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Initial release of my memory dumper.

I pulled this off my DVDRawBruteForce program in case anyone wanted this function separately as it's pretty useful. Providing you know of the first 3 bytes of a SCSI command (preferably 3C) that dumps 16MB of a drive's memory from that specified page.

- Run the program
- Input a drive letter (preferably have a disc inserted but it's not necessary)
- Specify the first 3 bytes of a SCSI command (e.g: 3C 02 00, 3C 01 01, 3C 01 00, etc), in this specific format.
- Run!
- The result will be stored in combined_memdump.bin and packaged in an "upload_me" file along with a small log.

I'm not really looking for submissions as that's more for the other program, but feel free to use this for research purposes. We have a great list of drive support already on this sheet, so feel free to see if your drive is there to find the right command to use:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … fVuRBLyQFA

Note: kinda only works with 3C yet since there are cdb differences with F1 and E7. also, the script will force read lba 0 which might screw with things if you want to dump ram at a given moment with a drive but you can  just remove that part from the script that reads lba 0 if you want just what the drive has at that given moment.