reentrant wrote:

231096 - 230946 = 150 = 2sec = pregap. Try to lower it by few hundred sectors. DIC dump is bugged if error range crosses tracks & pregap area...

Ohh, I didn't know about that. Thanks!

Jackal said above that you can cut out a track from the .img with a hex editor, do you know how that works?

I used HxD Hex Editor. It's a simple copy & paste app. You don't have to use it anymore (use new CDArchive).

reentrant, would it be possible to specify drive speed in CDArchive? I'm missing 6 sectors right now and although my drive can extract them first try, they don't match EccEdc. Maybe they would if it was reading them at a slower speed?

I'll look at it during the weekend. Should be possible...