I recently just got done dumping the US version of this: http://redump.org/disc/47741/

This is a game with 98 tracks.

After using ICE.exe on a dump created by DCDumper, I've found that a cuesheet is produced for the dump, but no .gdi file.

I don't own a Dreamcast console, so I need a .gdi file to test the image in an emulator to check for languages (and to make sure that my dump is actually good), because I suspect that my dump is wrong.

I figured out how to make a .gdi file for my dump of Grandia II, but that one has only 5 tracks. I ABSOLUTELY refuse to manually create a 98 track .gdi file by hand. Does anyone have a tool that can create it for me?

Also, I'm not using DIC because it isn't currently working with my DC dumping disc drive.

At least, nulldc and reicast-emulator doesn't support the multi-bin of gdi. You can use the single-bin of gdi if you want to check the language.