to remain unsupported for now.

So how should we proceed? I think it would be safe to add the fixed dumps with the non-merged hashes in the comments.

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Enker I got hold of one of these discs to dump, it was Stealth/Wipeout Pure.

So I dumped both isos the way you said.

I looked at the isos in isobuster.

The game iso, had reference to the VIDEO folder but no STREAM folder.

The video iso, had FULL reference to all the game files, but they  were zero bytes.

In an ideal world we get a proper dump of one of these discs, I don't think it would work properly ever, or at least not until cfw changes just to support these discs properly.

What I mean is to play the video, you need the iso to be mounted, this then allows you to play the video, but I doubt you could then flick to the game. Anyway.

If you join the game then video, the game works.

If you join the video then game, the video works.

Or you can put one iso (the video iso) in ISO/VIDEO and the game iso in ISO that allows you to watch the video and play the game, the only thing it doesn't allow is mounting the video and then switching to the game, doubt this would ever work even if you injected the game files into the video iso. Which could be done by using Apache, it still would only be to test what happens.

I don't think joining the isos is the way forward they somehow need to be fused into one iso, rather than stuck together.

Years ago when Gran Turismo came out it was Dual Layer on the PS2, and I followed a tutorial that used programs I have long forgotten about, but it involved extracting both layers merging the layers into one then it would work on hdloader, it was long time ago and I have forgotten the ins and outs, it worked anyway, and it was what reminded me about dual layer, layer breaks, which I then spoke about here and IRobot made a tool to find layer breaks.

Anyway I believe these isos need to be merged rather than joined, or used as separate isos.

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I think the 0 byte files in the filesystem is due to the partitioning, since the Volume Space Size for both isos is correct. Video UMD dumps also have 0 byte files in the PSP_GAME folder, but the first partition on Video UMDs is not dumpable yet.

We probably won't be able to add these dumps to Redump until there's a dumping tool that can dump both partitions at once, to ensure that there isn't a gap between them.

There's a discussion about adding them here: … ombo-disc/

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>We probably won't be able to add these dumps to Redump until there's a dumping tool that can dump both partitions at once, to ensure that there isn't a gap between them.

I don't see the problem adding the good-two-tracks to redump even through additional data may be missing. Similar to how all the data for CD-Rom discs have subchannel data that can't be perfectly dumped afaik or CD-Rom's with DRM may still be added to redump - but require MDS dumps to actually play.

If the two ISOs are perfect dumps of the data they contain, then they should be added IMO, their integrity is not compromised, only additional data may need to be included later.

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We could add the merged dumps if others agree that it's okay. It's been almost 5 years since I posted that info, so that's why I said they probably wouldn't be added to Redump.

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Its probably okay to add the merged dumps, but please comment both separate partitions as well if you are going to add those.

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Are the three yellow dumps going to be marked as Red status or are we keeping those entries?

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They lack of video partition if that's correct. Can be set to red.

PX-760A (+30), PX-W4824TA (+98), GSA-H42L (+667), GDR-8164B (+102), SH-D162D (+6), SOHD-167T (+12)

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The entire video partition is just random data in the dump I checked "UCJB-98302", so I will set them to Red status.

Re: PSP dumping

I am sure this is still a bad dump, unless when you open the iso in isobuster, and all the files have the proper LBA and file sizes, like I said I don't think joining 2 isos gives you a good dump. It didn't with my umd I tried.

The iso that gets added to the join second doesn't even get seen if you no what I mean.

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Seems like keeping the tracks separate would be more accurate... at least we know the two tracks are perfectly dumped (even if additional data would need to be added later).

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We can use the split tracks if the UMDs are found to be formatted that way. I think it's most likely all on one track, but maybe UMDs have a special mode to deal with two tracks.