1,022 Junk in dump entries

by Jackal

1,023 Suggestions for the guide

by pepsidrinker

1,026 Shining Force CD question

by pepsidrinker

1,029 x Themabus - PCE data tracks

by gigadeath

1,030 add pregap to audio track

by fuzzball

1,033 a little bug in psxt001z

by themabus

1,035 New EAC version out

by ssjkakaroto

1,036 Wii Verification

by ps2gamer2k7

1,037 would you consider adding an PC Engine CD, please?

by themabus ( Pages 1 2 3 )

1,038 HELP in new CD Drive selection!

by xenogears

1,039 Problems dumping Fallout

by robbforce

1,040 Just a question about PSX db

by pnkiller78

1,043 Closed: Relation to tosec.org

by Eidolon ( Pages 1 2 3 )

1,044 Sega 32X CD dumping

by pepsidrinker

1,045 My WIP and another ideas.

by gaijin

1,046 CUE pregap issue

by Eidolon

1,047 optical drive suggestion

by pepsidrinker

1,048 A couple ideas for the site

by pepsidrinker

1,050 GameCube extension changing

by pepsidrinker