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Audio CDs are known to have them as well - http://redump.org/disc/27432/

Why don't you want to improve the subchannels fixing algorithm? I've explained how it should work, maybe worth to discuss it? The root of misdetections is the incorrect fixing and "don't output the suffix except pce" is not a solution, it's a kludge, that will only result in more bad dumps.


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F1ReB4LL wrote:

And a TOC dump would be welcome.

Any chance? "DiscImageCreator audio E: TOC-PREGAP 4 -5000 -1100" should do it.


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ajshell1 wrote:

So, how exactly do I find that value out? I already dumped it as a CD earlier.

It matches the size of the first track in sectors. Anyway, you need the merged .cue to submit into the db, not .gdi (unless you're trying to make some dumps for your own private use).

iR0b0t wrote:

because FORM2 sectors have no EDC & ECC.



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ajshell1 wrote:

I don't think that "[fix]" is supposed to be there.

It should be there, since it only reads the HD area (45000 and above) in DC mode, so it can't know the 2nd track's LBA. You need to dump it again as CD to find out.


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忍 is "shinobi", it's a sequel to http://redump.org/disc/25560/


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user7 wrote:

Is this really a good way to designate format?

For the only disc of its kind - yes.

user7 wrote:

It has PC application on it making it worthy of being in redump in the first place, but most people bought it to use it as an Audio CD.

It's a CD-i Bridge format disc and the section with PC/Mac/CD-i players is covered by the Green Book standard. Photo CD and Video CD discs are the examples of CD-i Bridge discs (check any disc from the Photo CD section - all of them have a Windows and a CD-i application to play the content of the disc). This one should be either added as a CD-i disc or the Rainbow CD section is needed, but due to the CD-i Interactive logo it's better to simply add it as a CD-i Multimedia disc.

user7 wrote:

which I believe is why the Star Wars bonus discs were classed as DVD-Video, not Xbox.

If those are in XBGD format rather than normal DVD-Video, then it's not correct.


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Ah, I have a gorelord4e's dump taken years ago, but never got all the needed metadata from him. Any chance to see the full logs? And a TOC dump would be welcome.

darksabre76 wrote:

This is technically an Audio CD (and might end up there), but it contains Audio, PC/Mac, CD-i, and VCD in one disc.

It was released as a CD-i disc and the "Compact Disc Interactive" is the only format logo on it.


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tossEAC wrote:

When was the data lost, quite some time ago?



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Don't miss the LedZep's tool, he has even posted it a little earlier than sarami - http://forum.redump.org/post/62111/#p62111

I mean, is it somehow possible to get that data without using the Kreon-specific "SS extract command"?

sarami wrote:
F1ReB4LL wrote:

where is the SS data physically located?

It's in Media Specific area of PFI.

ECMA-267 describes the Control Data Zone as 16 sectors: PFI (2048 bytes), DMI (2048 bytes), CPI (14x2048 bytes). So it belongs to CPI sectors, then?

OK. Well, could still be useful for verification dumps using the external SS.bin.

Though, that's an interesting situation if some of the sectors are readable. If these areas are always padded with something (zeroes?), our dumps are bad? smile

Btw, where is the SS data physically located?

http://beta.ivc.no/wiki/index.php/Xbox_ … _game_data -- Between the layers?

https://assemblergames.com/threads/xbox … age.69571/ -- or at the very end of the disc?

Or somewhere in the lead-in? Or around the CMI area?

Enker wrote:

I think 0800 drives have a fast error skipping feature, so a normal drive would need to skip the sector ranges in order to dump the discs.

No, you just need a tool that would skip 4096 sectors after each read error.

Enker wrote:

For the DVD-DL method, it would need to have the Xbox Layerbreak as well or else the dump would include sectors from the middle zones (zeroes).

Isn't layerbreak standard for all the Xbox discs (1913776)? If yes, some kind of swapdisc image could be created, similar to the DC one.

Security sector range is a problem, but 0800 dumps don't use them, you just count, whether a number of errors is 65536 or not?

I mean, I've taken a random DVD-DL disc (larger than 7.3GB), inserted it into the drive, ejected the tray with a pin, swapped with the Xbox disc, closed the tray (basically, what everyone does for dumping DC) and, obviously, all the sectors are reachable. Hasn't anyone ever tried this or that's not enough?

Could someone enlighten me about why do we need Kreon drives for dumping the Xbox discs and what's wrong with all the 'regular' drives? "Invisible" Xbox partition is the only problem?


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Jackal wrote:

It's a DVD-Video disc that just happens to have some Xbox compatible demo files on them, so DVD-Video is the primary format.

I doubt the demos are just lying in the VIDEO_TS folder. Also, any Xbox disc has the DVD-Video section part, that doesn't mean all the Xbox discs should be put into the DVD-Video section.


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Jackal wrote:

Maybe there are any optical drives that can be hacked/modified into reading UMD discs? tongue

Has anyone tried to insert them into the PC drive? I've heard the ideas but were there any real experiments?

https://www.ecma-international.org/publ … MA-365.pdf -- looks like a normal DVD structure? Same sector format, same lead-in sector format, no BCA, are you sure they aren't readable? The centre hole is 11mm for UMDs vs 15mm for CDs/DVDs, so you either need a custom spindle or to carefully enlarge the hole before inserting it into the drive.

sarami wrote:

Does anybody have the source code of UMD Killer PRX EDITION V1.5?
I want it because I haven't understood how to dump the disc in the kernel mode.

https://archive.org/download/UMDKillerV … .2_src.zip
https://archive.org/download/UMDKillerV … .5_src.zip


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ajshell1 wrote:

"Cannot be uneven"? I just dumped several Star Wars bonus DVDs with Xbox demos on them, and they all had odd values in the layerbreak field as well.

http://forum.redump.org/post/62004/#p62004 -- could answer me there about such DVDs?


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h0lylag wrote:

Also I got a reply back from the Splinter Cell demo guy. He says hes interested in dumping and submitting it. I linked him to all the appropriate areas. He says he thinks he might still have his old 0800 drive.

Nice! Browsing the assemblergames forum, there's another guy with Armed & Dangerous Xbox Playable Demo (which is a DVD-R release, either a copy or intended for debug consoles), a guy with 4 japanese demos (we miss 3 of them), a few guys with unreleased betas (like Fuel), a few guys with Debug versions of certain games and I've noticed this thread - https://assemblergames.com/threads/requ … vds.63263/

Has anyone tried to dump those DVD/Demo combos? I know one of our dumpers has that disc with the Battlefront II demo.


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F1ReB4LL wrote:

Talking about the photobucket image - any idea about the disc in the white sleeve in the bottom-right corner? Maybe artwork is familiar?

No clues about it?


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0 08888 99187 8 and 0 08888 59261 7 barcodes belong to US/Canada, from this point of view both demos are (USA). And to show the DMI.bin region - maybe worth to ask iR0b0t to add some special filter code for the comments section, similar to "Internal Serial" for PSX discs?

h0lylag wrote:

For the Splinter Cell demo, I messaged the OP about it on Assembler Games. We'll see if he still has the disc / is willing to help out.

Interesting, that this demo goes ingame in Cxbx-R, while the retail one doesn't.


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h0lylag wrote:

How are you deciding based on ringcodes that they are likely only USA releases. By the "-US" in the mastering code? How do you distinguish regions by barcode? Do you have a reference that can be read / used?

I've meant http://redump.org/disc/13488/ - "0 20626 72381 7, 3 348542 199309, 3 348542 199316" - the first barcode belongs to US, other two belong to France, so it looks more like (USA, Europe) rather than (World), also it wasn't even released in Japan, according to Wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_games

h0lylag wrote:

To answer your question no I have never seen that before. I thought I was going crazy at first because the photobucket web page was cutting off the bottom half of the image obscuring the Splinter Cell sleeve. I had to right click > view image to see anything useful.

This was the only thing I could find that might be related: https://assemblergames.com/threads/orig … box.59742/

Nice, surely the same disc smile Could someone to try to reach him to ask for the proper dump, not just files? smile

Talking about the photobucket image - any idea about the disc in the white sleeve in the bottom-right corner? Maybe artwork is familiar?


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Yes, quite confusing, I guess, but the region in db shows the region of the release, not the internal region encoding. Like, http://redump.org/disc/31187/ is JTUBKAEL (Japan, Taiwan, USA, Brazil, Korea, Asia, Europe, Latin America), so it's "World" from the region-lock's point of view, but that disc with that ringcode was only sold in Europe, so it's (Europe), not (World).

h0lylag wrote:

So I think they would all need to be fixed?

Most likely (unless the same disc of the same version was really released in all 3 regions, it is possible). Should be more or less safe to judge by the barcodes, I think.

Btw, have you ever seen the Splinter Cell's demo packed the similar way? I can't find any good photos, only this small one: http://i494.photobucket.com/albums/rr30 … IM0923.jpg