just so i know i have this right in my head.

{put trap disc in}

DiscImageCreator.exe stop g:

{swap discs by using the eject hole}

DiscImageCreator.exe gd g: MOHO\MOHO.bin 4

as simple as that?

That should work fine for dumping the High Density section. Low Density section can be dumped with the cd command before using the trap disc.

I used 8 /c2 for C2 error detection, and dumping worked when I tested back in April.

Ah ok so low density area on my plextor in cd mode with /C2 then switch to TS-H353 for the high density area with the trap disc method?

Makes sense.

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Yes, that should work. Some Plextor drives may also be able to dump the high density section (I tested PX-708 & PX-755SA).

I'm having problems with this.
can dump the low density area no problem.
but when inserting the game disc after the audio trap disc the disc doesn't even completely spin up you can hear it attempting to and then spinning down, then trying again.  its the same in 3 drives.

is there anything else to be aware of?  special way of burning the audio trap disc maybe?
Whats the best drive for dumping DC ? i'll happily buy a new one.

Try this.
http://forum.redump.org/topic/2620/drea … tructions/
http://forum.redump.org/topic/9436/new- … st-please/

You can use the TS-H353 with the dcdumper method.

The methodology to dump the High Density Area:
- insert the audio trap disc (a disc with a hacked TOC of 99 mins audio, burn it with CloneCD or Alcohol).
- use 'startstop.exe driveletter 1' to stop the drive motor.
- use a pin to press the escape eject button, so the tray will eject (or remove the drive cover).. insert the gdrom and gently push the tray back (or put the drive cover back on).
- use: DCdumper.exe drive_letter [options]
You can view the commands in the second link suggested by sarami.
In my case the best results where obtained with this:
dcdumper.exe drive_letter -c446261 -p4

- use 'ice.exe dumpfile.bin 44990 > ice.log.txt' to descramble

To dump the Low Density Area use the DIC and the Plextor
DiscImageCreator.exe cd PLEXTOR name.bin 8 /c2 /q

The best of this method:
1) makes dumps in "sections", and if an error occur not need to read the entire disk again, only the particular section.

2) makes 2 passes: in the first one is created a hash of each section and in the second, if the hashes match, the files are created.

Things to keep in mind:
Check the ice.log.txt to see if any track line have a "(x)" at the end.
If you see this, then the dump is defective. Try to clean the disc and dump again.

In the ONLY case where it is OK, is on discs with audio tracks.
In this case the last track line must have at the end an "ok (75)" like this:

03  Mode1   45000  312008  267009 ok
04  Audio  312009  319823    7815 ok
05  Mode1  319824  549149  229326 ok (75)

Let me know if you have any doubt.

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thanks guys, i think i've managed.
had to dig out an older SH-D162C (which is actually flashed with Kreon 1.0)

it seems to be working. smile