I'm coming under recommandation from Zet-sensei from VGPC France and Kurems from Redump.
I'm a little video game collector since one year ago, and i'd like to contribute filling your database as much as i can, at least for PAL Wii games.
I currenlty can help you for at least trackmania and Wall.e, but i hope i will be able to help for more games in the future.


2 (edited by Kurems 2018-04-30 15:07:14)

Welcome aboard, Rempa.

Zet-sensei from VGPC trained him personally these last few days - with my advices also.
Dumped some games together and explained how to use guides and rapidly seen some future submits for the forums.
Should be operational in the following hours for sending 3 new Wii dumps and 12 NGC/Wii verifications.

I recommend the dumper status for the user.
Thanks in advance.