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What do you mean there is no benefit? A proper cue and logs are a benefit. I fail to understand your resistance.

The specific model RibShark is talking about is ASUS BW-16D1HT, which is the same as LG WH16NS60. This entire range (same as libredrive support dirves) probably also support this. The fact that these newer freely available drives support this is paramount, since they are easily obtainable compared to often overpriced, aging and difficult to find plextors. We need replacements for plextor and this is ideal and opens dumping to a larger audience.


Guess it's a firmware issue, has to be 3.02 firmware.


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I did some testing dumping with the ASUS drive, DIC seems to have some slight bugs with it. It dumped a few discs with combined negative offset seemingly fine. I tested it also with the problem disc and it has the same C2 errors. Here's the log for that one too.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=14HV6x … vBdyH1a1pU


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These are not mastering errors that I want to skip, they are perfectly valid sectors. I'm tired of wasting $5/ea on getting a disc resurfaced when there is nothing wrong with the disc. If I let it sit and retry 50000 times it sometimes can read them, it's just a problem with firmware or whatever, and I prefer not to beat the hell out of my drive for something like that.

Now that you've ordered that Ski-Doo racing disc, maybe you can make reading the ring sectors not hang forever too.


logs https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XUGzR … PpuCIECD9M


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Yes, exactly, it should just keep going and forget the sector is corrupted. Often times they read without error with BE so I can just replace the sector(s).


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Ski-doo uses SafeDisc in EU.

What about the abort on error? Seems you ignore this request all the time. Sometimes a disc just doesn't want to read in audio mode, but works fine in data mode. In which case I can just fix the bad sectors later but still get a good cue file and other things.


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The outer areas of the disc need slower speed to not get read errors when they are "over burned" size. I have to stop a dump and redump with slower speed to avoid C2 errors on some discs. SafeDisc in particular is annoying with this, but also other overburned discs. It is normal drive behavior to slow the disc a bit when read errors occur, other tools do it too. Plextors support both CLV and CAV, the slower speeds are CLV.

Ski-Doo X-Team Racing is USA region, UPC is 0 79714 50970 2

The Europe region has a different protection.

I would still ask if you make it so exceeding the read error count for a sector doesn't abort the whole dump either normally or with a switch.


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Well I don't know what it is then, there are only so many ring protections and it's similar to the Settlers one.

It would be nice if I can skip all these files tho, that shouldn't be hard to implement.

Is there any chance of slowing down the drive on read errors automatically?


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Well I looked at the sectors in cdmage, on one disc the sync is shifted by 16 bytes to the right (safedisc) and on another disc the sync is shifted into the previous sector's ecc/edc area (normal disc). So yeah I think this is a bug with the DVD drives.


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Thanks, its is reading the sectors now but takes ages, I will let it run over night.

Another issue, I don't know if it's the DVD drives or a bug in DIC. There is no C2 errors but some sectors are corrupted after unscrambling. Here is the log of the latest one I had this happen. This only happens with my 716 and 760, it does not happen with any of the CD drives.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DwwR2 … umsj3u3FjM


Spoke too soon, still hangs about 10 sectors in, infinite hang. Must be the read mode or something.


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OK testing.


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I've dumped it with your method, but readable sectors are missing and Reentrant's tool doesn't work for this. I'll do some capturing with bushound on alcohol so you can see what they do, claunia looked and they changed the mode so it doesn't hang.

In the mean time can you make it so ReadErrorProtect.txt can handle multiple files, Ski-Doo Team Racing is indeed using RingPROTECH but it has multiple files, here's a list.



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I missed that but, I don't want to skip the file. Some of the sectors are good, error recovery needs to be better. I don't know why DIC hangs like that, when other programs do not. Perhaps you can improve this behavior to not need some special directives.


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Yes it has this hidden SYSTEM.LSK file (good to know), but DIC is not detecting it and then ignoring /sf switch. Maybe because it's marked hidden? I am trying with 5224TA, maybe tomorrow I try it with 716 but I think result is the same, I had this same issue with the Skidoo Racing.


Yes tried with your exact example, no protection detected and /sf is ignored. Infinite hang on error sectors.


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I can't seem to dump discs with ring protections with DIC, it will read a bit into the errors and then just hang forever. I tried /sf and /ss , /sf just can't find any protection on exe and fails, and /ss hangs forever.

I am able to dump the discs with alcohol and clonecd, but they don't do any error checking at all and make bad dumps.

Please advise. Disc is The Settlers III Mission CD, and uses some kind of ring protection, but it is not RingProtech or Laserlock.


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I finally ran across some discs with this naming scheme, audio rips of mine. This is total crap and Jackal is correct, the meta data goes in the comments with a link to the disk via href,  not in the filenames. This must be reverted.


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Didn't he just fix that in test version?


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That's fixed it, thank you.


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Also had a strange bug with two securom games now, where after reading the last sector DIC wraps around to -3 and loops infinitely.


Got logs out of Diablo II expansion. https://drive.google.com/open?id=19-tI4 … hRIU2yUO7t


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Well there is no way to scan for them presently, once we have a good tool for such then I won't. For now I will to do research. Also with the DVD 1/2 the disc was different, so something is up with that.

Maybe it's a bug because the files are over 2GB ?


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More findings, we have success on getting the twin sectors. Now we need to find the positions on the physical media for both.

The reverse dump was also 3 blocks too short, not sure what is up with that.


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I expected differences , but not 1/2 the discs, we need to examine more. I did XIII disc 2 over night, seems descrabling didn't work due to a bug, here is the cmd output.

The image was also not descrambled because the offset was not corrected. Attached logs (except error because it was 3+ gb).

I am unable to unscramble the image with unscrambler, will try something else. :edit: this was due to the 0 sector not being completely read.

Creating .bin from 311228 to -1 (LBA) 253081 LBA[253080, 0x3dc98] Detected C2 er
ror 720 bit
Creating .bin from 311228 to -1 (LBA)      1
Need to reread sector: 253080 rereading times:   12/1000
Done. See _c2Error.txt
Reversing _reverse.bin to .bin
Descrambling data sector of img (LBA) 311225/311227Failed to read [F:DescrambleM

Exec ""G:\Dumps 2019\_New Dumps\XIII\DIC Dumps\Disc 2\Backwards\DIC\EccEdc.exe"
check "G:\Dumps 2019\_New Dumps\XIII\DIC Dumps\Disc 2\Backwards\Track""
FILE: G:\Dumps 2019\_New Dumps\XIII\DIC Dumps\Disc 2\Backwards\Track
[F:handleCheckOrFix][L:617] GetLastError: 2, The system cannot find the file spe


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Here's the results of dumping STALKER - Clear Sky , 1/2 the disc is different.

Still dumping XIII Disc 2.


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okidoki, thanks.

Dumping a tages DVD now, will take all night probably. Will check it in the morning.


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DiscImageCreator.exe cd h "..\Track" 8 /d8 /c2 1000 0 /r /s 2

This still doesn't work.


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sarami wrote:

Is this really RingPROTECH?

I actually do not know.

sarami wrote:
dvd [drive] [fname] [speed] /r [startLBA] [endLBA]

Cool, so both CD and DVD added now? Will check it asap.

I am also trying to dump an OEM version of Shadows of the Empire, it is hanging forever at:

Checking SubQ adr (Track) 10/14