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Hey guys, I tried searching on the forum but came up empty for an answer, why are there three different categories for two systems (CDTV & CD32). Below is my best guess based off research:

  • Commodore Amiga CD - compatible with both CD32 and CDTV?

  • Commodore Amiga CDTV - only works with CDTV?

  • Commodore Amiga CD32 - (no CD32 discs are backwards compatible for CDTV)

I would like to build a proper miss list for this system and getting an answer would help.

CD32 logo on the cover - CD32; CDTV logo on the cover - CDTV; AmigaCD title compatible with CDTV (like, Cedric) - CDTV for now (though, it should be treated as a hybrid multisystem disc), AmigaCD compatible with CD32 - CD32 for now. At least, the ones that are in the db right now follow this logic.

The jist I'm getting is that there are two hardware systems (Amiga CDTV and Amiga CD32) that represent the three category of discs. It's somewhat ambiguous as to what list certain titles belong on, therefore I plan on merging the miss list onto a single page (though keeping them separate by category as best understood, on that single page).

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Amiga CD32 hardware is based on the A1200, CDTV on A500. AmigaCD in general could be used on Amiga systems from A500 to A4000, only limit are the single programs with their hardware requirements.

Most CD32 titles can also be played on an AGA system with Kick 2.0 and above, CDTV software can be used on an OCS with Kick 1.3 (of course who would plug a SCSI-adapter to the ZORO of an A500?? smile )

So I think F1ReB4LL is right, CDTV and CD32 compatible software should not be labeled as AmigaCD.