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CD- and/or DVD-based => CD
Layers possibility (1 or 2) => NULL
Full system title => Konami e-Amusement
Company => Konami
System alias (ex. PSX etc.) => KEA
CDI format? => no
EXE/Build date field required? => yes
FS ISO9660 or not ? => yes
Possible protections? => no
BCA field required? => no
Header field required? If yes, header offset 0 or not? => no

ChXrv wrote:

I attached a log of a /c2 4000-read (default). This one was read at 24x but it was the only one I kept out of several reads (A read at 1x was the same).

Yeah, either needs to raise the rereading count or some other drive with more powerful laser is needed.

ChXrv wrote:
F1ReB4LL wrote:

Btw, for the Sonic CD and discs with similar ring types it's usually needed to take a photo under some angle to get a readable text on the photo.

Take a look at these: https://mega.nz/#!2i5SiAZY!WSWd-8tMdLnC … ZQLZO79WUk
I haven't yet figured out how to take one photo with everything readable, so I did it in three sections, two photos each (slightly different angles). I'll continue to try different techniques as I go through other discs (Robo Aleste has this kind of hard-to-photograph ring). But let me know if this is enough to consider it verified.

Looks good smile

ChXrv wrote:

I will try to polish when I have time. Any polishing strategies and recommendations are welcome as well.

http://forum.redump.org/topic/15263/dis … ally-easy/

ChXrv wrote:

so the reread count exceeds and gives up

Any chance to see the logs?

Is it a dot between "IFPI LL06" and "A01F1614" or just a dirt?

Also, which of the mould codes belongs to the data side and which one belongs to the label side?

ChXrv wrote:

System    Sony Playstation 2
Media    DVD
Category    Games
Region    USA
Languages    English
Serial    SLUS-20934
Build/EXE Date    November 30, 2004
Version    VER = 1.00
Edition    Original
Errors    0
Mastering Code    PDSS-001965A1    1
Mastering SID    IFPI L332
Toolstamp    A04
Mould SID Code    ? Where do I find this?
Barcode    N/A (No Box)

SCUS-97097 mould IFPIs are IFPI 0W24 (data side) and IFPI 0W25 (label side), as I see. Btw, you forgot to fix the serial, build date and maybe something else, while copy-pasting smile

ChXrv wrote:

Also, is there a general guide on ringcode formats to help me understand whether I am formatting/logging them correctly in my dumps? I looked in the wiki but didn't see one (correct me if I missed it!). Or should I just always try to include a scan/photo so you guys can see it directly?

Scans/photos are welcome to mark them as verified. As for the format, we split the ringcode text to "Mastering Code (laser branded/etched)", "Mastering SID Code" (laser-burned IFPI code), "Toolstamp or Mastering Code (engraved/stamped)" (mechanical-written part of the ringcode, if any; sometimes, the entire ringcode is engraved instead of being laser-written), "Mould SID Code" (usually printed or engraved on the inner transparent part) and "Additional Mould Text" (also printed/engraved on the inner transparent section of the disc).

ChXrv wrote:

I have noticed if there were problems reading, they would manifest as C2 errors, which if cannot be corrected end up stopping the whole dump

Hmm? It should dump the disc, then reread all the damaged sectors either until fixed or until reread count value is reached. Are there any scratches? If yes, maybe worth to polish the disc?

ChXrv wrote:

I read Robo Aleste four times (as many mainError sync invalids appeared), and one time (read at a faster speed) something was misread (subchannel?) where I ended up with an extra index in an audio track.

Generally speaking, these are due to 'light' read errors (when the main data is fine, no c2 errors, but the subchannel area of the dump has some errors - the dumping tool should fix such errors, but sometimes it does that incorrectly).

Nice, thanks for the dumps!

ChXrv wrote:

Corpse Killer  (USA, not 32X version) - this one is not marked as missing but it also doesnt appear in the database?).

Yes, I'm waiting for the list to reduce before rechecking it and adding the missing missing (lol) entries.

ChXrv wrote:

The DB mentions an improperly formatted or incomplete ring code. Scan attached.

Btw, for the Sonic CD and discs with similar ring types it's usually needed to take a photo under some angle to get a readable text on the photo.

ChXrv wrote:

Serial    MK-4407
Serial    MK-4651

We use the box serials, which are 4407 and 4651 for these two ("MK" only appears in the header).

ChXrv wrote:

Build Date    10/13/1993
Build Date    3/10/1994

We use the build date from the 2nd row ("1993.OCT" for Sonic CD, "1994.MAR" for Dark Wizard, these exist for all the discs).

ChXrv wrote:

Mould SID    ? Where do I find this?

The one pressed/printed on the inner transparent ring (some discs don't have it). PS2 discs often have them without the actual "IFPI' acronym.

ChXrv wrote:

1) For the Sonic CD dump, it matches the redump database, but I see and error in the mainError.txt: LBA[110633, 0x1b029]: Track[10]: This sector is data, but sync is invalid.
This didn't seem to affect the dump as the CRCs match. Additionally no C2 errors were reported. Is this error worrysome at all or in larger quantities? What errors should I be looking out for in this file?

It's a misdetected data sector inside one of the audio tracks. Some discs may have non-standard sectors in the data tracks, we add the amount of these into the 'errors count' field, but it's not related to the read errors. All the read errors are listed in the c2error.txt file, everything else is nothing to worry about.

ChXrv wrote:

2) In several of my Sega CD games I dumped (including the aove Sonic CD dump) I end up with a second set of tracks with "(Subs Indexes)" in the names. What are these for? and if I were looking to backup/archive my personal collection, is there a reason to keep these fils? The CRCs didnt seem to be different.

Sometimes, there's a difference between the start of the track according to the TOC and the start of the track according to the subchannels. In this case, 2 sets of tracks+cues are generated. But for Sonic CD it looks like a misdetection due to incorrectly fixed sector.

In the "subError.txt":

LBA[089660, 0x15e3c]: Track[07]: SubQ Reread [crc16 unmatch] -> NG. Fix manually
LBA[089660, 0x15e3c]: Track[07]: SubQ[22]:CrcHigh[0x26] -> [0xcd]
LBA[089660, 0x15e3c]: Track[07]: SubQ[23]:CrcLow[0x6b] -> [0x48]
LBA[140155, 0x2237b]: Track[15]: SubQ Reread [crc16 unmatch] -> NG. Fix manually
LBA[140155, 0x2237b]: Track[15]: SubQ[14]:Idx[03] -> [00], L:[633]
LBA[140155, 0x2237b]: Track[15]: SubQ[15-17]:PrevRel[0, 00:00:00], Rel[0, 00:00:00] -> [-1, 00:00:255], L:[1004]
LBA[140155, 0x2237b]: Track[15]: SubQ[22]:CrcHigh[0x08] -> [0x4a]
LBA[140155, 0x2237b]: Track[15]: SubQ[23]:CrcLow[0xed] -> [0xe3]

In the "subInfo.txt:

LBA[089661, 0x15e3d]: Track[07]: Subchannel & TOC doesn't sync. LBA on TOC[88407, 0x15957], index[01]
LBA[140156, 0x2237c]: Track[15]: Subchannel & TOC doesn't sync. LBA on TOC[140155, 0x2237b], prevIndex[00]
ChXrv wrote:

3) The Disc dumping guide mentions a "New Disc Form" but the link seems either broken or my browser isnt handling it correcty. It just leads me back to the redump.org homepage.

The form is visible for the persons with "Dumper" status and above, you should be able to see it now.

UnluckyForSOme wrote:

Games which should be labelled "(Rev A)", as they already have a "(Rev B)"
Dreamkey Version 1.0 (Europe)

Doesn't have a clear Rev A indication, can be initial revision aka Rev 0 as well (Rev A may exist as v1.007).

UnluckyForSOme wrote:

Games with no other Rev, so why are they labelled as "(Rev A)"?
Tennis 2K2 (USA) (En,Ja,Fr,De,Es) (Rev A)
PenPen TriIcelon (Japan) (Rev A)
Pro Yakyuu Team de Asobou Net! (Japan) (Rev A) (11M)
Sega Tetris (Japan) (Rev A)
Sonic Adventure (USA) (En,Ja,Fr,De,Es) (Rev A)
MSR - Metropolis Street Racer (USA) (Rev A)
Dream Passport Ver.1.01 (Japan) (Rev A)

Games labelled as "(Rev B)", but there is no Rev A!
Dream Passport 2 (Japan) (Rev B)
Fur Fighters (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es) (Rev B)
Phantasy Star Online (USA) (En,Ja,Fr,De,Es) (Rev B)

Labelled according to the ringcodes. Other revisions are likely to exist, just not found/dumped yet.

UnluckyForSOme wrote:

Games that aren't labelled with a Rev, which should be labelled "(Rev B)", as there is a "(Rev A)" already!
Tantei Shinshi Dash! (Japan)
Tokyo Bus Guide (Japan)
Zombie Revenge (Japan)
Web Browser (USA)
Hydro Thunder (USA)
Aero Dancing F (Japan)
Kuon no Kizuna - Sairinshou (Japan)
Saka Tsuku Tokudai-gou - J. League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! (Japan)

Rev A is the first _updated_ version, so the revisionless name means initial revision (aka Rev 0 aka v1.0), Rev A is the first update (aka v1.1), Rev B is the second update (aka v1.2), etc.


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Images? CD-R copies? 'Original' CD-Rs (PlayStation or publisher-branded)?

DIC should report if D8 support is missing. Or set the D8 read command in EAC and try to dump something (EAC => Drive Options => Drive => Drive read command => Read command D8).


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Yes, all 3 examples suggest "<<TAB>>" smile


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benclaff wrote:

Game title: TF1 Le journal interactif 94 et Le jeu des stars de l'info
Master SID: IFPI L004 812 1180 <<TAB>> 00 L7   PMDC FRANCE   (toolstamp) 1++D
Game title: TF1 Le journal interactif 94 et Le jeu des stars de l'info
Master SID: IFPI L004 812 118_1 <<TAB>> 00 L7   PMDC FRANCE   (toolstamp) 1++D
Game title: paint school I
Master SID: 8140003  50260 029 02 /

Again: only a single space after "8140003" (2 spaces in your post) and before "PMDC FRANCE" (3 spaces in your post)?

benclaff wrote:

Game title: Compton's interactive encyclopedia
Master SID: 810 0047 <<TAB>> 50281 171 01 /

"810 0047" is correct? iR0b0t has locked "8100047" for his copy's ringcode as verified.


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sarami wrote:

- added: .dat for floppy

Kryoflux/Catweasel support?


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sarami wrote:

And, system time is buggy. I don't know why didn't get the time correctly. Does your pc work well?

29552/21/111 376:21:50
DiscImageCreator cd f sonic-cd-dino-dic-20180614-760a2\sonic-cd-dino-dic-20180614-760a2.bin 24 /c2 /q 

AmiSapphire's dump, not mine - http://forum.redump.org/post/61565/#p61565


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A fresh example of incorrect subchannels fixing: https://mega.nz/#!2CwkQRBL!9-ygJ4lzW3nK … 8hl6o_WHLk

LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubQ Reread [crc16 unmatch] -> NG. Fix manually
LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubQ[21]:PrevAbsFrame[43], AbsFrame[86] -> [44]
LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubQ[22]:CrcHigh[0x73] -> [0x9a]
LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubQ[23]:CrcLow[0xb4] -> [0x9a]
LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubP[11]:[0x01] -> [0x00]
LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubS[47]:[0x01] -> [0x00]
LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubT[59]:[0x01] -> [0x00]
LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubU[71]:[0x01] -> [0x00]
LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubV[83]:[0x01] -> [0x00]
LBA[188294, 0x2df86]: Track[19]: SubW[95]:[0x01] -> [0x00]
LBA[188295, 0x2df87]: Track[19]: SubQ Reread [crc16 unmatch] -> NG. Fix manually
LBA[188295, 0x2df87]: Track[19]: SubQ[12]:Adr[2] -> [0x01]
LBA[188295, 0x2df87]: Track[19]: SubQ[13]:TrackNum[32] L:[729] -> [19], L:[686]
LBA[188295, 0x2df87]: Track[19]: SubQ[15-17]:PrevPrevRel[393, 00:10:30], Rel[782, 00:10:32] -> [395, 00:05:20], L:[933]
LBA[188295, 0x2df87]: Track[19]: SubQ[19-21]:PrevAbs[188444, 41:52:44], Abs[376801, 82:104:01] -> [188445, 41:52:45]
LBA[188295, 0x2df87]: Track[19]: SubQ[22]:CrcHigh[0x19] -> [0x9f]
LBA[188295, 0x2df87]: Track[19]: SubQ[23]:CrcLow[0x01] -> [0xaa]

As a result, it added "CATALOG =0=0=0=0=0=00" (incorrect fix of 188294) and "INDEX 02 00:05:20" (incorrect fix of 188295). The subchannel fixing system needs a rework, the cues aren't trustable.


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Try to redump Dark Fables of Aesop with the most recent version of DIC, please, it should dump it in a little different (scrambled) format.


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I mean, to verify that DIC hasn't zeroed that area smile Afterall, Nexy has got data sectors there somehow...
And why darksabre76 doesn't comment here? Would be nice to see his hashes.


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CD- and/or DVD-based => CD
Layers possibility (1 or 2) => NULL
Full system title => Konami Twinkle
Company => Konami
System alias (ex. PSX etc.) => KT
CDI format? => no
EXE/Build date field required? => yes
FS ISO9660 or not ? => yes
Possible protections? => no
BCA field required? => no
Header field required? If yes, header offset 0 or not? => no
CD- and/or DVD-based => CD, DVD-SL
Layers possibility (1 or 2) => 1
Full system title => Konami FireBeat
Company => Konami
System alias (ex. PSX etc.) => KFB
CDI format? => no
EXE/Build date field required? => yes
FS ISO9660 or not ? => CD - yes; DVD - ISO/UDF
Possible protections? => no
BCA field required? => no
Header field required? If yes, header offset 0 or not? => no

Sega System 32
also uses normal Audio CDs - does it need a standalone section?

Konami Twinkle
also uses Video CDs and DVD-Videos (SL) in standard format - do these need standalone sections?

Konami FireBeat
also uses Audio CDs in standard format - do they need a standalone section?)


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reentrant wrote:

For some reason audio zero (checked the scm file) sectors were descrambled. That 75 sectors are just scrambled zeroes. Is it expected for DIC: May 18 2017 23:08:37 ?

Audio zeroes can't be scrambled or descrambled, these are zeroes.

If the Nexy's dump had 75 scrambled data sectors there, that should be examined. Maybe worth to dump the disc with cdtoimg_d8 and check that area.


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The dump looks correct, haven't seen the Nexy's one.

reentrant wrote:

Track 17 pregap is audio and the track is data track. It all boils down to a question: when is a sector descrambled. IMHO those 75 sectors should be left as is and copied from scm file. The rest should be descrambled. Does it make sense?

These are zeroes, neither scrambled or descrambled.

kHn wrote:

This disc was released internationally. Region and language depend on the dongle, and the dongles are for use with this very same TEF1 DVD0.

Any idea about the possible languages? Also, is it possible to know the list of countries it was released in somehow?

kHn wrote:

As for Soul Calibur II Revision D, I think I made a mistake and this disc was exported outside Japan too. May be World, has to be confirmed.

It's a common situation, we often add the game as, for example (Japan), if the disc from the Japanese release was dumped, when someone else dumps the US version and it matches, we change it to (Japan, USA). For the (World) we need the dumps from Japan, USA and Europe to match.

Btw, what does the barcode mean? - https://www.suruga-ya.jp/database/pics/ … 050351.jpg

Btw, on certain drives you can add "/raw" to get a 2064 bytes/sector dump (that should theoretically preserve the CSS protection on DVD-Video discs and some other protection schemes, though, I don't know any tools that support such dumps).

kHn wrote:

Tekken 4
鉄拳 4

System: Namco System246
Media: DVD-5
Region: World

World = Japan + USA + Europe? And the ingame language differs depends on the region setting?

kHn wrote:

Mastering Code: CP-ZGA01-S 3
Mastering Code: SC221B-S-U 1
Mastering Code: V265-S 1

A single space or multiple before the digit?

And check the PM, please smile


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benclaff wrote:

Master SID: 8120097 50392736 01 >
Master SID: 8100163 50378955 01 >
Master SID: 8120005 50262 053 01 +
Master SID: 8120002 50261 295 02 +
Master SID: 3106900392 50251 612 01 >   (toolstamp) 8
Master SID: 3106900202 50228 749 02 /

The first space is a single space here, correct?

benclaff wrote:

Master SID: 810 0047  50281 171 01 /
Master SID: 8140003  50260 029 02 /

The first space is wide aka TAB symbol here (so you've used 2 spaces), correct?


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Mr. iR0b0t, maybe worth to make some Hall of Fame in the Wiki section or on the site itself to credit the donors properly without misusing the comments section?


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meestercoffee wrote:

Here are the logs for Dark Fables of Aesop -

https://anonfile.com/Kbl5Ceecb3/Dark_Fa … op_Logs.7z

Any idea why that log differs from this log? smile As far as I understand, both logs came from you? Or were the discs different, maybe?