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ajshell1 wrote:

How do you know about the alternate version of G221? Can you tell me more about it?

Also 1.00.5a5eir, but the PVD date is 2006-07-13. Check PM for more details smile


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I'm wating for iR0b0t to add the proper section, nobody can add them before that.

Btw, another version of G221 exists.


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sarami wrote:
F1ReB4LL wrote:

you should set the 1024 rereads by default

Changed to 1000.

I'd vote for 4096 smile Sometimes it needs many rereads to fix the error.

sarami wrote:

I asked A Murder of Crows for testing too about ten days ago, but it seems he is busy, haven't reported yet.

Works for him.


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user7 wrote:

And a few more failed disc systems:

[*]LaserActive (which uses Laser Discs - part analog and part digital, I assume we would preserve the digital data for these here? Dumping might be super difficult lol!).[/*]

There are also RDI Halcyon and Palcom PX-7. And MSX also has VHD releases.

user7 wrote:

[*]Tao iKTV CD - just a karaoke system, no games.[/*]

It has its own line of CDs, needs to be examined. If those are simple Video CDs - no interest, but if they have data tracks with some kind of a program to be run - should be dumped.


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Egen wrote:

Okay, question about another audio disc comment.


"Last 48 bytes of Track 25 filled with 00"

This comment, respectfully, makes no sense.

Dunno, ask Jackal, maybe he suspects that it was dumped incorrectly (without overreading into lead-out).

Egen wrote:

The last 48 bytes are not filled with 00. The disc was created with a +18 offset. If you rip the disc with a +30 offset, then sure, you'll have some extra silent samples, but... they're extra. Why would you increase the offset further than the actual data on the disc exists?

The disc offset for audio CDs is always assumed 0 unless there is data in lead-out or in the first pregap.
http://redump.org/disc/14890/ -- a "possible offset" comment can be used like here, though.


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sarami wrote:

BTW, is your pocket fighter recovered using the latest test version? If there is any of the problem, plz tell me.

Well, it is effective, yes - https://www.sendspace.com/file/79klox (but you should set the 1024 rereads by default, like it was in 2013 version, not 255). And something should be done with the subchannels as well, Pocket Fighter tracks 32 to 34 have wrong sizes and wrong gaps. 2013 version detects the gaps properly.

Btw, why not add the .scm image checksum into the _disc.txt file as well (not only .img)?


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sarami wrote:

Digital Pinball: Necronomicon: Revelations was already reported before, though.

I showed the way to deal to him at that time. (try to use "/s 2" and/or "/f" or change the reading speed or change the drive)

This is definitely the problem of the drive(or disc) that returns the corrupted subchannel, but I don't know why the drive(or disc) returns such the corrupted those.
So I consider these options are enabled if there are some corrupted those.

While I could agree about Wangan here, Pinball subdump is errorless, so it's not the disc's fault.

sarami wrote:

It doesn't add Subs Indexes .bin files into the .dat anymore

Firstly, are "Subs Indexes" needed? I know that this is used for some pc-engine CDROM^2, but redump'org adopts "TOC Indexes".

I'm adding all the PCE (Subs Indexes) dumps as hidden entries, so these are needed. Will probably make them yellow/visible later, dunno, need to consult with iR0b0t.


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subdump -i H: -f test.sub -mode 6 -rereadnum 25 -fix 2 (where H: is the drive's letter)

For dumping the TOC you need to run DIC as "DiscImageCreator audio H: TOC-PREGAP 4 -5000 -1100" (again, H: is the drive's letter). Sometimes, a few toc-pregap dumps are needed, I will tell after looking at the dump (takes a few minutes).


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Hmm.. Do you still have it? Would be nice to dump the subchannels and TOC from such a rare thing as well.


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http://redump.org/disc/45930/ and http://redump.org/disc/45931/ are undumpable with DIC (including the recent versions, as I understand) - https://www.sendspace.com/file/31jg9r
Digital Pinball: Necronomicon: Revelations was already reported before, though.

Also, please fix the .dat file generator for Subs Indexes dumps. It doesn't add Subs Indexes .bin files into the .dat anymore, that's not correct. Maybe worth to make a normal dat for normal bins and additional (Subs Indexes).dat for (Subs Indexes).bin files, then?


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Sample offset correction is measured in samples, 1 sample = 4 bytes = 1/588 sector.
75 sectors in lead-out means 75*2352 additional bytes of data after the last track, way too large to be called an offset, hence not included.


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Sectors, not samples. 1 sector = 588 samples.


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user7 wrote:

I submitted some vtech discs as well. Soon I hope big_smile

I'd like to see the photos of those 'double' rings.


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Karat PS-you Action Replay Higi Code CD Vol. 4

iR0b0t wrote:

If it has ISO9660 file system i will add it.

I think it has, since many discs are PC98/FMT hybrids.

sarami wrote:

To: iR0b0t
BTW, why isn't there "Errors count" in "NEC PC Engine CD - TurboGrafx-CD" ?

Because they have its own format, maybe? CDMage doesn't even open it, dunno about edccchk.


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ajshell1 wrote:

That's doable. Do you recommend just using my cell phone camera, or would you prefer it if I used a scanner?

Well, scans are always better, if the ringcodes are readable on them.


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Any chance for disc photos with readable rings?


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sarami wrote:

Uploaded test version.
- improved: Rewrote the C2 error recovering logic

        /c2     Continue reading CD to recover C2 error existing sector
                        val1    value to reread (default: 10, min: 2, max: 255)
                        val2    first LBA to reread (default: 0)
                        val3    last LBA to reread (default: end-of-sector)

I don't understand the current logic, it rereads all the sectors now, not only the ones with C2 errors? Works very slow and ineffective. Took 6 hours, ended with the same bad results as before. DIC from 2013 dumps the same disc in 30 minutes with no errors. Why not to rollback to the old error correction, if it works fast and gives better results?


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Have you fixed the "/f" parameter? FUA should be enabled only when "/f" is used, not always.

Schrodinger wrote:

I believe japanese is near to complete though.

http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … sing_Games


What do you think about moving them into the FM-Towns section as well? And to make the FM-Towns platform "main" for such hybrids?


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Also, I wouldn't allow such nicks here.

Not for FMT?


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https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kiss-site-/401 … 5d76e8d858 -- anyone for this rare console? smile One of the discs isn't dumped by TruRip (and we don't have any dumps at all).


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user7 wrote:

Go to page 5, last post by Nemesis is from Jan 05, 2017

Words, words, words and zero results for 4+ years of his "work".

user7 wrote:

Btw I reached out to some guys that run Nuon sites. Hopefully something comes from it. Those discs will be a pita to track down otherwise.

Would be nice to. Space Invaders XL and Toshiba Sampler were shared years ago, but both seem to be lost in ages. Bust-A-Move and Crayon Shin-chan were never dumped, AFAIK.