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Jeweler's Loupe, Magnifying glass, USB Microscope, Higher quality scanner, take your pick.


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Should be functionally identical, yes.

This includes both verifications AND new dumps. Including dumps submitted via the new disc form.

Please please please attach logs or post a link to your logs when you submit a disc. For any and all systems that apply.

Dumps submitted via the new disc form must have logs included via an external link (Google, MEGA, OneDrive, etc) with the link posted in the Comments section of the form. (Please do not include the actual disc data [.bin, .iso, .scm, .img...])

Dumps without logs may be delayed or not approved in the future.


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Attached is an image of my Bakugan: Battle Brawlers for Wii with a Mould SID of V9O0

I don't know how I feel about them appearing in all dats, this will seriously bloat the Macintosh datfile in particular.

We take into consideration:
*How the title is displayed on the disc
*How the title is displayed on the box/artwork
*How the title is displayed in-game
*How the title is displayed in official media (Official website, etc)
*How the title is displayed in unofficial media (Wikipedia, Mobygames)

If you feel something is incorrect, please get in contact with someone or submit a fix request.


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hiker13526 wrote:

Trying to dump a PC CD and it took like 3 hours to dump with Plextor+MPF and failed

Important to note that MPF is not DIC. DIC is what MPF uses but MPF has much more attached like BOS (Protection scanning)
Protection scanning can take a VERY long time sometimes in recent versions. If it goes over 30 minutes I'd recommend disabling it in the settings and scanning it manually with PID (Protection ID).


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Positive SecuROM 4 detection with DIC and PID, 0 Errors reported by DIC. 1 Error detected by CDMage in track 1.

Logs: …


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Logs: … 72/test.7z

Looks like repeating sector bug and pregap bug are fixed. Same # of errors reported, same hashes.


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Weird multisession dump & logs

Logs: …

"a normal multisession disc has this for session 2:
REM LEAD-IN 01:00:00
REM PREGAP 00:02:00

this one has:
REM PREGAP 52:32:11"

Have you tried dumping at a low speed on the Plextor? (4x-16x, varies)
Could also be the CD laser going bad on it, 7xx drives are known for that.

Egen wrote:

but unfortunately doesn't include a barcode. Perhaps it was the slim box version that doesn't have a barcode.

I got a lot of disc only stuff, so if you get one that matches please add a barcode!

Asking for a wiki account so I can tweak the guide I wrote for Ring Protected discs (add links, fix formatting) and help maintain missing lists. Thanks.


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LoStraniero pointed me here.

Latest DIC included with MPF, only one sector being detected for SecuROM 4.84.76. Apparently it's supposed to have more than that. Here's the logs, I was told to attach those. …