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Maybe my method can help you, because most of us have a smartphone and/or tablet nowadays. I am using the free and open source app for android "Open Camera" with it i can enable the flashligt mode so the light is always shining so you can position to the right spot where you can see the ringcode or a part of it. I have redumped only one PSX game and it worked there great too i have returned the game disc so i cant show you the example but i did it with a DVD-9 PC game so you can see what i mean. On the last two pics i have put my phone on a box so i dont have to hold it.

I used this with my old samsung phone and with the new one and it works on both, but i would also like to hear if that works for other people too so please give me feedback about it.

video example from the same dvd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yut9iYLI5M8

Edit: also i will buy cheap PSX discs next week to test and post it here








two more for ifpi code examples from same DVD-9



For the ringcodes i try to move the flashlight spot in the middle of the disc and raise or lower the distance till i see something. For the ifpi codes in this example the flashlight spot is on the edge of the disc in the middle.

I don't know if it's my phone or not, but it's a bit hard to find the right position. But in the end i found easier if you put your phone over a box like your photo, and the disc under the light until you find the position good enough to take a photo with the visible ring. It's worth a try with a better camera, i guess. I will make some other tries with different camera-phone-angles until i can find the best way. With the clear disc anyway it's probably easier than trying with the damn PS1 black discs...

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video example from the same dvd, the full hd mode will be available soon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yut9iYLI5M8

Edit: also i will buy cheap PSX discs next weeks to test and post it here

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Ah this works great, thanks! This will be my first dump / submission and taking pics of the ring codes was pretty easy using Open Camera.


Wow great shot smile what disc is it? And what smartphone do you use?

That photo is of MX vs ATV Unleashed.

The phone is a 1st gen Google Pixel. They are coming out nicely. Here's a few more:
Mercenaries: https://img.cat/i/m0otzly.jpg
Conker Live and Reloaded: https://img.cat/i/p3aikfy.jpg
Black: https://img.cat/i/hsh4q6i.jpg

Nice, so we still have to see what it would look like for the psx discs.

I am still pretty new to this stuff, but I could not make out anything with a black PSX disk.

No luck with PSX discs for me (neither with or without the additional lighting from IR flashlight), though, ack2121 says he was able to get the good ring photo using the IR flashlight in addition to the phone's flash.

Hmm funny i just found the PSX files i didnt deleted them so here are the pics i made when i had the disc





For all my pics you can open them in new tab for 100% view

Wow those look great! What all did you do differently for those?

If you mean the PSX discs, it's just a regular old non-LED flashlight (white LEDs can't get through the disc layer, same with CFLs, due to the bluish light they put out).

Interesting i have bought a PSX disc today and i cant get even close results to the last one i posted here, i get only the blue color this time for the disc not the green one...

I thought i have lost all the images and couldnt put them online again but luckily i found them today and here there are again.


There's one thing that is true in life....

that is not a PSX disc

yea that is the reupload of the first post for normal disc, I didnt find the pics for the PSX one

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For those of you wondering about the PS1 method I've been using to easily get ringcodes, this is VERY similar to what I've been doing, and it works extremely well.

The attached photo is acquired using only my cellphone.  No special bulbs, IR flashlight, other hardware, or even post-photo modifications on this one.

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Do you float @Sadikyo ?

Sadikyo can you describe your process please? i had one PSX disc that worked good and another one that didnt worked completly.