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When trying to dump Daytona USA championship circuit edition, with previous test version I got this error. The disc is scratch free, and dumped without c2 matches database entry.

Creating img(LBA)  10375/223372
SCSI bus status codes:02-CHECK_CONDITION [F:CheckC2Error][L:231]
Sense data, Key:Asc:Ascq:03:02:83(MEDIUM_ERROR. VENDER UNIQUE ERROR)
LBA 10379 Read error [L:237]
Couldn't check C2 error

Maybe related to what pablo said about c2 offset correction.

I think only ir0b0t and f1reb4ll can mark anything except the dump itself as green

So you've dumped two different copies of the same game? Nothing is set to green from only one dump.


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Action16 is the euro CD release, and this one is the USA release. Previous releases were on floppy. It's the original release on CD.

MrX... Please, sumbit complete/correct info. We shouldn't have to look at scans. Thank you.

Also, PLEASE stop using PR/PF for PC games, it is known bugging. Use Isobuster/EAC and DIC (which also has bugs).

This is already added, why do you post it here.


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That ring code is very old, early 90's. It is the original version as far as I have seen.

What are "Action16 files" ?

Please include ALL the numbers in bar codes, that includes the zero's, they are part of the bar code (the last one being the checksum).


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No, I didn't use the new version of DIC to dump that, I used the last one. So not with C2. Also it was the older dump I made of the OEM version.

Very strange that it happened at all and didn't give any error. There was subcode desync in the log however, maybe that was the reason.

I will do it again and see if that same bug occurs again. If it does, I will compress it all and upload it somewhere for you to look at.

A friend of mine with Plextor PX-W5224A, has problem with his drive reporting tons of C2 error. It has same firmware as mine and same hardware revision. Dumps are OK though... very strange! EAC does not report C2 error when ripping audio.


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Oh good, I will test the C2.

I got a very strange bug when dumping 7th Guest disc 1. When unscrambled there were ~50000 errors because the headers were decoded wrong. Other tools dump the disc fine.

Can you scan the .exe itself and give me the version number.

You could upload the exe to me somewhere and I can scan it for you if that needs to happen.

You put 1 error in the form.


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Guess I missed this thread.

Make sure the program is run with admin rights. Also, if it still crashes try to run it in XP compatibility mode.

it works fine for me... I use windows 7 64bit enterprise.

Yep sounds like securom sector. It's not actually and error, just the sector is a different mode than the rest of the disc.

What issue is protectionid giving you? It works fine here on 64 bit windows 7.


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Sarami are you going to continue developing this tool? It would be great to get the C2 error detection/correction implemented.

Edutainment software is accepted.

Straight educational (adult, college, rosetta stone etc) has no place here imo... neither driver discs or OS or much anything else not related to gaming in some form.

cover discs from gaming mags accepted of course.

driver discs accepted if they contain games, or game related software (joysticks, steering wheels etc).


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F1ReB4LL: the scramble.bin file I think is the EOR decryption key for scrambled sectors. IIRC it's nothing more than that to scramble a sector, there is no weird math like some people think.


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We even listed the known working ones...


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Yes it goes in the protection field. None of the old valve games afaik , before steam have been re-released with steam. I collect valve games too and have no such games.

In the case of CIV V then it's just a re-release. Games on steam may also use securom, tages, fade or other protections.

Moved to the Wiki, please check the list there.



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In plextor it is dumping bad sectors as audio and they seem to match every time.  Don't know if data is correct or not, but I assume so...

for non plextor yeah 55 like clonecd and ddump. or maybe a switch to specify.

IsoBuster has had this mode2 bug for quite some time, don't bother using it for cue sheets.


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DiscImageCreator.exe -rall d: 8 Track c2

This is the command I'm using from .bat

I think the problem is exclusive access is needed, IsoBuster was open but not doing anything. It worked again after I closed IsoBuster.


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When device open fail error occurs, this is all I get.

DiscImageCreator BuildDate:[Apr  7 2013 14:53:45]
        MajorVersion: 6, MinorVersion: 1, BuildNumber: 7601
Start -> 2013-06-09(Sun) 23:30:04
Device Open fail
End -> 2013-06-09(Sun) 23:30:05

There is no log


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Ok, will give log next time I get the failure message.

As for splitting the log, yes. Drive, Disc, Error would be great. With more details for each, which track, was error corrected and with what method, etc.


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Could you also make the log easier to read or split it up into different files.


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DIC sometimes gives "Failure to open drive" error randomly, maybe look into that.