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Hello All,

i just bought a PX-708UF for cheap and offcourse it had a dead laser.
I replaced it with a new one, and normal disk are being read fine,

Only when i try to dump the HD area, it takes forever with dcdumper.

I tried it on two discs (that have some scratches on them)
Anyone have an idea what it could be ?
Normal discs it reads fine !

Plextors are not good for dumping GD-ROM HD area.
There are very few drives that can do that in a reliable way.
In short, you have to dump the LD area with the Plextor and the HD area with the other drive.
Please read guide linked in post above yours, it has some recommended drives (section "Dumping the HD area")

Keep in mind that even with the recommended drives process can be quite difficult, especially in discs with scratches and will take some more patience than dumping a normal CD ROM.

Nextria. What laser you did you buy for your PX?

reentrant wrote:

Nextria. What laser you did you buy for your PX?

hello i bought this one : … 4c4dT8bKnV