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I get an error saying the ISO is invalid/encrypted. When I copy the ISOs to my PC the SHA1s match the Redump database perfectly. What's up?

The dumps produced by using the dumping guide are encrypted.

What's the easiest and quickest way to decrypt an ISO without having to just redump it?

Hello, I've dumped several of my games using the PS3 dumping guide. However, when I try to mount and play the games with Multiman, I get an error saying the ISO is invalid/encrypted. When I copy the ISOs to my PC the SHA1s match the Redump database perfectly. What's up?

I'm on Rebug 4.86.1.

P.S. If my Redump-verified ISOs won't work with Multiman, is there a way to convert them to JB folder format or something that will?

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Take a look at the ringcode on the back (ask the seller for a photo if necessary), the main part of the ID (the BPSS number on American PS3 discs) should match if it's already dumped. Sometimes the trailing digit differs (e.g. 1/2/3) along with the SID codes but this isn't part of the main ID.

Same applies for PAL region PlayStation games (and even non-PlayStation media made by Sony DADC like movies, UMDs, audio CDs, PC games/software etc.) - it's the large number with an A prefix (the -0101 or -A511 or -A911 doesn't matter, neither does the 17/28 etc. after it)

Thanks! Both discs are American, so as long as both discs dump to the same SHA1 and are marked "BPSS-218800A1", I don't have to worry about any other markings such as the sid codes or toolstamp/mastering code? The discs are identical?

Thanks x2!

Hello! I'm trying to confirm that this... … 1Eb188TZVM
(MGS HD Collection, PS3, Standard)

Is the exact same disc that came with this... … 1EbD4BXFPA
(MGS HD Collection, PS3, Limited)

Basically, I have the Limited Edition, and I'm looking to replace the disc with a brand new copy of the same thing from the Standard Edition release. I want to make sure it's the same disc in every way possible (including the data on the disc).

If the disc labels look exactly the same, and I dump (using the PS3 dumping guide) both my original disc (from my Limited Edition) and the replacement disc (from a standard edition release), and the SHA1s match... Is there any point in verifying that the metadata and ring information are same? Do the metadata and ring info ever differ between discs if the SHA1s match?

Please help ease my collector OCD! Thanks so much!

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Don't know if this is already known. You can use any 360 drive now using the USB Pro v2 … roduction/

I bought one of these the other day and discovered there are many caveats and gotchas. Stock 16D2S drives don't work out of the box for example -- they dump an incorrect/incomplete SS.bin. You need to flash the drive with 0800 v3 for the drive to properly dump the security sector (not just any 0800). I also tried using a functional BenQ drive and nothing I tried could get that thing to work. Also in the product description for the X360USB they state:

Convert any stock 360 DVD into an 0800 ripping drive without modifying the firmware

But two sentences later, actually, we didn't mean any drive, tee hee:

Even works with Hitachi 0500*! (Liteon DG-16D5S 1175 Support Coming Soon)

I was also confused by this dumping guide, as it doesn't say anything about dumping SS/PFI/DMI in the 0800 section. Being a noob that threw me off, especially because I was able to dump the ISO fine but the SS.bin seemed like gibberish. I thought I was missing some steps.

Anyway, I finally got it working and I'm going to begin dumping this huge stack of games now. Hopefully my info helps someone down the road.

Hey, limbo43, has anything changed since you posted this? What's my cheapest route to 1:1 Xbox (Original) as well as 360 dumps? Thanks!


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I'll have dump info of Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke ( incoming soon. So were using the currently posted guide but using PSPFiler instead of DAX for dumping, right?