I've supped many a gallon of rum and coke since I last did an OG Xbox dump.
never dumped one with DIC before either

Am I to assume this is bad?
there's nothing In _mainError.txt and the dump went on and completed.


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Spoke too soon,

they appeared in main error after it finished calculating the hash for the file.

i'll retry with XBC

Annnnd well XBC > SS.bin -> sector ranges > Freecell  gave no error but the dump matches.
I guess it was good after all.


To the dump forum it goes.

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wiggy2k wrote:

Am I to assume this is bad?

Perhaps dumping is good. DIC tries to reread at 5 times when reads DVD and reading error occurs. 1st reading was bad but 2nd reading was good.

added: rereading message on cmd-line screen. http://www.mediafire.com/file/eq80y20l9 … st.7z/file