better to use cdmage and load the cue sheet, and save the image to a different directory.


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Ripping pure audio is different, you append to PREVIOUS track.

I dunno how that cue sheet got so screwed up though... a complete mess. There should be just INDEX 01's, no INDEX 00's.


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Will have to make a little guide for this. I think there is a workable system for doing it, I have to thank fireball and ir0b0t for checking the subs and helping me out with it.

I'll try to put together an addendum for the dumping guide, just for this protection. Problem is I don't know how to analyze subs properly yet. If there was a good tool for it released soon it would help.

A combination of ISOBuster, EAC, cdtoimg, descramble_CDDA, a calculator and a hex editor is needed to do it.


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MDS/MDF is really only need for securom, tages and starforce which needs DPM. Most everything else can either be in bin/cue or ccd format.

We really need an editing tool which can convert between various images and split subs etc. This way we could make sure to get a good dump of something and integrate the subs/audio into the image and still retain the DPM measurement data. But this is only needed for some cases which aren't to common.

Integrating clonecd discs out of stuff with cdextra or other special cases and would be a nice feature.


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You can't make or edit an mdf, that's the main problem, only alcohol or converter tool like ultraiso can make it.

Pakkiso also uses the cue for proper naming when compressing/decompressing.

Alcohol, Clone CD and other dumping tools cannot extract audio correctly either. Audio is saved on disc in raw sectors with no ECC checksums, so the data must be reads several times per sectors to ensure that it has been read correctly.

Also Alcohol and CloneCD will happily buzz right over errored sectors in the data track and try to fix them with error correction, so you don't know if your slightly scratched disc is read properly or not.


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Okidoki, shouldn't be a problem then.


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well it goes


bin/cue doesn't support this, just like CD Extra.


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I've been examining this disc, and here are my findings.

the TOC is perfectly valid. The ISO directory is invalid. The 2 audio tracks and the 2nd data track are there to mess up bin/cue copying and to fill the disc up to the last possible sector. The 2nd data track contains a copy of the ISO header, and some sectors later, has pointers listed for the invalid files contained in the invalid ISO directory. This 2nd data track can/would be used to check if the disc is an original or copy, as most normal copy software would fail to either copy it, or bin/cue does not support data tracks after audio tracks and therefore any check for the existence of this data will fail. It will work just fine with clonecd or alcohol image formats.

The audio tracks contain only silence (00) and as I said are just there to fill up the disc IMO.


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Yup sure, I don't use rapidshare or crap however... and it's too big to post here, so dunno how to do that.

The Audio tracks are just dummy tracks containing only silence however.

Dunno about the 2nd data track, if it has any useful data in it, or is just crap... you decide.


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Anyone have any good idea's on how to dump these CD's?

They have invalid TOC and dummy files (700+MB).

I have a couple of EIDOS games with this, Thief - The Dark Project, and some other I don't remember at the moment.

Is there some raw way to rip an image without taking my hardware apart for people to examine?

I do have a plextor CDRW if there is a tool for it which can do the job.


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Actually, they have mini games inside, trivia based. =]

I like and would love to collect nice dumps of any and all PC cover discs, I think they should be named by the issue. Contents could be listed in comments, they usually contain lots of demos, some full games, patches, trainers, etc etc.


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In an effort to get this thread stickied, I will try to organize and maintain this list of tools, utilites, and other files related to the redump project.

If you have suggestion or additional files to add to this thread, please feel free to make a reply. =]

Disc Imaging and Dumping Software


DDump 1.10 … ump110!zip

CDTools …


Alcohol 52%/120%

BlindWrite … dwrite.php



DVD Decrypter … .5.4.0.exe


ASPI and SPTD Layers

Adaptec ASPI 4.60

Adaptec ASPI 4.71.2 … 61912.html

SPTD 1.78 (32 bit) … 78-x86.exe

SPTD 1.78 (64 bit) … 78-x64.exe

Frogs ASPI

Image Editing and Manipulation Tools

Subcode Editor …

Subcode Analyzer!lzh

(bug fixed version coming soon)


Beta 6 recommended



Audio Tools

Perfect Rip

EAC … /download/

Disc Emulation Software

Daemon Tools 3.47 (free, win98/win2k/winxp) … 2#Download

Daemon Tools 4.xx (payware, Vista/Windows 7)

Alcohol 120% also has good disc emulation software, see above in Imaging and Dumping Tools.

Misc. Tools

Resize (.com)

FPCopy64 (resize for 64 bit)

Various tools by Truman

Various tools by Themabus … 1c29066733

Audio Trap Disc


px_d8 1.01A

Descramble CDDA


ECM 1.0h (stdin version)



Clean7z (rmdtrash replacement)

Hex Editors


Hex Workshop


Hex Editor Neo (free) … -free.html

Hex Editor Neo (pay) … ditor.html

Hash Calculation Tools



PC Specific

ProtectionID 6.4.0 (Protection Checking)

A-Ray Scanner (Protection Checking)

BurnOut 1.03 (Protection Checking)

Playstation Specific


XBOX/XBOX360 Specific

XBOX Trap Disc

XBOX Backup Creator

SS Sector Range

Mine Sweeper

XBOX360 Trap Disc

Gamecube Specific

GC Tool


Wii Specific

Wim's Tools



Dreamcast Specific


Dreamcube Trap Disc (audio)

PSP Specific


SFO Info

Multiplatform Tools by claunia


edccchk v1.26 (latest version, compiled)


DVDtoIMG … r/binaries


08-Jun-2010: Reworked post to be more all encompassing and organized.
05-Sep-2011: Some updates.

Today I started dumping, and of course the first disc I grabbed from my stack threw me a curve ball.

Here's the story...

I have a plextor drive, so I decided to use px_d8 to detect the write offset of the disc. It gave me a rather huge offset, being +1206 for combined offset. I thought this was pretty insane, so I started to dig deeper. First I went ahead and dumped track 01 with IsoBuster, then I ripped the CDDA tracks with EAC with this offset. All seemed well, but this huge offset was bothering me somewhat, so after dumping a few other discs, I came back to it and decided to have a look.

I started at the reported raw sector of track 2, and since EAC decided the pregap was 2.00 , I went back 149 sectors. Looking at this sector, I decided something was wrong, because it appears to be a valid data sector. Ok... at this point I hadn't used resize to cut the gap out yet, so I backed up the raw track, and then dumped it again with my other drive. They were identical so something else was up. I will note now that all the other tracks have a gap of 1.74. This got me thinking a bit because of the apparently good sector, which when I cut the excess data with resize, was gone. I opened up winhex and scrolled to the offset, copied the sector, and put it back in to the cut version. I opened this up in CDMage and did an error scan, and as I thought it is a valid data sector. So... problem one is EAC did not correctly detect the gap. Allright then... I put the disc in 2 other drives on 2 different computers, and the results were the same. It detects the gap as 2.00 when it should really be 1.74 (150 vs 149 sectors). Ok... so that's one weird thing discovered and documented.

Next, I decided to figure out the write offset, put the disc back in my plextor and went to track 2, and went back 148 sectors. Hrm, this entire sector is full of random data, seems the offset is really is large... moved forward a sector... hrm, THIS sector is entirely full of garbage too... what's going on here. Ok, move forward one more sector... ah ok 120 bytes in the garbage stops and the 00's begin and continue until the start of track 2... ok this is good. Lets add that up.

2532+2532+120 = 5184
5184/4 = 1296

wait a minute... what's going on here? that's 90 samples longer than what px_d8 told me the write offset is. Uhm... now what? Is the combined offset 1206 or 1296 ??

Now I do not know what to do about this. Should I trust px_d8, or the method described in the dumping guide. Does one or the other method have a bug? Also... EAC is not detecting the track 02 pre gap correctly on 3 different drives on 2 different computers. Are these problems related, or not?

Curious as to anyone elses thoughts on this matter.

The game is Dark Reign the Future of War (C) 1997 Activision for IBM-PC if you want to compare notes.

Where do I get a non bugging version then? The one on cdfreaks is still b34. I can't post on that forum because it bugs in firefox for me, and the support email is invalid too.