Entry http://redump.org/disc/81777/ states:

"Bundled with Painkiller: Triple Dose (USA) (Disc 1 and Disc 2).
This second edition includes a bonus 16th track."

There are only 15 tracks listed and none of the track times correlate with the "Contents" list.

1    Audio    00:00:00    01:58:12   01 The Painkiller 3:24
2    Audio    00:00:00    03:06:14   02 Morph In 2:51
3    Audio    00:00:00    02:49:66   03 Banshee 2:34
4    Audio    00:00:00    03:27:51   04 Playing Tarot 2:04
5    Audio    00:00:00    02:29:21   05 Lokhi 3:15
6    Audio    00:00:00    02:46:62   06 Switch 2:48
7    Audio    00:00:00    03:39:00   07 Corpus Dei 2:49
8    Audio    00:00:00    02:54:60   08 Voosh 2:26
9    Audio    00:00:00    02:48:71   09 Bear Me The Light 2:15
10    Audio    00:00:00    02:05:49  10 Me Versus The Underworld 3:20
11    Audio    00:00:00    03:20:72  11 Kill My Boss 1:56
12    Audio    00:00:00    02:56:07  12 Fire In The Hole 3:04
13    Audio    00:00:00    02:54:06  13 Power It Up 2:48
14    Audio    00:00:00    02:31:45  14 XE Qt R 3:26
15    Audio    00:00:00    02:16:47  15 Electrodriving 2:18
????????????????????????????????   16 Bonus Track - Painkiller Main Theme 2:43

That contents list looks like it was lifted directly from https://vgmdb.net/album/17729 but discogs entry seems a little more accurate to the actual data https://www.discogs.com/Mech-Painkiller … se/5638096 even though they only list the Europe version.

I really hope information about the soundtracks isn't being copied from vgmdb because a lot of their information is inaccurate, especially for soundtracks with different releases in different regions.  They tend to just copy/paste track times between parent/clones even when the track times are completely different between regions.

One other such example is MIA polish version of Diablo II soundtrack http://redump.org/disc/16428/, first 11 tracks are relatively consistent with vgmdb (polish, german, spanish, american, american reprint) and discogs (polish, german, spanish) but the last 6 tracks are not:

1    Audio    00:00:00    07:58:61  01    Wilderness    7:59
2    Audio    00:02:00    03:00:41  02    Rogue    2:58
3    Audio    00:02:00    01:47:34  03    Sisters    1:45
4    Audio    00:02:00    05:21:64  04    Spider    5:20
5    Audio    00:02:00    02:26:34  05    Jungle    2:24
6    Audio    00:02:00    02:58:53  06    Zakarum    2:57
7    Audio    00:02:00    03:40:22  07    Desert    3:38
8    Audio    00:02:00    02:59:35  08    Toru    2:57
9    Audio    00:02:00    04:10:33  09    Sanctuary    4:08
10    Audio    00:02:00    03:33:34  10    Crypt    3:31
11    Audio    00:02:00    05:19:02  11    Tombs    5:17
12    Audio    00:02:00    03:52:62  12    Monastery    5:56
13    Audio    00:02:00    03:28:14  13    Cave    3:51
14    Audio    00:02:00    03:07:36  14    Mesa    3:26
15    Audio    00:02:00    00:58:47  15    Leoric    3:04
16    Audio    00:02:00    01:05:13  16    Coda    0:56
17    Audio    00:02:00    05:58:13  17    Roger and Me    1:03

Although if one were to rearrange those tracks slightly, moving "Monastery" to the end of the CD and bump the other tracks 13-17 to 12-16, it makes more sense:

12    Audio    00:02:00    03:52:62  13    Cave    3:51
13    Audio    00:02:00    03:28:14  14    Mesa    3:26
14    Audio    00:02:00    03:07:36  15    Leoric    3:04
15    Audio    00:02:00    00:58:47  16    Coda    0:56
16    Audio    00:02:00    01:05:13  17    Roger and Me    1:03
17    Audio    00:02:00    05:58:13  12    Monastery    5:56


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Curious as well since this album is related to the anime and not the games:

""Mezase Pokémon Master" is the fifth single released by Matsumoto Rica. All the songs on the single had tie-in's with the first season of the anime Pokemon. The title track was used as the opening theme song, "Hyaku Gojuuichi" was used as the ending theme song, and the other two songs were used as insert songs in the series."

source: https://www.generasia.com/wiki/Mezase_Pokemon_Master

"Aim to Be a Pokémon Master (Japanese: めざせポケモンマスター Mezase Pokémon Master) is a Japanese CD from the first season of the Pokémon anime, which was released in Japan on June 28, 1997. It holds the first season opening and ending theme songs, as well as a karaoke version of Aim to Be a Pokémon Master and two other musical sequences."

source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki … aster_(CD)

Category: Animation
Products represented: Pokémon
Platforms represented: Series

source: https://vgmdb.net/album/17519


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LoStraniero91 wrote:

Hello Sarami,
I've recently dumped a multisession disc with 2 sessions: first session has 4 audio tracks, second has data. I don't know if it's normal to hit an error when reaching the end of the session (basically the error that says the unit will retry in 10000 milliseconds). The data track alone came out with 153745 errors. I've uploaded the logs. Even if I dumped the disc twice and bin have the same hashes, I'm unsure if it was dumped correctly.

From EccEdc.txt:
[ERROR] Number of sector(s) where mode2 NoEdc subheader(0x10 - 0x17) isn't same: 153737
LBA[062809, 0x0f559], MSF[12:d9:34], mode 2 no edc, Subheader isn't same. [0x10]:0000, [0x11]:0x28, [0x12]:0x08, [0x13]:0x1e, [0x14]:0x80, [0x15]:0x08, [0x16]:0x68, [0x17]:0x06,

above equals a subheader value of "0028 081e 8008 6806" in hex which means scrambled data.
Looks like the whole data track came out scrambled.

Scrambled image matches normal image in disc.txt as well.
<rom name="Disney Demo 2 (Italy).scm" size="482503392" crc="7c781444" md5="43fbe8f2b080eac7c1e7fb74ab68223e" sha1="75f30bdf602b2154d60203f91e549fc82ebd435f"/>
<rom name="Disney Demo 2 (Italy).img" size="482503392" crc="7c781444" md5="43fbe8f2b080eac7c1e7fb74ab68223e" sha1="75f30bdf602b2154d60203f91e549fc82ebd435f"/>


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I really like this program but I have a major gripe about it, and that's the way it outputs the files for the separate tracks using the MD5 hash as the filename.  Any track that has the exact same hash value as a previous track just gets written over the top of the other one, for example with this disc http://redump.org/disc/32549/  So it is kind of self-defeating.

You should change the way the files are named.  Instead of naming them according to a hash value, name them Track 01, Track 02, Track 03, etc etc.  Besides, how is a person going to know which file is which track using this hash value naming method anyway, unless you throw them all at clrmamepro?

Ys Book I & II ( http://redump.org/disc/32091/ ) states that "The first 2 sectors of the 3rd track's pregap are scrambled data sectors."

This is actually wrong, it should be the first 3 sectors, not 2.  I was fixing a clone CD version of this from the Trurip set to match the new database entry here at Redump when I discovered this.  The trurip image was perfect except the checksums for track 3 wouldn't match until I scrambled the first 3 sectors of it instead of just the first 2.  I managed to figure this out comparing the USA version to the Japanese version with a hex editor, the japanese track 3 is correct but is also 1 sector smaller in the pregap than the USA version.  I thought I should bring this to your attention so no one else pulls their hair out trying to get that track right.

So there's 3 scrambled sectors, then zeroes, and then the actual non-zero data starts at offset 376240 (5BDB0).

Hey guys.  I was going over my PS1 collection to check if anything needed to be updated and noticed that some games are no longer on the database here and I was wondering why?

The USA games I noticed missing so far are:

International Track & Field  http://redump.org/disc/6654/
Irritating Stick  http://redump.org/disc/6640/
Jumping Flash! 2 Big Trouble in Little Muu  http://redump.org/disc/6655/

Now the pages just say "Disc with ID "insert_number_here" doesn't exist."

I know they were there before because I collected them and created URL shortcuts to them as soon as they were posted (like I do with all the games).  I don't know what else is missing right now since I don't really have the time to look (I stopped an letter "J").  The current datfile doesn't list them either, but maybe someone has an old datfile and can verify this.

Were they bad dumps?  Or did something go wrong with the database?

The dumps I listed above were posted sometime between April 5 and April 15 of this year AFAIK, if that helps any.

I'll get back when I have time.

Rocknroms wrote:

About track01-02 (call it low density): you have to move pregap on beginning of track02, so yes those 150 empty sectors are pregap of track02, but you have to cut it from end of track01 and add the same size 0x00 at beginning of track02.

About high density (track03 or more): first you have to be sure that there's only one track (I don't know if Naomi gdroms are only made of 3 tracks as DC ones can be also of more tracks in high density), then high density is always the same size in the sector range 45000-549150.

By the way if you don't have the original to have a correct dump you cannot have nothing useful for Redump project.

Right I understand that.  But there are already 7 comfirmed dumps from Dumpcast, and generally from what I've seen they are spot-on barring the fact that they leave out the pregap on the track02.bin's.   4 of those 7 confirmed dumps are available as CHDs in MAME that can be successfully converted to GDs, and they are the following:

name "Dynamic Golf v2.002 (2001)(Sega)(JP)[!][Virtua Golf]"
description "Dynamic Golf v2.002 (2001)(Sega)(JP)[!][Virtua Golf]"
rom ( name "Dynamic Golf v2.002 (2001)(Sega)(JP)[!][Virtua Golf].gdi" size 87 crc 468c1495 md5 346fea58ab1a55c577138c5b04319157 sha1 980036e44ad9d694ea1699cd05c86ccd0c894c47 )
rom ( name track01.bin size 1058400 crc 3844ca3c md5 d42339b7949585091a5a50186c96afe9 sha1 821f5cac0e29be895330c5a1bf1bdbfb4ad2466d )
rom ( name track02.raw size 5016816 crc bf247b5d md5 bc3784299401a5712ad94dd586d4ec58 sha1 efc56306cad01be4709c06d8621deb4c3ae92923 )
rom ( name track03.bin size 1185760800 crc 61f4fa45 md5 8490d08f4b8b623e911f42c7620aa0b6 sha1 bb85ba2c98e19487fa761c9da1e5ee886a70f1e5 )

name "Guilty Gear XX - The Midnight Carnival v1.001 (2002)(Sammy)(JP)[!]"
description "Guilty Gear XX - The Midnight Carnival v1.001 (2002)(Sammy)(JP)[!]"
rom ( name "Guilty Gear XX - The Midnight Carnival v1.001 (2002)(Sammy)(JP)[!].gdi" size 87 crc 468c1495 md5 346fea58ab1a55c577138c5b04319157 sha1 980036e44ad9d694ea1699cd05c86ccd0c894c47 )
rom ( name track01.bin size 1058400 crc d87266da md5 c961e42d17afd8f5e447b71a334d6970 sha1 a1b6622681a1d7291a43c3f99e69274585f1c224 )
rom ( name track02.raw size 5016816 crc a7fc6e91 md5 19c8bb8afb29fedc6e72c56849b14534 sha1 f47e1ac15a991896f1236665321d4a5b2bd1c89c )
rom ( name track03.bin size 1185760800 crc 20ac72f3 md5 35a57faa136a8c8bc608140a79fda659 sha1 1d2a13ba78f9d56c7c4356b36558c32347e88017 )

name "Sports Jam v1.005 (2000)(Sega)(JP)[!]"
description "Sports Jam v1.005 (2000)(Sega)(JP)[!]"
rom ( name "Sports Jam v1.005 (2000)(Sega)(JP)[!].gdi" size 87 crc 468c1495 md5 346fea58ab1a55c577138c5b04319157 sha1 980036e44ad9d694ea1699cd05c86ccd0c894c47 )
rom ( name track01.bin size 1058400 crc f09ca7eb md5 35ddcbfc115264182c4fe20eba2af50c sha1 59e116f0d2cc013198993915a36de25dae0e1e48 )
rom ( name track02.raw size 5016816 crc 4d60a1f2 md5 94c4472ccedd6e6b31821d21c981777d sha1 885a2922a257fadbc4690c64b4fc75f1a59e5435 )
rom ( name track03.bin size 1185760800 crc 74c7d6d4 md5 8fa564b0f66b19a9add06c0272d07f51 sha1 1256edc49be8f73603e9ee9c0a4cc705924854dc )

name "Super Major League v1.001 (2001)(Sega)(JP)[!][World Series Baseball]"
description "Super Major League v1.001 (2001)(Sega)(JP)[!][World Series Baseball]"
rom ( name "Super Major League v1.001 (2001)(Sega)(JP)[!][World Series Baseball].gdi" size 87 crc 468c1495 md5 346fea58ab1a55c577138c5b04319157 sha1 980036e44ad9d694ea1699cd05c86ccd0c894c47 )
rom ( name track01.bin size 1058400 crc d61f4891 md5 7d88d18bcd0119e06b3a15b044680aad sha1 19416455ffd79bf63724b74c647b6b7b2c36efd5 )
rom ( name track02.raw size 5016816 crc 596eb2be md5 232156886ebf242afa77d402f801e9e5 sha1 dbc2367da0df8b5a4db935cc6280cd46d7c75bf1 )
rom ( name track03.bin size 1185760800 crc c075af77 md5 90876efbdd54e97da03e8ce231d7385a sha1 5eeb30b61b51e724d70976bce3834ca7e9d987c2 )

After adding pregap to the 2nd tracks on all of those games, we end up with the following for the 2nd tracks:

Dynamic Golf v2.002 (2001)(Sega)(JP)[!][Virtua Golf]
rom ( name Track02.bin size 5369616 crc 624592aa md5 7ab9c91ca3a16ff047bd7e6b6fda1ec8 sha1 46ac7273fd39992d3180bde000f06f07ea4e740f )

Guilty Gear XX - The Midnight Carnival v1.001 (2002)(Sammy)(JP)[!]
rom ( name Track02.bin size 5369616 crc 7a9d8766 md5 d04269d245e7bce488fd8d7da8b2b601 sha1 5c341a06d918f880974f93239b1461ce66e57d0f )

Sports Jam v1.005 (2000)(Sega)(JP)[!]
rom ( name Track02.bin size 5369616 crc 90014805 md5 7357c3febfa4050f3012deb6a404abe9 sha1 aee4b9790f2b089dd94c65714109048c6b8848cf )

Super Major League v1.001 (2001)(Sega)(JP)[!][World Series Baseball]
rom ( name Track02.bin size 5369616 crc 840f5b49 md5 a2286bd254388488408fde8589932c13 sha1 e5b38862b206043806912549dee0d7bad7052e38 )

So at least you can be somewhat sure that in the future if someone comes along and dumps the NAOMI games your way, they will more than likely match what I just posted.  I also took notes on these games and the other ones that haven't been confirmed yet.  Track01's and Track02's seem to have a consistency on their sizes.

Track01 generally consists of 300 or 450 data sectors (4-6 seconds) for most games.  Only a handful of the games are different.
Track02 is generally 1984 data sectors, and 4 games actually have 1998 data sectors.  Ikaruga is weird because the second track begins where the first one ends, there's no zero data in between.

but anyway, if no one's interested in this info then you can just close the thread.


F1ReB4LL wrote:

And what's the point of this?

AKUMA™ wrote:

Now go to Command Prompt since chdman.exe is a DOS tool.  Make sure your current directory that the files are in is listed in the DOS window.

It's a console Win32 tool and won't run under MS-DOS.

Gimme a break already.  I was in a hurry yesterday morning when I posted that.  DOS, command line, bah whatever.  If it's in a black n white box on my screen I just call it DOS lol tongue

Rocknroms wrote:

Akuma, I don't want to cut off your work, but this is the well known method to convert CHD to make them playable on NullDC.
Moreover it's nothing I think Redump care about as the images you can obtain are like DC dumps by dumpcast (no write offset correction, missing pregap for some data tracks).

Instead it will be a great and good thing that some owners of Naomi gdroms will dump them the same way we dump DC gdroms.

I don't want the Dumpcast method though.  See that's what confuses me about GDs is that Dumpcast does them one way and you guys do them the other way.  Also, I haven't seen anything anywhere on how to reverse NAOMI chds to GD-ROMs other than 1 guide that was posted at a few different sites word for word, and it uses bin2iso which doesn't seem to make the right cue sheets at all, because even when I changed the last track to Mode1 instead of audio IsoBuster would get errors.  And that guide was intended just for getting the last track so you could run it in nullDC-Naomi, it didn't cover what I am trying to do, which is obtain the full image from the chds (which I did).

I was taking notes from the images I made and noticed that most of the images had either 300 or 450 sectors of data in Track 1 (sectors 0-299 and 0-449 respectively).

Track 2's seem to have about 1983 or 1984 sectors of data (only 4 images have all zeroes in the first sector of Track 2).  Only the Gundam games are different, with 1998 sectors of data (from sectors 600 to 2597).  All the track 3's are the same size except for CVS 2 2001 because the track is too small, and I read a few other places that it was probably a bad dump.

Also like I said, all the track03.bin's that I made matched the ones that Dumpcast has listed, and comparing notes between the Dreamcast dats from Redump and Dumpcast, there's no difference in the filesizes or checksums for track03.bin's of Dreamcast games.  So I figure the same goes for NAOMI games as well.  The only thing I see with Dumpcast is that they remove the 150 sectors of zero data from the end of Track 1, and add 150 sectors of zero data to the end of Track 2.  When I did it their way, yeah I got perfect NAOMI tosec images, which I DON'T want.  But all in all I do believe I am on the right track here.

For SFZ3 Upper for example:
track 01 sectors 0-299 contain actual data
track 01 sectors 300-449 are all zeroes (Track 02 pregap?)
sector 450 is the first sector of Track 02, but is all zeroes.  sectors 451-2433 contain data.  2434 to 44999 are all zeroes again.
45000 is where Track 03 starts, and it ends at 549149, which is consistent with all of them barring CVS2 2001.
Capcom vs SNK 2000 Pro is setup the exact same way as SFZ3 Upper too.

EDIT-  I'm just going to use the Dreamcast method in the other thread here for adjusting the pregap on the NAOMI images (remove 352800 bytes from the end of Track 01 and add to beginning of Track 02).  It looks like the NAOMI images are just like Dreamcast images in so many ways.  I think this is the only step left and then the images will be correct.  Hopefully like you said RocknRoms someone will dump the NAOMI images like Redump does.  I would be pleasantly surprised if someone did and their dumps match what I end up with from the CHDs.

edit - removed guide


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Havikoro wrote:

Looks good I will definitely give this a try. Also anything to help simplify the dumping process for new dumpers I feel is always welcome. Thanks for sharing. smile

I agree, and that was the primary goal - to simplify the dumping process, not just for new dumpers but for everyone hopefully.

Anyway, I updated the program to version 1.1, and added an option for games with 2 data tracks by including the reMove.exe program into it.  The end goal is to hopefully have a nice dumping suite that anyone can use.  I don't generally program stuff but basic DOS is simple enough for me to understand roughly for now.  That's why I make the code available so maybe the more tech savvy gentlemen around here might be able to translate it into something more like a full-fledged GUI like the GoodGUI for Cowering's GoodTools.

Cool!  Thanks a lot.  I wasn't aware of those tools and threads, or that psxtools had other options besides just the FIX option (the readme file doesn't mention any commands other than ones that got removed).  I'll have a look at that stuff n maybe I can make that ps1redumper I posted a little better.:)

I noticed Fighter Maker (http://redump.org/disc/3246/) has a 3 second pregap.  I am assuming that resizing the data track for this game is the same process as that used for a 2 second pregap, and that you just change the command line:

RESIZE -r -352800 "Track 01.bin"


RESIZE -r -529200 "Track 01.bin"

How do you pad the audio track for this game, since "pregap.bin" I found in a Castlevania thread here is only 352800 bytes?

My other question is about PS1 games that have 2 data tracks, like No One Can Stop Mr. Domino (http://redump.org/disc/2823/) and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (http://redump.org/disc/508/).  Is the same process used for dumping the 2nd track as is used for the first track (Extract RAW Data (2352 bytes/block) (*.bin, *.iso))?  And does the 2nd track need to be padded with the pregap.bin file?

I didn't see any other threads asking about this so hopefully I'm not asking something that was already asked before.


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Recently I created a program which I call the PS1 Redumper, which is basically a simple GUI/frontend for the resize.com and psxt001z.exe tools.  What I did was I wrote a basic batch file and converted it to an exe file.  I also added a PAD Audio Track option for games containing only a single audio track like King of Fighters 99 and Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and an option for games containing 2 data tracks like Street Fighter Alpha 3.

EDIT - updated to version 1.2!  New IsoBuster options added for even more simplicity in dumping PS1 games!

Basically you have 6 options:

X - EXTRACT Track 01 with IsoBuster
R - RESIZE and FIX data track (Track 01.bin)
P - PAD audio track (Track02.bin)
B - RESIZE and FIX data track (Track 01.bin) and PAD audio track (Track02.bin)
W - EXTRACT Track 01 and Track 02 with IsoBuster
M - MOVE bytes from Track 01.bin to Track 02.bin

See the included readme for more details.

here's a snapshot of the program:

After selecting an option, the program will ask you for the amount of seconds you would like the PREGAP to be, for those rare occassions when the pregap is something other than 2 seconds.  Also when you run the program, it will automatically create the files resize.com, psxt001z.exe, and reMove.exe, and it will delete them upon exiting the program.

This program will also generate PREGAP bin files now, so for example if you choose option 2 and select a 2 second pregap, it will spit out a file named "2secondpregap.bin", and it will then copy that file to the beginning of "Track02.bin", resulting in the final created file "newTrack02.bin".  Same goes for 3 seconds (3secondpregap.bin) and so on and so forth.  I tested this program on some games and it seems to work as I intended it to.  Please check it out for yourselves, and if you like it, feel free to add it to the PSX guide area of the site.  I'm sure it will really help out people since it takes care of manually typing out command lines in DOS.

Here's the link to download it:  ps1redumper_v1.2.rar

If you are interested in the code from the batch file I created to make this program shoot me a PM and I will give it to you.

One other thing, it may be a good idea to include some info in the PSX dumping guide about dumping games that have only one audio track, since dumping these types of games requires a slightly different approach to the types of games that contain multiple audio tracks.  It'll save some headaches for those new to making proper dumps smile

I really admire you guys for the work you have done with this REDUMP project, I have been following this project since the site was originally the PSXDB.com.  I used to provide the link to this site in NFOs back then when I uploaded PS1 games to the net.  I'm considering uploading proper PS1 dumps again via torrent files, and will definitely include the link to this place if I do.  It is unfortunate you do not allow actual games to be posted here otherwise this would be the greatest game site on the net.