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You can download the dat file with serials included: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … Parameters
e.g. http://redump.org/datfile/psx/serial

Unfortunately there is no API, but you can automate in order to have a psuedo-API. A proper API is a much wanted thing but iR0b0t is rarely online and doesn't really say anything when he is online.

Re. if there is a better method - what are you ultimately trying to do?

Nice analysis. It might be possible to discount some other early revisions like this. Also, for discs you have on hand, you can check the manufacturing date of the disc in the mastering code.

Please do create an account for edc.

See here: https://github.com/SabreTools/MPF/issues/463


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I think it may be worth discussing improving the FAQ page:

To start with, I think "Why don't you dump subchannels?" is something that should be filled out with a basic explanation.
Also, it could be a good idea to explain how people can get dumper status.

http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … dWiiGCPage

sadikyo wrote:

It can be a very subjective thing, so if we are going to do it, we'd need to decide exactly how to do so.

While I agree with you in theory, I'm not sure its possible to create one rule for all. How the build date is found should be done thoughtfully and documented properly, but I don't think the same method can be used on all discs.

sadikyo wrote:

This is all a compromise of keeping things under control, while adding enough detail to distinguish releases.  The challenge is, different people use dats differently and have different preferences about what information they want to see in filenames.

What do you mean? I think having a version identifier instead of an arbitrary number is preferable to most people. And "Beta 1" vs "v1.00" or "2020-01-01" don't differ wildly in length.

user7 wrote:

PVD often stays the same even when internal files are updated across versions.

IMO best way would be to detect the dates of all files on the disc and go with the latest date of all files.

That'd make more sense, although there are likely instances where that isn't accurate, and a game-specific build date string in the data, or text written on the disc label/case is more accurate. I think really its a per-game thing, but the reasoning could be put in the comments to make it clear.

NovaAurora wrote:

The date used may have to vary by system, as some systems don't have an easily identifiable executable, and some systems don't have a PVD. The date on labels can be wildly off from the actual content date as well.

Yeah its a per-system or even per-game thing.

NovaAurora wrote:

In my opinion, I would keep the Beta numbering but add an additional tag at the end for date, similar to the (Rerelease) (19990101) system used for IBM PC (We do not use dashes here).

That could work, although I think there should be dashes, otherwise its pretty unreadable.

I think this would be a good idea, as its hard to tell which disc is which with tags like (Beta 1), (Beta 2) etc. No-Intro puts the build date like (1999-01-01) instead if a build date or version number is available. Hidden Palace has done a lot of research into accurate (or accurate as possible) build dates/version numbers for different protos, including many submitted here.


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(cyo.the.vile and I invited syro here to dump Korean PS2 discs)


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I've read that some PS2 firmware binaries relating to PS1 backwards compatibility/emulation contain lists of games (e.g. serials). I think this is worth investigating as a potentially useful source for the PS1 undumped lists. I think it'd be worth at least ruling out the possibility (in all dumped versions of the PS2 BIOS).

Non-exhaustive list of relevant links:
https://playstationdev.wiki/ps2devwiki/ … OP/Deckard
https://psi-rockin.github.io/ps2tek/#bi … patibility

Thanks, fixed both of those.

iR0b0t wrote:
Cyo.the.vile wrote:

Is there any progress on this functionality or should I purchase and dump for other preservation groups?

Hello, i will do it.
Wanted to work on the other stuff first, but however.
There is no need to rage quit.
It took me a long time to come back to this topic, but please try to understand that things need time.
If people would be raging to not fullfiled promises of all the politicians the world would be burning.

Please could you elaborate?



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For the NPDP cartrdiges, you may want to submit them to No-Intro, which is basically the equivalent to Redump for cartridges (and other things). Redump only accepts discs.

Yes I know, however the dump has not been verified, and also, serials are not 100% correlated to game versions.

Those don't seem to be game-related, so probably wouldn't be eligible for submission. But dumps of your Adidas Power Soccer 98 discs would still be appreciated.

You may have a version that is not in the database, plus the two demo discs that are in the database are not verified, so your contribution would still be very much appreciated.

olofolleola4 on VGPC might have been looking at this.

Nothing in spam, even after using http://forum.redump.org/request/password/ ?
You may have to try a non-gmail/hotmail provider - those two can reject some emails, apparently.


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iR0b0t wrote:
Aringon wrote:

there are no 0s in the third position

Picture in post #3 has an image that shows a zero as a number on the 3rd position, there is no doubt it is a zero.

The simple solution would be to allow images attachments, like DAT-o-MATIC,

I can vouch for Matthew.

Just to clarify, you have the original discs and want to share the dump metadata for them?


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Bumping this thread on your behalf...