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I've noticed a number of titles missing there. Many of them look unreleased, but some of them definitely exist. Hope to see the comments from our Japanese PSX gurus smile

SLPS-03165    Doubutsu Kyaranabi Uranai plus Renai Uranai Puzzle -- cover exists
SLPS-02052    Game no Tatsujin (Sunsoft Best) -- photo exists, available for sale
SLPS-01668    Hissatsu Pachinko Station (Sunsoft Best) -- cover exists
SLPS-02311~2    Knights of Genesis: Kamigami no Tasogare -- emulator screenshots exist and more screenshots
SLPS-03478    Pachi-Slot Teiou Maker Suishou Manual 2 - Ice Story (Best of The Best) -- cover exists
SLPS-02598~9    Pro Yakyuu Ninarou -- cover exists
SLPM-87346    Quiz Darakeno Jinsei Game Dai-2-kai! (PSOne Books) -- cover exists (and it looks more like The Best Takaramono series)
SLPS-03394    Slot! Pro 4 - Tairyou Special -- photo exists, available for sale
SLPM-86919    Superlite Gold Series - Minna no Othello -- cover exists

SIPS-60013    Adidas Power Soccer '97
SLPS-01816    Ai Igo 7
SLPM-87005~6    Alone in the Dark - The New Nightmare
SLPS-01028    Ano Subarashii Bentou o 2-do 3-do -- jap wikipedia says unreleased
SLPS-02136~8    Atlantis: The Lost Tales
SLPS-00784    Babujii
SLPS-00934    Battle Sports
SLPS-01654    Cardinal Syn
SIPS-60025    Cart World Series
SLPS-02418    Click Manga - Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu 3 - Amurittsu Akaigi
SLPS-02129    Click Manga - Marie no Atelier
SLPS-02618    Click Manga - Shin Dragon Half
SLPS-01615    es - Inishie no Kioku
SLPS-00126    FEDA Remake
SLPS-01908~9    Heart of Darkness
SLPS-02476    Honkaku Taisen Shougi Sei
SLPS-01273    Honya
SLPS-03194    Jissen Pachinko Hisshouhou! - CR Tsuri Baka Nisshi & CR Ramen Club
SLPM-86325    Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Single - Space Wing
SLPS-00627    JTCC - Japanese Touring Car Championship
SLPS-01597    Madou Reishi Shuon
SLPS-01254    Maximum Force
SIPS-60009    MLB Pennant Race
SLPS-03243    Pachitte Chonmage Tatsujin 2 - CR Jurassic Park
SLPS-02423    Parts' Dik
SLPS-00289    Pile-Up March -- unseen64 says unreleased
SLPS-02614    PJ's Groove
SLPM-86448    Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
SLPS-00724    Return Fire
SLPS-01979    S.C.A.R.S.
SLPS-02073    SD Hiryuu no Ken - Episode Ougi no Sho
SLPS-00942    Seiryuu Densetsu Gaiden   
SLPS-02921    Street Boarders USA
SLPS-02118    Super Chinese Fighter DX
SLPM-86458    SuperLite 1500 Series - Assault Soldier
SLPM-86481    SuperLite 1500 Series - Monkey Hero
SLPS-01635    Suzuka 8-jikan Taikyuu Road Race
SLPM-86522    Swing (Major Wave)
SLPS-01425    Toki o Kakeru Shoujo
SLPS-02610    Virtua Pachi-Slot Olympia Special 2   
SLPS-02031    Virtua Pachi-Slot IV

SLPS-00464    Battle Bugs
SIPS-60026    Fire Panic
SCPS-10100    Gran Turismo 2
SLPS-02622    Lunar Wing - Toki o Koeta Seisen
SLPS-02302    Simple 1500 Series vol.016 - The Pachi-Slot

SLPM-86732    Chess 2000 (Reprint)
SLPS-03125    Doki Doki Poyatchio (Reprint) -- sometimes listed as Zero Tours (ゼロ・ツアーズ), which one is correct?
SLPM-87038    Nijiiro Dodgeball Otome-tachi no Seishun (DX Pack)
SLPM-86731    Saikyou no Go - The Strongest Game of Go (Reprint)
SLPS-00889    Simulation Zoo (Reprint)
SLPS-03091    Virtual Hiryuu no Ken (Reprint) -- sometimes listed as Virtual Hiryuu no Ken' (dash)

SLPM-86296    SuperLite 1500 Series - Gekitotsu! Yonku Battle
SLPM-86348    SuperLite 1500 Series - World Cup Golf
SLPM-86521    Lucifer Ring (Major Wave)
SLPM-86951    Castlevania Chronicle: Akumajou Dracula (Playstation the Best)
SLPS-02793    Deadly Skies (PlayStation the Best)
SLPS-02823    Pitball (PlayStation the Best)
SLPS-91432    Syphon Filter (PS One Books)
SLPM-86889    First Queen IV - Varcia Senki (Cyclone's Best)
SLPM-86890    Gamera 2000 (Cyclone's Best)
SLPM-86891    Dodonpachi (Cyclone's Best)
SLPM-86892    World Tour Conductor - Sekai Yume Kikou (Cyclone's Best)
SLPM-87122    Advanced Variable Geo (NatsuColle Series Vol.1)
SLPM-87126    Project Gaiaray (Syscon NatsuCole Series Vol.2)
SLPM-87124    Lup Salad - Lupupu Cube (NatsuColle Series Vol.3)
SLPM-87134    Wizard's Harmony (Syscon NatsuCole Series Vol.4)
SLPM-86616    Psychic Force (Taito 2000 Series) -- TCPS-10030

????-?????    Mass Destruction - Otousan ni mo Dekiru Soft -- unreleased for PSX? listed on suruga-ya site
TCPS-90004    Shadow Man -- SLPS/SLPM code is unknown
TCPS-10002    Space Invaders 2000 -- SLPM-86153 doesn't have this TCPS code, maybe some reprint?
TCPS-10049    The Power Shovel + Controller Genba Set -- SLPS/SLPM code is unknown
VX235-J2    Techno BB (Konami the Best) -- SLPS/SLPM code is unknown
SLPS-01967    Waku Puyo Dungeon Expert [Disc2of2] -- I've only seen SLPS-01966 1CD-version

Re: PSX titles missing on

Unreleased game list

Re: PSX titles missing on

Bad list.

Example: 動物キャラナビ占い2 個性心理学+恋愛占いパズルカルチャーブレーン listed as unreleased - … ition=used
Or "Pandemonium" is listed there, which was released as Magical Hoppers (along with its 2nd part, Miracle Jumpers).
And for プロ野球監督になろう! I've posted the cover+spine above, so at least the Mihon version exists.

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Re: PSX titles missing on

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Example: 動物キャラナビ占い2 個性心理学+恋愛占いパズルカルチャーブレーン listed as unreleased - … ition=used

i reported to the forum.

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Or "Pandemonium" is listed there, which was released as Magical Hoppers (along with its 2nd part, Miracle Jumpers).

Yes. … C%E3%82%BA

F1ReB4LL wrote:

And for プロ野球監督になろう! I've posted the cover+spine above, so at least the Mihon version exists.

This cover is not the real cover but the 見本(=sample). So I don't distinguish whether this game was released or not from this cover.