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Today our project reached a major milestone: There are now 50.000 discs in the database.
Since our last news post around 12 months ago, close to 10.000 new discs have been added to the database:

- Around 900 PSX and 950 PS2 discs, including many Japanese, PAL regional variants and Demo's.
- Close to 800 Sega (DC, MCD, SS) discs.
- Over 400 XBOX discs, bringing the USA set much closer to completion.
- Close to 4.000 IBM PC discs (!).
- Over 3.000 discs for other systems (including modern, as of yet undisclosed ones).

A huge thanks goes out to our contributors and also the Video Game Preservation Collective (VGPC) for all their efforts.

That is huge! cool

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Ha smile ha, 50K

He who controls the SPICE... controls the UNIVERSE!
The SPICE must flow.

Pleased to be a part of the project since years.
See you in the next 50K.



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