Hi, I was writing a script and need to perform a query with a PSX serial number and return the disc name. i.e. if I search for "SLUS-01300", I want to get "007 Racing (USA)". Is there any way to get an offline database to do this with, or some API I can query; though I will need to make about 500 requests at this time. Potentially more in the future.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

For more information in case someone has a better method:

A while ago I started making a database for use with MiSTer to download memory cards from https://github.com/Pezz82/MemCard-Pro-Packs

This went well, but all the files are things like "SLUS-01300.mcd". As most MiSTer users will use the redump dats to verify and rename their roms, their sets will likely have filenames such as "007 Racing (USA).bin". MiSter saves memory cards as "filename.sav" so I'll need to rename all the mcd files, and need to perform this lookup.

Thanks all

Ok, you've convinced me that the best way to solve this is to maintain my own list of memory cards and ensure they're named correctly.


You can download the dat file with serials included: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … Parameters
e.g. http://redump.org/datfile/psx/serial

Unfortunately there is no API, but you can automate in order to have a psuedo-API. A proper API is a much wanted thing but iR0b0t is rarely online and doesn't really say anything when he is online.

Re. if there is a better method - what are you ultimately trying to do?

I need to rename files from something like "SLUS-01300.mcd" to "007 Racing (USA).mcd"

The link you provided above is a greate help. Thanks!