jp: お試しディスク Demo Demo Vol. XX 'XX年XX月号
en: Otameshi Disc: Demo Demo Vol. XX 'XX-nen XX-gatsugou


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we should keep worthful unlicensed copy, which are not same as original or just ripped off the contents from original.
So do his Taiwanese PS1 pirate games, which are deleted from WIP.

that's what he's implying with the wordless quote.

I temporarily tagged v1.00.999 on 2nd one.
The version info of the 1st one is still needed.

the editions are mess. how can we tag them properly?
it might be different version. the version is not mentioned for the first one.

dumped in EU and US
Edition    Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Trilogy, Covermount

dumped in Asia and EU
Edition    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones: Special Edition, Bundle Version ASUS OEM

I think, if we really want to be safe, we need to wait some years after the death.
It's still very active in japan.

Koushu is right, because we use Hepburn romanization for Japanese.


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He seems to be right for that game.


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hello, gamecaptor

I'm the founder of no-intro psp dat which was originated to aim to make the perfect set generated from scene, redump and my private DB. However, one of my friend is working on the dat in these days after my leaving for private life.

gamecaptor wrote:

I started with the scene release version, Knights_In_The_Nightmare_USA_PSP-PSPKiNG which shows a CRC of 0355DD7C (which is correct according to the DAT file).

I then made a dump with ISO Tool v1.970 and the CRC states 0046BB36. Next I made a dump with PSP Filer 6.6 and the CRC states 0046BB36 which is the same CRC as ISO Tool.

So my question is which is the correct CRC, the scene release or my dump(s)? Since I do not have "dumper" status I do not have access to the Redump PSP DAT file, so I can't be sure what this group believes to be correct, so I'm going off the DAT until I can understand otherwise.

your dump is perfect and the pspking dump is bad. pspking is known to use m33 dumper that make 2kb underdump.
the underdump is often fixable and no-intro dat must have fixed it, if they follow the principle. i don't know what happened to them.

By the way, you can't trust the dumps of ANY group, especially when the group is a long run group.
one of the reason is why the standard software of dumping had been changed: UMDDUMPER-> NewUMDDUMPER/FastLoader/DaxDumper/USBSSS -> pspfiler/kantan ripper/m33/ISO Tool/New umd dumper
Only pspfiler, kantan ripper and ISO Tool can make the perfect dump for all the umd games.
The other reason is why they sometimes make bad dumps and rebuilt isos.

gamecaptor wrote:

I just did a dump of LocoRoco 2 with both ISO Tool v1.970 and PSP Filer 6 and I ended up with the same CRC and size as the scene release, so this is leading me to believe that the scene release of Knights in the Nightmare is a bad dump. But again, without the DAT to verify against what Redump is calling correct, I'm not entirely sure.

Scene CRC: FF009F58
Scene ISO Size: 1,805,778,944
Scene ISO Size on disk: 1,805,778,944

My Dump CRC: FF009F58
My Dump ISO Size: 1805778944
My Dump ISO Size on disk: 1805778944

yes, all of your dumps and the scene dump is perfect.


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defor wrote:

hm.. so i have
Sampler Disc for PSP Vol. 1

seems undumpable via filer- are there 2 versions of this as well? I got mine the day the psp shipped in the US...

well, I've confirmed on the EUR demo from an European friend before.
I don't know for your demo, but it's possible.
It might also be a bug of pspfiler 3.x kernel, so you can still try old Filer/DAX/FastLoader under 1.5 addon.


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Rocket wrote:

I have some problem with dumping this disc - (Demo Disc for PSP Vol. 1 / UCJB-98302). I dump them 3 times (using PSP Filer v6.6 / CFM 5.50 GEN-D3) and every time I got a same hashes - size 268697600 crc a254481d md5 4e64617fc557985787a4f9e0fccba815 sha1 98e87907c1921de0980e592f6bd8a932f2740049. This hashes it is incorrect. sad Whats wrong? How I must dump this disc and get correct hashes?

Your version is not dumpable.
The demo has 2 versions. the earlier-produced version is dumpable with PSPFiler/FastLoader/DAX and the one on the DB.
The later version is undumpable with the current method, as many UMDMovie/Music with an updater are.

pepsidrinker wrote:

Any software that can dump UMD movies yet?

nope. we can make only dirty copies, using the m33 umdrip function.


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F1ReB4LL wrote:

Conveni!, The - Ano Machi wo Dokusen Seyo (J) -- "Original" and "Satakore" editions exist, according to the Satakore db -- which one is this? Wrong serial?

Mine is original version, not Satakore. The ring code is same as the DB.

Someone has changed the title from "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite" to "Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite!".

But, I think "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite" is right.

Which title do you guys think is right?


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Rocknroms wrote:

It could be added an option in "Category" for Doujin, but it will be a mess. Some groups now are companies (see also Factor5 in Europe) and you will get confused.

At the end IMO many Doujin games are superior to a lot of dust produced here in Europe on in USA.

Asapy can you fix with right names these? (Other ones should be right): (I think this is the English translation)

I see you fixed this, but the author himself seems to call it Zangyura ( everybody always called it like this, but probably everybody is wrong).
PlanetDispositif games list

I fixed for the two.

For, the japanese on the official site and shops says only "maid-san wo Migi ni" (Move the maid to right).
zangyura seems to be an old internet slang from a game magazine, Gamest.
i dunno why the author named the page as zangyura.
ザンギュラのスーパーウリアッ上 (Zangyura no Super Uriajjou?) … 9%E3%83%88


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I see, Rocknroms and r09.
Certainly, it's senseless to classify PC games by makers or doujin groups.


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Rocknroms added some doujin PC games today.

Pocket Kanon & Air

Puzzle de Wahhou

Doujin games are made by amateur groups, not by official game publishers.
And many of doujin games are also adult games. Actually, the original Kanon and Air (not Pocket Kanon & Air) are adult adventure games.

Are Doujin/Adult games allowed?
Should they be separated from official games?


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UMD video with updater and/or games are undumpable by any dumper except "Demo Disc for PSP Vol.1". CFW dumper can dump only the movie part and other dumpers can dump only the game part... We need a new dumper for this kind of umds...

I also have "Stealth feat wipeout pure", btw. tongue

yeah, it would be same as promo for distribution in Europe.
サルゲッチュ is usually romanized as Sarugetchu.
sony uses "Saru Get You" only in korea.

流通評価用体験版 lol
It's quite rare.

Sorry for late reply.
yes, as havikoro says, yours is the good dump.
i fixed the db like GTA:VCS (U) :


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Well, i'm neutral with DVD9. But, i think we should separate BD.
They're dumped from different media.
If someone dumped floppy disc PC games, I agree to separate FD games from CD and DVD.


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it's not beautiful, a dat includes DVD isos with ".iso/2048" and CD with ".bin/2352+.cue".


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iR0b0t wrote:

And what's if the game contains several Discs and they are of different format CD/DVD ?
Then they shall not be found any more in the same DAT !?

I think there is no game with such a odd format.
(e.g. Disc1 -> DVD, Disc2 -> CD; install disc -> CD, game disc -> DVD)
I have never seen such games.

I have a ps2 game with CD and DVD. Dragon Quest V (J).
DVD is the game. And, the CD is DQ8 bonus CD.
The CD is a bonus movie CD, not the game itself.
it's no problem to spilit them. hmm


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All the serials are added.

It looks like all of  the dumps are also sold in Europe from google.
So, I didn't change any (E) to (Au).

Syphon Filter - Dark Mirror (Au) [SCES-54794] is changed to (E), because it's also sold in Germany. … meid=19469
Valkyrie Profile 2 - Silmeria (Au) [SLES-54644] is changed too.

btw, ed2k hash is missing for these titles, pls tell.:
NRL Rugby League (E) [SLES-52100]
NRL Rugby League 2 (E) [SLES-52919]
Rugby 08 (E) [SLES-54810]

SLES-01977: Driver (I)
SLES-02996: Driver 2 - Back on the Streets (I) (Disc 1)
SLES-12996: Driver 2 - Back on the Streets (I) (Disc 2)

SLES-01816 is the UK version, I don't think it should be added.

Zip the game only with the good-named tracks.
And, fix the zip on romcenter.