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Recently I created a program which I call the PS1 Redumper, which is basically a simple GUI/frontend for the resize.com and psxt001z.exe tools.  What I did was I wrote a basic batch file and converted it to an exe file.  I also added a PAD Audio Track option for games containing only a single audio track like King of Fighters 99 and Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and an option for games containing 2 data tracks like Street Fighter Alpha 3.

EDIT - updated to version 1.2!  New IsoBuster options added for even more simplicity in dumping PS1 games!

Basically you have 6 options:

X - EXTRACT Track 01 with IsoBuster
R - RESIZE and FIX data track (Track 01.bin)
P - PAD audio track (Track02.bin)
B - RESIZE and FIX data track (Track 01.bin) and PAD audio track (Track02.bin)
W - EXTRACT Track 01 and Track 02 with IsoBuster
M - MOVE bytes from Track 01.bin to Track 02.bin

See the included readme for more details.

here's a snapshot of the program:

After selecting an option, the program will ask you for the amount of seconds you would like the PREGAP to be, for those rare occassions when the pregap is something other than 2 seconds.  Also when you run the program, it will automatically create the files resize.com, psxt001z.exe, and reMove.exe, and it will delete them upon exiting the program.

This program will also generate PREGAP bin files now, so for example if you choose option 2 and select a 2 second pregap, it will spit out a file named "2secondpregap.bin", and it will then copy that file to the beginning of "Track02.bin", resulting in the final created file "newTrack02.bin".  Same goes for 3 seconds (3secondpregap.bin) and so on and so forth.  I tested this program on some games and it seems to work as I intended it to.  Please check it out for yourselves, and if you like it, feel free to add it to the PSX guide area of the site.  I'm sure it will really help out people since it takes care of manually typing out command lines in DOS.

Here's the link to download it:  ps1redumper_v1.2.rar

If you are interested in the code from the batch file I created to make this program shoot me a PM and I will give it to you.

One other thing, it may be a good idea to include some info in the PSX dumping guide about dumping games that have only one audio track, since dumping these types of games requires a slightly different approach to the types of games that contain multiple audio tracks.  It'll save some headaches for those new to making proper dumps smile

I really admire you guys for the work you have done with this REDUMP project, I have been following this project since the site was originally the PSXDB.com.  I used to provide the link to this site in NFOs back then when I uploaded PS1 games to the net.  I'm considering uploading proper PS1 dumps again via torrent files, and will definitely include the link to this place if I do.  It is unfortunate you do not allow actual games to be posted here otherwise this would be the greatest game site on the net.

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Looks good I will definitely give this a try. Also anything to help simplify the dumping process for new dumpers I feel is always welcome. Thanks for sharing. smile

Havikoro wrote:

Looks good I will definitely give this a try. Also anything to help simplify the dumping process for new dumpers I feel is always welcome. Thanks for sharing. smile

I agree, and that was the primary goal - to simplify the dumping process, not just for new dumpers but for everyone hopefully.

Anyway, I updated the program to version 1.1, and added an option for games with 2 data tracks by including the reMove.exe program into it.  The end goal is to hopefully have a nice dumping suite that anyone can use.  I don't generally program stuff but basic DOS is simple enough for me to understand roughly for now.  That's why I make the code available so maybe the more tech savvy gentlemen around here might be able to translate it into something more like a full-fledged GUI like the GoodGUI for Cowering's GoodTools.

This is cool!  I'm looking for the info on dumping a game with only one audio track...
I have MLB Pennant Race, and it has only one Audio track, and I can't seem to figure out the pregap/postgap stuff for dumping this one.

Bug - After dumping - push R and type 2 to remove the 2 second pregap from track 1. Then when back at the menu push R again but leave the field for the seconds removed empty (just push return). It will remove another 2 seconds from the image!

This will also cause PSXTools to also spit out a ton of EDC/ECC sector errors!

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