Hi. I'm 39 and love gaming. However when I try to play my old PS games on disc, they are all scratched up and don't work.  Has ruined PS for me until I discovered this site where the disc images are cataloged and preserved!  How amazing is that!  I have a few discs from games that are in good condition to near perfect but most of my favorites are all messed up. Like FFVII, and twisted metal 2. Both of which i see in your inventory.  Would love to add to a collection and upgrade my copies of games so they are playable again.  Im also currently working on an overclocked rasp pi 3 and want to play my PS 1 and possibly PS2 games on there. Need the ISO files and images to do that I believe.

Anyone know if this works out ok?  Any input on the limits to what OC Rasp Pi3 B can handle w regard to PS games?

Can I join this group?  Please?

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Hey welcome, we don't actually allow for downloads here (there are no iso on this site!). This is a common misunderstanding. This is just a database similar to a card catalog. I hope that clears up some of the confusion.

iRobot, maybe this can be clarified on this page? http://forum.redump.org/topic/12228/wan … ead-first/

"Please note: No roms are hosted on this site and sharing roms on our forums is both bannable and illegal." or something of the sort.

I was thinking about to put a banner showing something like icons "no warez", "no isos" etc.

Not sure if people ever read the introduction screen but we shall do it anyway.

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Add a mandatory checkbox (something like "I understand there are no free games here") to the guest topic creation somewhere nearby the captcha.