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iR0b0t suggested I open a discussion on the topic to see what the consensus is on the following, so it can be considered:

Given that PSP games have been pulled from nearly all stores in the USA, and that wikipedia even lists the LAST PSP games as:

September, 2012

Final Fantasy III (JP)
September 20, 2012

Hunter X Hunter Wonder Adventure (JP)
September 20, 2012

Tiger & Bunny: On Air Jack (JP)
September 20, 2012

Can we consider this system dead and make it publicly visible, such that changes to the DB are easier to monitor?
Hell, PS2 was made visible well over a year before the last JP games were released, and I think before even some of the last "trash" USA releases hit.

I think, if we really want to be safe, we need to wait some years after the death.
It's still very active in japan.

Mr Driller pwns

While Vita fails it's still alive...