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mediafire no longer works for me, can you just upload the binaries to github as packages for download.

I only do PC dumps, as it's the only stuff I know enough about to add. I'm massively busy IRL right now and I just don't have the time, but I'm still checking in and will resume dumping/adding dumps when life permits.


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Does someone have this tool without all the crappy ads attached. (the one MrX posted).

Also what is wrong with CloneCD? I am NOT redumping a couple of hundred discs if the fill pattern is different than 55.

Make a video please. Also if you have some kind of idea how deep a scratch can be or not would be great.

Gaps can contain data and often do particularly on PC titles.

there is virtual cd rom software for linux, forgot the name of it...

There is a subforum already for patches.

The staff is generally very picky about some platforms, PC, PCEngine for instance because dumping the discs always requires plextor and proper methods. A lot of time much info is also left out or questionable, so the WIP just sits there forever as further inquiries by the staff gets ignored by the dumper too.

We can understand when there is a language barrier, if you do not understand a request by an administrator then please try to resolve it. If you have added something as a dumper to WIP and it sits a long time, please make a forum topic about it and asking why.

Many times things never get added because there is no follow through on dumpers part. Sometimes the staff decides to reject a dump, and maybe we should have a system to make it known and why.

I don't care because scene releases are not the disc you can buy from the store, there would be no reason to keep a database of them because likely the hashes on any further dumps for verification would not ever match.

I don't mean to come off rude either, it's just this site is intended as a database for people to dump their own discs and to verify that they have made a good dump. It is not the intention of the site to dump games and spread them to the world at large, because that's piracy and against the law in most countries.

I hope you can understand. smile

If someone cannot get hold of the real disc, then no.

No-Intro is not about preservation, they are about wares. When it comes to scene releases they mutilate them, so again no preservation there.

scene dumps > care level 0

check your pm's or email

No dump is better than bad or fake dump.

There is no reasoning of any kind for the other that makes sense for preservation.


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I may need to find a workable USB solution, most of them don't work on Windows 7 64 bit or UEFI motherboards according to reviews, or are very very slow and use crappy jmicron controllers.

It's getting more and more difficult to hook up PATA devices. I wanted a decent card so I could make use of my older PATA hard drives too.


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Yeah I need a pci-e one, my new computer doesn't have pci slots.


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OK, but I don't want to leave the side of my case hanging open, which is why I asked for an INTERNAL one.

Can someone recommend a working internal IDE card which supports the needed SCSI commands for Plextor's and is also of good quality.



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No, do not "clean" subcode data, unless you want to work on adding subcode dumping like subdump does. This takes a long time and F1ReB4LL already explained the process to you I think.

Errors are often intentional, LibCrypt, SecuROM.

Only CDI subchannels r-w can be fixed because of a real checksumming algo used and not lame crc.


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Ahh yeah the /c2 switch...  sorry I'm on pain meds and I'm a bit derpy.

Need to be able to dump discs with intentional errors scrambled and check later, didn't you add some ecc/edc checking too?

Forgot to ask, can we specify a range to dump now, and if so can we dump that range also backwards?


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sarami can you add the option to disable C2 entirely.

Do you have any SafeDisc/Laserlock protected discs? or ones with Cactus Data Shield or something else with intentional C2 errors?


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With my 1210 and 1610, D8 worked most of the time with data tracks, and only some discs it failed with illegal mode for this track errors.

Interesting to know about the offset differences when reading subcode, something I did not know. AFAIK the older drives do not support C2 at all.

The only thing to note with these drives is that they are better at reading discs with weak sectors towards the end of the disc with some revisions of SafeDisc. Newer drives will dump erroneous sectors, where these drives can dump them fine.


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Well good news, I did what Fireball suggested, and disconnected the drives, and power cycled twice to let the chipset and windows reset everything about the IDE bus. Now my 5224A works again, ALSO my 760A can read DVD's again... so it's some stupid bug with either windows, or this j-micron controller on my motherboard.

I apologize for flying off the handle at you sarami, it wasn't your fault at all.

btw, someone reported that DIC is no longer working with PX-W2410A and old version worked.


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I really don't know what caused it... and I don't feel like risking my last working plextor to test.

I think you need to have some kind of time out check, and some way to abort the process (crtl+q) or something...


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It's recognized by windows and plextools, disc spins up, won't read.

When I ran DIC, it started using 100% CPU, I couldn't even move the console window. Effectively hardlocking my PC, so I tried to eject the disc and they tray opened normally, which gave me back control. The console window would NOT close so I rebooted... well that failed too, I was unable to close the process. So I hit the reset button to hard reboot (which I hate to do).

I've never had a piece of software act in such a manner, where you can't end the process, even windows couldn't end the process on rebooting. There is something really wrong with the code for such things to happen. Maybe you shouldn't use Visual Studio 2013 since it's not entirely proven stable yet.


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What about my bricked drive? Use it earlier in the day fine, try to use this new DIC = No Longer Reads discs at all :S