Hey FatArnold

here is some crc32 check / then check if new disc or verify disc from redump...

import requests
import zlib
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

#fn needs to be set from GUI

buffersize = 65536

with open(fn, 'rb') as afile:
    buffr = afile.read(buffersize)
    crcvalue = 0
    while len(buffr) > 0:
        crcvalue = zlib.crc32(buffr, crcvalue)
        buffr = afile.read(buffersize)

crc = (format(crcvalue & 0xFFFFFFFF, '08x'))
#print (crc)

url1 = "http://redump.org/discs/quicksearch/"
r = requests.get(url1 + crc)
r.encoding = 'utf-8'
soup = BeautifulSoup(r.text, 'html.parser')
soup2 = soup.find_all('title')
soup3 = [e.get_text() for e in soup2]
if str('Discs') in str(soup3):
    print ("This disc is a new entry to Redump DB!")
    print ("This disc can be used to verify a Redump DB entry")


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user7 wrote:
sarami wrote:

Is this OK?

C:DiscImageCreator.exe ls f
        x86, AnsiBuild, May  2 2018 13:26:55
Start time: 2018-05-02(Wed) 13:37:16
ReadSpeedMaximum: 8468KB/sec (48x)
End time: 2018-05-02(Wed) 13:37:16

Very cool. What about for dvd and bd? That max read looks like it's for CD-Rom. It would be great to report the other max speeds to the GUI so they know which ones are available for selection depending on the disc detected.

awesome! thanks sarami!


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Sarami, is there a command line option to probe cd/dvd drive for available drive speeds and then report to console?

would be useful for DIC-gui purposes (probe drive / populate gui with real usable drive speeds). currently seems like trial/error?
perhaps a "discimagecreator -ls" for list speeds option? wink

FatArnold wrote:

Thank you!

It's already on github but the code is quite terrible as I'm a horrible coder and have so little time to work on it right now.

The flag system info is very useful, thanks. smile

Oh, cool it's python. Good work! I started knocking one up in Vb.net as I thought this project might be dead, but I think having sourcecode on git will lead to some collaboration. My vb.net version didn't have profiles yet, so it was pretty trashy wink

i was thinking it might be cool to get crc after dump, then scrape redump search page to see if unique or verify, then make that visible in UI - but feature creep can be a trap!


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user7 wrote:

number78, as I understand only PS3 drives can get a New Dump, whereas those models of Blu-Ray drives can only be used for verifications.

just mentioning the wiki or proposed wiki page has 3 drives listed... so maybe add a disclaimer to those drives listed wink


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user7 wrote:

I've translated some of this into to a dumping guide: http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … ping_Guide

I have never dumped PS3 discs so I am looking forward to any feedback or help on this.

Jackal, if this could be added to the Dumping Guides wiki page that would be excellent.

you can probably add a link, or copy the content, of the pc ps3 compatible dumping drives from here: https://rpcs3.net/quickstart under "Compatible Blu-ray disc drives" - there are about 30 or so confirmed.

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So, kreon is only useful for original Xbox?

(i tried xbox disc creator earlier build with Dynasty Warriors 6 for XBOX360 - xgd2 - and used abgx360 - it matched all of it's crc's etc - does this give me any confidence it should match redump?)

is there an issue with kreon 1.0 drives and xbox backup creator build 425?

it crashes after writing about 800kb (this program has stopped responding...)

the previous build - 345 - doesn't have "build clean iso" but seems to work fine (still crosschecking my dumps and redump)

does the ss_sector_range & freecell technique produce correct xbox360 dumps? or just for xbox (original) discs?