Welcome aboard, Rempa.

Zet-sensei from VGPC trained him personally these last few days - with my advices also.
Dumped some games together and explained how to use guides and rapidly seen some future submits for the forums.
Should be operational in the following hours for sending 3 new Wii dumps and 12 NGC/Wii verifications.

I recommend the dumper status for the user.
Thanks in advance.


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Dizzy replied to my question about possible compatible USB Plextor drives.
So, it's a no-go.



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Pleased to be a part of the project since years.
See you in the next 50K.

The explanation of my vote is rather simple and short : I'm agree with all Jackal's arguments, so I choose NO for switching all dumpings in CloneCD Format.

But, CloneCD could be an option for dumping some systems like PC-Engine because of those tricky formats and mastering errors.

EDIT : +1 on F1ReB4LL's post!


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Your website had been already useful for checking some of my personal dumps in a recent past.
So, in return of my gratitude and my respect in the project, I also would like to contribute a little bit!

I will dump/redump some PS2 games (ISOBuster and HashCalc method) and PSP games (PSPFiler 6.4 method) today and an another batch the next week.

I provide you now a picture of the following games after my message...

The informations and results of my dumps will be sent in the next hours or days!

If I can be of some help on the end-year race and your goal of 10,000 dumps...