I'm confused about the reason that only certain drives can properly dump PC CD-ROM games. I've done a bunch of research to try and answer this question myself and have come close but still don't fully understand it. My understanding at the moment is that the key reason we require Plextor drives for PC CD-ROM games is that they allow a program to read data from the lead-in and lead-out, whereas most other drives will fail if a program attempts to access the lead-in or lead-out. Normal drives are obviously technically capable of reading these sections but only use them internally and don't expose the complete data to the OS.

My initial guess was that the lead-in and lead-out are required because we want to have the most complete copy of a disc as possible, but if we wanted the most complete copy of a disc we would also require that dumps include subchannels, correct? Obviously at the moment we include the cuesheet but that can't be used to perfectly recreate the subchannels. If there were special important data in the lead-in and lead-out, it would make more sense, but given that there aren't any PC games that are only playable on Plextors, I assume any copy protection in the lead-in and lead-out would be accessible by any normal drive.

Regardless of the specifics, though, my core confusion is: given that PC CD-ROM games can be played in basically any CD drive, shouldn't they be dumpable using any CD drive? By definition, all of the data necessary to play the game must be accessible to the game using any CD drive, right? Is the Plextor requirement simply for completeness' sake or is there some deeper CD voodoo that I'm not understanding?

If someone could help me understand what I'm getting wrong or what info I'm missing I would greatly appreciate it - it would ease my mind knowing that I bought this finicky old drive for a good reason tongue. Thanks in advance!

Someone will give a better explanation, but I know some other drives CAN dump CD-roms with DIC, I think its discs with positive offsets. Why can't these discs that dump successfully with other drive models be added to redump? Or can they? Not sure we've had that conversation yet.

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It's the positive offsets yes, and also CDDA needs offset correction. Also they dump the disc in audio mode with C2 error correction so that we are sure the dump is good. The drives which support this stuff are listed on sarami's FAQ for DIC. You can buy an ASUS BD drive which is capable of these things.

Currently we do not take subchannel data because it has no error correction possible without using EAC like method of multiple re-reads but there is no guarantee that it is correct. We do keep SecuROM sub data for those games. DIC does dump subchannels, but they are corrected and we cannot take this is as valid data.

Currently there is no way to preserve topology based protections perfectly, so if you want to use your images which have that (SecuROM, StarForce etc) then you need to make your own MDS files with Alcohol for personal use.

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