Like my other topic from before, this is part of a large lot of prototype/sample discs that were purchased and dumped back in February. These are just the PS1 discs from the lot: … on.7z/file

This time we have:

Bakuryu (Nov 27, 1999 prototype)
Bubsy 3D (Mar 13, 1997 prototype)
Dancing Stage EuroMIX (Sep 1, 2000 prototype)
Dead or Alive (Apr 22, 1998 prototype)
Dead or Alive (Jan 10, 1998 prototype)
Dynasty Warriors (Jul 15, 1997 prototype)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Dec 20, 1999 prototype)
Killing Time (Apr 28, 1997 prototype)
Little Big Adventure (Jan 27, 1997 prototype)
Spice World (Apr 28, 1998 prototype)
Syphon Filter 2 (Dec 23, 1999 prototype)
Syphon Filter 2 (Jan 27, 2000 prototype)
Tombi! (Feb 3, 1998 prototype)
Vib-Ribbon (May 30, 2000 prototype)
Xena: Warrior Princess (Aug 10, 1999 prototype)

All of these were dumped with either a Plextor PX-W4012TA CD-RW drive flashed to firmware 1.07, Plextor PX-760A CD-RW/DVD-RW drive flashed to firmware 1.07, or a LG WH14NS40 (SVC NS50) flashed to Asus BW-16D1HT 3.02 firmware. The only thing to note is the Bubsy 3D dump, as for some reason DIC included mainerror two errors when dumped with the LG drive that didn't appear when we dumped with another drive, but otherwise the dumps were identical. This seems to be common for some reason with the LG drive, but so far it doesn't seem like it intentionally causes uncorrectable errors in the dump itself?

Hello! Here's something for your consideration.

We recently did a group community buy to acquire a nice lot of prototypes for various systems. We finished going through the PS2 stuff and were able to successfully dump 28 discs using DICUI. Instead of creating a thread for each disc I thought I'd just zip everything up and put it here instead. I included all the output logs and misc files (excluding the actual dump itself of course) which you can grab here:

This part of the lot included the following:

.Hack Infection Part 1 (Jan 9, 2004 prototype)
Amplitude (May 27, 2003 prototype)
Black (Aug 16, 2005 prototype)
BMX XXX (Oct 9, 2002 prototype)
Capcom Fighting Jam (Oct 29, 2004 prototype)
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku (Jun 7, 2006 prototype)
Cold Winter (Feb 9, 2005 prototype)
Crisis Zone (Jun 18, 2004 prototype)
Dead to Rights (Apr 25, 2003 prototype)
eJay Club World: The Music Making Experience (Jun 27, 2002 prototype)
EyeToy: Play (Mar 19, 2003 prototype)
Guilty Gear Isuka (Oct 6, 2004 prototype)
King of Fighters 2002 (Apr 7, 2005 prototype)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (Aug 8, 2002 prototype)
Midnight Club: Street Racing (Oct 17, 2000 prototype)
Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny (Jul 24, 2002 prototype)
RoboCop (May 14, 2001 prototype)
Soulcalibur III (Oct 4, 2005 prototype)
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (Jun 22, 2007 prototype)
Tekken 4 (Jun 13, 2002 prototype)
TimeSplitters 2 (Aug 25, 2002 prototype)
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (Jan 7, 2005 prototype)
Transformers (Mar 22, 2004 prototype)
Viewtiful Joe (Sep 2, 2004 prototype)
Warhammer 40,000 - Fire Warrior (Jul 7, 2003 prototype)
Without Warning (Aug 8, 2005 prototype)
XIII (Aug 7, 2003 prototype)
XIII (Jul 31, 2003 prototype)

The lot is currently being dumped with various drives and versions of DIC. The dumps included are only the ones that produced dumps that matched and contain minor errors in mainlog. There are a few dumps that produced errors for various reasons, but they don't seem to be anything that would affect the quality of the dump itself? Here are the notable ones:

King of Fighters 2002 (Apr 7, 2005 prototype):
We sometimes used a LG WH14NS40 (with SVC NS50) with Asus BW-16D1HT 3.02 firmware on some of the prototypes on CD-Rs as an alternative to using the Plextors. One common thing we saw was that most CD-Rs dumped with a "ILLEGAL_REQUEST - LOGICAL BLOCK ADDRESS OUT OF RANGE" error (see Dump 1). This doesn't occur with DVD-Rs, just CD-Rs. The dump is perfectly fine though, as dumping the same disc with the Plextor produces no error but gives the same dump (checksums match). I know that having the LG drive flashed with the Asus firmware is kind of on going in terms of research, but I figure I mention it here and include a dump made using this method.

Midnight Club - Street Racing (Oct 17, 2000 prototype):
Same deal as above but we never redumped this in another dump. However both dumps contain the same error with the same drive so its likely the same issue as seen in KoF 2002.

Onimusha 2 - Samurai's Destiny (Jul 24, 2002 prototype):
Dumped using a Plextor, but produced a "ILLEGAL_REQUEST - INVALID FIELD IN CDB" at
LBA[000000, 0000000] on each dump. Most likely a weird mastering error?

RoboCop (May 14, 2001 prototype):
I believe DICUI thought the disc was initially a Sega CD disc for Dump 1. Dump 2 is with the proper profile and produced no errors. Both dumps identical, though.


I have some discs that wouldn't read in DIC too. But I'm unsure if the error is due to the disc's mastering or a physical hardware issue. Should I post these in the DiscImageCreator thread?

Let me know if you need additional information for the submissioninfo. Apologies for any mistakes I might've made.


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sarami wrote:
ehw wrote:

I'm having issues dumping an Amiga CD-32 prototype but I'm experiencing this error in mainError.txt in each attempt I try:

Because this sector has c2 error.

Thanks for the reply.

We had other discs do the same thing within the same session and the issue seemed to fix itself with a powercycle. I heard PX-716UFs had some stability issues like this, so maybe that's what it was.


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I'm having issues dumping an Amiga CD-32 prototype but I'm experiencing this error in mainError.txt in each attempt I try:

LBA[001773, 0x006ed]: Track[01]: This sector is data, but sync is invalid
========== LBA[001773, 0x006ed]: Main Channel ==========
       +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7  +8 +9 +A +B +C +D +E +F
0000 : 70 25 00 00 F5 18 00 00  7A 0C 00 00 00 00 00 00   p%......z.......

Here are the output files. … ad.7z/file

Hey everyone, I wanted to bring this to your attention as it seems pretty interesting to note.

We've been dumping a bunch of PS2 prototypes recently, and some of them are almost perfect matches for the final retail version. The only difference is that all the DVD-R based prototypes contain CDVDGEN metadata in each dump that contains product code, CDVDGEN version used, publisher/developer, burn date, and even information about the specific burner model that was used to author the disc (including bios version and date). This data seems to start at $7000 in each .iso dump. For instance, in the Silent Hill 2 v0.10 prototype (, the disc contains this information starting at the offset mentioned earlier:

SLUS-20228                      KCE TOKYO                       KCE TOKYO                       20010713PlayStation Master Disc 2

Then at $7300, there's this:

HOEI    DSR-8000dp      2.8fDVD-R   DVR-S2012.12CDVDGEN 1.20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    SLUS-20228                      KCE TOKYO                       KCE TOKYO                       20010713PlayStation Master Disc 2

I figure maybe this information might be important to note?

CD-R based prototypes seem to have something similar in a different location. For instance, in the European prototype of Polaroid Pete (, there's this at $80b8:

SLES-50557                      IREM SOFTWARE ENGINEERING INC.  IREM SOFTWARE ENGINEERING INC.  20020109PlayStation Master Disc 2.0.                                                                                                                            

And this at $83B8:

SONY    CD-R   CDU920S  2.0c18 Jan 1996 CDW1.01 CDVDGEN 1.31

Incidentally, we discovered a second copy of this same exact prototype on another CD-R and dumping that with DICUI produced the same exact dump, byte for byte, with identical metadata as well.

Although I'm not sure if it's always CDVDGEN metadata, since I assume you could author prototypes using any kind of tool. From what I've seen, this seems to only affect PS2 games but I suppose PS1 games might be worth checking as well.

I thought I should bring this up as this might be important to note.

Double post. But just an update.

I realized that rom-properties (an open source tool you can grab here: can scan an Xbox ISO and tell you information about the default.xbe that's used. If you had a folder of isos you can run this against the folder using a wildcard, and pipe the output to a text file, you'll get the build dates for all the games so far in the set. Of course, there are games that have multiple .xbes, but this at least takes care of default.xbe.

Unfortunately I don't think many people have an entire set to scan this tool against. Would anyone be willing give it a shot?

Hey all. This is just a suggestion for the Redump database.

Currently we report EXE dates for PS1/PS2 games based off of the file time stamps on the default executable the game is loading. While other systems (especially ones that don't conform to traditional disc based file systems) may not always report the same information, I did notice that Microsoft Xbox games do contain this information in every default.xbe as part of the standard certificate information. … /Xbe.h#L71

For example, in "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge" (NTSC/US), at 0x114 in the .xbe - the dwTimeDate information is stored in four bytes little endian. In this case, my copy is 42E44C54 big endian, or Jul 24 21:20:04 2005.

Regardless, I think this information is useful for differentiating between different versions of games. This information is especially crucial for us, since we work with prototypes of games a lot and the information from the comparable retail version isn't readily available.

If you're interested in seeing this information for yourself, I would recommend XBE Explorer which you can grab at the bottom:

It'd be nice if this information could be gathered with a script on an entire set and just imported into's database. Maybe eventually DICUI could also have the means of getting this information as well to make submissions easier too...

Can vouch for this user. He also recently dumped the Silent Hill 2 v0.10 prototype using DICUI. smile