When dumping with PSP Filer, only the demo partition dumps. Should submit that, or is it preferred to submit the movie portion to (and how do I dump that)?

There were some talks about that stuff, try to use the search option, maybe it will spit something out.

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Dizzzy, you can read about it here: . wink

Thank you, I've updated the wiki guide so it's not a fishing expedition for the next person.

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See my newer post here:

The method I posted isn't accepted right now. We need better dumping tools for these dual partition UMDs.

If that's the case, then it would make more sense for these to be two separate tracks: [UCJB-98306] [UCJB-98302] [UCJB-98303]

Any additional data could be added after the fact.

>there may be other data that is needed from these UMDs.

Any evidence or speculative?

I don't know how the partitions are positioned on the disc, so we could be missing some data if there's a gap.

We'd likely need the PFI data as well, in order to make a "merged" iso usable.

>We'd likely need the PFI data as well, in order to make a "merged" iso usable.

How do I do this or why don't we keep them both as separate and unmerged? Considering the movie part is irrelevant anyway and we'd have a perfect dump of the game part.

There aren't any tools that can dump PFI for UMDs. sad

Putting the non-merged hashes in the comments would be a quick solution. No one ever agreed if we should accept these or wait for a better dumping tool.

Well if it's unusable "merged" why not just leave it usuable as separate tracks? In the in case of Stealth/WipeOut demo, leave the movie out altogether.

The game is still playable when merged, since it's the first partition. Only the video part will not work.

So we definitely want to merge for redump? seems like it might be an advantage to just leave them separate, or leave the movie part out altogether...

Merged or unmerged would both be fine for redump. The disc form would need to be updated if we want to keep them separate.

Unmerged is making a lot more sense to me tbh. iRobot, thoughts?

Game & Video partitions may be located on different layers or even different disc sides, but to get that we would need the PFI.

If game partition is on layer0 and video partition on layer1, merging both together could be right or wrong, depending if there is a gap after the game partition with padding data.

Unmerged does not really sound right to me BTW. It would only make sense to me if those discs are doublesided single layers.

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The disc I have "UCJB-98306" is single layer (ringcode has the 0000-00000). I'm still not sure if there could be a gap or not. The file size "905314304" is almost the maximum for a SL UMD "906362880", so there's only 1MB left free.

Has somebody ever tried to get the disc holder out of a psp and put it onto a standard pc drive to make the dumps?

I was planing to try that, but never got to that.

PX-760A (+30), PX-W4824TA (+98), GSA-H42L (+667), GDR-8164B (+102), SH-D162D (+6), SOHD-167T (+12)

Not that I'm aware of. It would be nice to see if it worked. I don't have any with a broken case to test with.