Please also post relevant information for Discs 2-6 as replies to this thread - we don't have time to transcribe all of the ringcodes from your scans.


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Balle wrote:

Hello, i would love to join this project.

I mainly wanna contribute with budget series(main focus is Sold Out Software and Ubisoft eXclusives) and odd titles.

Hey, welcome and thanks for your interest!

Great that you want to contribute - I personally have an interest in UK budget labels so excited to see more on that front.

There are only a couple of people who can approve accounts and they're both very busy so it could take a little while. In the meantime, a lot of the community is active on the VGPC Discord so feel free to join that and chat while you wait for your account to be approved.

I have a copy of PocketPC Power-Pack (, a compilation of games and applications for PocketPC published on a DVD. Could DVD be added as an option for Pocket PC submissions please?


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Would like wiki access please to be able to help curate some info around undumped IBM PC discs

Digitoxin wrote:

I tried using a flatbed scanner, but the resolution wasn't high enough (Only does 300 DPI).

My phone was a little better, but getting the right angle was difficult and there were too many reflections.

I ended up going with a 15x handheld magnifying glass with a built in light. … ct_details

I use a combination of the smartphone method from this forum post, which works well for 99% of discs I've tried it on so far, plus a cheap loupe with 30x/60x magnification that I picked up from Amazon. That helps to get some of the really tiny mould SID details that a camera won't capture.