I was thinking of adding some tools and other useful information on the disc dumping guides to help educate people, and I was asked to consult before doing any changes.

  • Add dvdisaster which can quickly go and check the disc sectors before dumping if your disc's damaged.

  • Add Eldoug's tutorial on how to resurface discs. https://youtu.be/wg2WlYlB8Zw

  • Add information regarding how to check disc for label damage.

  • Add information regarding Maxell disc lens cleaner.

  • Add qpxTool which can tell you useful information on your Plextor and comes with other tools.

What do you think?


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I was told yesterday that Enker retired from being a moderator on Redump on April 11th. The reason was because he lost interest and was considering retiring for some time.

I was shocked about the news as it seemed like he was going to continue moderating, but he's been with Redump for 10 years now and I understand why he would've lost interest.

He deserves his retirement, as he spent an amazing amount of time and hard work moderating Redump, mostly moderating Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. Enker was online every day, always adding discs and being pretty fast to do so.

I'm not a moderator of Redump, but I still appreciated his work on the site.

Enker, if you're reading this, thank you for all the work you've put into Redump.

Yes, both of them can dump SecuROM and SafeDisc. Compatible ASUS and LG drives are nice as well and can dump with them.

Does the drive try to spin up the disc 3 times, then flash amber? If so, yeah, that's a sign of the laser dying, which sucks... This is why I don't trust that model at all, but I don't know why the firmware has to do with it (could it be a coincidence)

Someone here mentioned they had a similar drive die after it was running overnight. The Plextor 708 and 712 really suck in my opinion because of this laser problem.

Or, you could get a replacement Sanyo SF-DB10 laser on AliXpress. Not sure if anyone's tried it with the Plextors yet, but it should work.

Otherwise, honestly, since Plextors are scarce, I recommend just getting an LG WH16NS40 or ASUS BW-16D1HT. They work great and the former is just $60.

You can join the Discord if you want to communicate with the community better: https://discord.gg/AHTfxQV

Yeah, that's definitely a sign that the laser died. Sorry about that. I've had 3 Plextors in the past do that to me...

Some Plextors have replacement lasers available on AliXpress, but I don't think  that there's one for the 755. There's not one for the 760, so I don't think there's one for the 755.

Hi, are you still working on this tutorial?

Thanks for your information. I was the one who put that note on the wiki page, however I did not know about any of this.

I had a PX-708UF, PX-708UF2 and PX-716 all be DoA with loading CDs. The former 2 would load DVDs though, all of these were from eBay. So I told myself these Plextors just have a really poor laser (olof corroborated that).

I bought a PX-760 on Facebook Marketplace and it came a few days ago, and it reads both CDs and DVDs fine. However it doesn't like scratched DVDs very much.

My PX-W5224TA and Premium-U are very good about reading CDs and I've had no problems with them. The 5224 was previously used to load thousands of discs.

I'll look forward to your update to this thread and we can put info on the wiki.

I was suggested to make a thread to discuss dumping audio tracks with an ASUS or LG Drive.

I had a disc I tried dumping with audio tracks, Reader Rabbit Toddler. For some reason, my Plextor made a bad dump with it before (adding more 0x00 bytes to the end of tracks), but when retrying the dumps match.

I believe Digitoxin also said all his discs with audio tracks matched when dumping with Plextor and LG.

Also, positive offset discs can be dumped with the ASUS using the /mr option in DIC.

Please post any other useful information, and with enough testing maybe positive offset discs made with an ASUS/LG can be added to Redump, and discs with audio tracks can be reinstated.


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These Mould SID Codes do not match up. I'm not sure if the correct digit is supposed to be a 0 or a O.

F1ReB4LL wrote:
NovaAurora wrote:

I don't know how I feel about them appearing in all dats, this will seriously bloat the Macintosh datfile in particular.

Mac needs to be split to 68k Mac, PPC Mac, x86 Mac, x64 Mac, ARM Mac. After that dats should look fine even with hybrids.

Is there anyone actually making discs with ARM Mac software? Because ARM Macs were released last year and they don't have a disc drive.


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sarami, DiscImageCreator has problems properly dumping a Hasbro VideoNow disc.

As noted by F1ReB4LL, it's supposed to have 18032 bytes of zeroes + 71808 bytes that were cut at the start of the first track. This seems to be a DIC problem.

My logs are below.

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ … s_logs.zip

Using qpxtool, you can see how much your Plextor has been used. Share it in this thread. My W5224 has been used quite a bit!

Please give me an account for the Wiki, as I want to contribute to it.