961 A couple ideas for the site

by pepsidrinker

963 GameCube extension changing

by pepsidrinker

965 PSX US Datfile

by Patzik

966 .CUEs with absolute time

by themabus

967 need Help!!

by Sety

969 MD5ISOCalc

by Grey Fox

970 Correcting pre-gap manually

by pepsidrinker

971 GC dump method

by batleth92

972 PC. Question about region.

by Kostey D

974 a bit more on odd GAPs

by themabus

975 Question about PC protection

by pepsidrinker

976 Perfectrip?

by xenogears

977 EAC pregap detection

by ssjkakaroto

979 Mega CD anomalies

by gigadeath

980 psxt001z couple suggestions

by themabus

981 Adding 2.00 pregap

by gigadeath

982 [PSX] Final Fantasy Tactics (U)

by generalleoff

983 3DO Disc images

by ps2gamer2k7

984 No-Intro datfiles

by gigadeath

985 PSX System Area

by kitzik

986 Introduction and help

by Macarro

987 Resident Evil 2 [G]

by resxto