Yes they're eligible and plenty are already in the database.

Hash matches

Moved to verifications.


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Moved to verifications


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Another similar case, the promo likely has a retail release which hasn't been dumped yet.

johnsanc wrote:

F1 Race Stars - Powered Up Edition (Japan) (Rev 1)
This should not be Rev 1. The internal serial is WUP-P-AF9J-00-101JPN-2 which indicates Rev 0, or no revision

I'm wary of changing this, the ringcode designates it as Rev 1 which is what we've been using across the board for GC, Wii, and Wii U. There's a few possibilities here:

1. The ringcode is a typo and it's actually 00 -- Easiest answer, just needs verification
2. The ringcode created by the factory is erroneous and it was meant to be 00 -- Game is actually Rev 0 as you've said.
3. The internal serial given by Nintendo is erroneous and the game is actually Rev 1 -- Most unlikely but it's still a possibility so I listed it.

As for the internal serials listed, as a note for whoever does it, when processed they should follow a [T:ISN] indicator like the Sony systems do.


Staff are unable to add BIOS files to the dat unfortunately. Only the site admin can add to them because they're created differently from normal disc dats. I'll pin this thread so it doesn't get lost, but it's unlikely to be added any time soon.

No, it's not possible.
Staff don't have access of that level to the site and the dats.
Only iRobot would be able to do that and he only appears once a year if that.

Procedure is typically to use the title that is used in-game.
I can understand the difficulty of this situation however, it really emphasizes the failings of the limitations of the site.
This is the sort of situation where it's impossible to make everyone happy I feel.
Maybe for this disc we can go to the old methodology of putting both titles in the main title, separated by a "~" even if it's been more or less deprecated as procedure.

i.e.: Gwimuja Muroejeon ~ Onimusha Buraiden

The date used may have to vary by system, as some systems don't have an easily identifiable executable, and some systems don't have a PVD. The date on labels can be wildly off from the actual content date as well.

Right now the system is to put the earliest known Beta as (Beta 1) and later ones as (Beta 2) (Beta 3) etc in chronological order.

In my opinion, I would keep the Beta numbering but add an additional tag at the end for date, similar to the (Rerelease) (19990101) system used for IBM PC (We do not use dashes here).


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Sadikyo recommends this:

Hanazukin-chan no Flower-land


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Just grab the latest firmware from the links here: … patibility

Edit: And yes, you can use a USB adapter fine, just make sure it has external power.

Staff has requested the site owner to do this many times to no avail.


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Yeah that's what spurred this change, I suggested putting iKTV stuff in the TKS dat, but Fireball wasn't keen on that and said to just use the iKTV dat.


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It's either this or Kiss-Site and iKTV get removed entirely, and put into the VCD dat with (Kiss-Site) and (iKTV) added to the end. Which I consider much worse than what we have now.

We cannot create new dats, it's important to emphasize that and remind people of our lack of power on the site because of our incompetent site admin.


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My personal opinion on the matter:
Yes, Karaoke should be datted by Redump. It's a bit of a grey area but if we don't dat it, it'll likely be lost.
I feel iKTV and Kiss-Site should remain separate as they're dedicated discs for specific systems (Even if they're playable on other devices).
Karaoke should be a category in my opinion, like Games, Video, Add-Ons, etc.


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Please don't take the above as permission to submit bulk fixes for languages in comments, we're overwhelmed as it is and my computer is out of commission at the moment so I can't easily process stuff.

If we manage to clean out verifications, then maybe we can start focusing on less important stuff. Feel free to submit the regional dialects in the comments of new dumps/verifications in the meantime however.


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Diego... lol


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Multisession requires one of the 7xx model plextors listed on the drive compatibility list. … patibility


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Yeah, I can do that though, thank you!


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togemet didn't want to make an account so it doesn't really matter


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Requesting a dummy account for "Forest of Illusion" so their dumps are searchable in the db


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In the absence of iRobot, I've talked to the people at No-Intro and we decided to process entries there for disc systems Redump doesn't support in the meantime.
All processed and added discs will be moved here, in case iRobot ever decides to work with staff again.


[Xbox Series X] <-- Added to redump on 2022-12-06

Judgment (USA) … amp;n=0001 … gment-usa/

[Konami Python 2]

Dancing Stage SuperNOVA (Europe) (Install Disk) … amp;n=0001 … supernova/

[Sega ALLS]

Fate - Grand Order Arcade (Japan) (Disc 1) … amp;n=0001 … cadedisc1/

Fate - Grand Order Arcade (Japan) (Disc 1) (Rev 1) … amp;n=0002 … -discs-13/

Fate - Grand Order Arcade (Japan) (Disc 2) … amp;n=0003 … -discs-13/

Fate - Grand Order Arcade (Japan) (Disc 3) … amp;n=0004 … -discs-13/


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Yeah, it's definitely a frustrating experience for everyone, but we're doing the best we can given the current situation. And the data is being backed up by multiple people regularly just in case, so that's not an issue.

Yeah they pull pre-filled data from the site for verifications more or less