Using qpxtool, you can see how much your Plextor has been used. Share it in this thread. My W5224 has been used quite a bit!

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Useless thread, though.

This actually helped me out when I was curious about the second-hand Plextor I got a while back. I didn't know QPxTool had this information. FYI, it looks like the "discs loaded" counter stops at 100,000. Either that or it was just coincidentally the 100,000 disc, but I doubt it.

Is there any rule of thumb for how many hours the OPU should last? I think the drive is at only about 500 hours of reading or so, IIRC (don't have it in front of me right now), despite having been fed so many discs.


Disc load count: 5439
CD read time: 1639:03:28
CD write time: 02:07:03
DVD read time: 252:24:38
DVD write time: 28:20:32

Has some troubles reading DVD5 and scratched CDs but otherwise works just fine smile

Do I win?

PX-4824TA (offset +98), PX-716A (offset +30), ASUS BW-16D1HT (offset +6)