1,021 HELP in new CD Drive selection!

by xenogears

1,022 Problems dumping Fallout

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1,023 Just a question about PSX db

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1,026 Closed: Relation to tosec.org

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1,027 Sega 32X CD dumping

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1,028 My WIP and another ideas.

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1,029 CUE pregap issue

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1,030 optical drive suggestion

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1,031 A couple ideas for the site

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1,035 PSX US Datfile

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1,036 .CUEs with absolute time

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1,037 need Help!!

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1,039 MD5ISOCalc

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1,040 Correcting pre-gap manually

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1,041 GC dump method

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1,042 PC. Question about region.

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1,045 Question about PC protection

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